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Pretty Cool: Top 10 Stories From 2015 WMP Readers Knew First

By Brandon Hall
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Thanks to readers like you, 2015 was great for WMP, definitely the best year so far! :)
Here are the top 10 stories from the past year broke by West Michigan Politics, WMP readers knew about them before anyone else...

10. Rep. Bill Huizenga's 10 Year Old Campaign Finance Issues Handled After WMP Investigation+Complaint

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9. WMP Spotlights "War On Homeschoolers"

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8. Meekhof Prop 1 Townhall Drama+Cover Up

WMP broke news of the townhall, opined it may get heated, broke news of the cancelation, and called out Meekhof for throwing Amanda Price under the bus...

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7. Grand Haven Cross+Nativity Developments

WMP has been on top of this issue for over 16 months, since it started. Check out some of those stories HERE. And make no mistake, it's FAR from over!

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>>>Fox 17: Case to reinstall Grand Haven’s Dewey Hill cross heard in court

6. WMP Discovers Grand Haven Coast Guard Attacker's Identity

A WMP investigation revealed-before any other news outlet- Matthew Lawrence Krueger as the attacker who rammed his truck through Grand Haven's Coast Guard station while threatening to blow the building up... 

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5. Courser/Gamrat Aide Josh Cline Subscribed To "Ashley Madison"

This story was popular in the Detroit area, and even made international news! Evidently, sources tell WMP Cline's wife was told of his subscription (which he turned to during a marital spat) before the article and they have since moved on...

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>>>Fox Detroit: Whistleblowing aide to Courser, Gamrat linked to Ashley Madison site

4. Courser Accused Himself Of Child Molestation In 2014 State House Race

Of note: Todd Courser, to the best of my knowledge, NEVER denied this report. Because he knows it is true! This was featured on John Oliver's HBO show, as well as many other places...

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Also in WXYZ, The Wonkette, Raw Story, Political Moll, and others...

3. Cotter Boots Cindy Gamrat From House GOP Caucus

Before the scandal with Todd Courser that rocked Lansing and made international headlines emerged, this seemed likely to be the biggest story of the year featuring Cindy Gamrat. WMP readers knew first...

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>>>Detroit Free Press: Candidate for RNC expelled from caucus

>>>MLive: Tea party state Rep. Cindy Gamrat kicked from House Republican caucus

2. MackiBrawl: Rubio Aide Beeson Attacks John Yob

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1. Courser/Gamrat Drama: Courser Sent False Flag Email To Hide Affair, Cotter+House GOP Leadership Have Known Since May...

WMP readers knew about the biggest scandal of the year in Michigan politics before just about anyone else...

What followed is now well known. Chad Livengood investigated and blew the story wide open after obtaining audio tapes. Gamrat and Courser left, ran again, and were replaced... But questions linger. And Graham and Allard's lawsuit against the House may finally provide a lot of answers. Stay tuned...

>>>Fox 17: West Michigan blogger broke political sex scandal before the Detroit News

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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