Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flint, Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry? Snyder/Calley 2018 Rumors Will Intensify After Water Scandal

By Brandon Hall
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A few months ago, before the Flint situation escalated, Tim Skubick wrote about buzz around Lansing regarding Gov. Snyder possibly resigning to pave the way for Lt. Gov. Calley to take over the Governor's office before 2018 and be better positioned to win it for a full term as an incumbent.

Here's part of Skubick's column:

"So let's play: How do you like the name Gov. Brian Calley?

If Mr. Calley is running for governor — and he most surely is, even though he won't tell you that just yet — running as an incumbent supposedly gives you a leg, an arm, and a hand up on any would-be challengers.

Only problem is his title is lieutenant governor, not governor, and as long as the current governor hangs around, it shall remain so.

But what if a certain Gov. Rick Snyder decided to retire before the end of his term?

Perhaps, but remember this is speculation and for the sake of same, you could make the case for an early exit stage right before the 2018 race for governor."

Interesting piece from Tim. This talk will only grow louder in the coming months as the Flint water scandal has no plans of going away anytime soon, and will especially ramp up if a Republican wins the White House this November and Snyder can possibly join the administration.

The opposite may also be true though: the Flint issue may cause Snyder to fight and work hard all the way until the end as planned, completing his 10 year promise to Michigan in 2009-2 years of campaigning, 8 years as Governor.

I well know that all levels of government failed Flint and that is not being covered enough, but Snyder admits part of the blame is his and he has been the scapegoat so far in the media coverage, it's just a reality.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. What did George Bush say Fool me........ON you. Fool me twice........well you cann't.....

  2. Interesting theory.

    But it also presupposes that Lil' Gov. Calley had absolutely no involvement with anything to do with the decisions made in Flint.

    We've already heard about his hand with the cut-off date with a recent Flint municipal election.

    Depending on what turns up at the end of that rabbit hole (or any others for that matter), Lil' Guv just might be calling his brother John and asking him for advice regarding his upcoming stay in the pokey (with his cell-mate Rick Snyder).

  3. We should all pray Snake Snyder never becomes part of our Federal government.