Monday, January 18, 2016

Is State Rep. Peter Pettalia Using Staff To Campaign For Congress+Choose His Replacement In Lansing?

State Rep. Peter Pettalia

By Brandon Hall
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We already know, without any doubt, about one of Lansing's biggest open secrets because of a fantastic piece by MLive's Emily Lawler: House staff are forced to donate money to the caucus just to keep their jobs, as well as choose from various "walk days" they can perform for select candidates the caucus deems are in need of door-knocking help.

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That's just what is "allowed." Many things that are not supposed to go on in Lansing still do...

WMP has learned that a blatant case of that may be transpiring right now as State Rep. Peter Pettalia prepares to mount a run for Congress in Michigan's First.

Multiple sources tell WMP he is using staff members-on state time-to help with the campaign. He would join State Sen. Tom Casperson and former lawmaker Jason Allen in the race to replace Dr. Dan Benishek in Washington...

Not only may Pettalia be using his staff on state time for a possible Congressional run, he's also allegedly using them-also on state time- to pick his replacement in Lansing by directing staffers to campaign for Alpena Chamber of Commerce President Jackie Krawczak...

Stay tuned...

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. He's shown up across the 1st District, well outside his House district, at party events and other clearly political events to and from session days in Lansing when his gas is paid for by state coffers. Casperson has done the same, too.

    1. Smart people keep it anonymous. Never know what these scandalist money and power hungry thugs might do.

  2. I think Lennox even tweeted that Casperson is using his senate chief of staff and his senate phone number on press releases for his congressional campaign.

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