Sunday, January 3, 2016

Agema Submits "Articles Of Impeachment" Against Obama For Discussion At Upcoming RNC Meeting

Agema, right, with Scott Hagerstrom (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Michigan's RNC Committeeman Dave Agema has submitted "Articles of Impeachment" against President Obama for discussion at the Republican National Committee's upcoming meeting.

The meeting takes place next week, starting on January 13th...

"Trucker Randy" Bishop and Brian Sommerfield, host of the Your Defending Fathers radio show, urged people to support Agema's effort.

"Please contact your RNC members and ask them to support Michigan's RNC National Committeeman - Dave Agema's resolution as currently submitted for discussion at their January 13 - 15, 2016 meetings," they said in a Facebook statement.

The impeachment document comes from a group called the "North American Law Center."

View it below:

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. GO DAVID!! WHO BUT HE COULD DO THIS!!! THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WAITING for the Repubs to use the muscle we gave them --if they don't they aren't going to get out & vote! tell the Det News Brandon!!!! Rusty

  2. I agree that President Obama has done some impeachable offenses, not respecting our Constitutional law. Yet first, before impeachment, I expect our Congress to act. Regrettably our Congress, except for a few brave non-establishment Republican dissidents, haven't been willing to use the power of the purse to shut down the gov't, if necessary, to oppose the President's illegal executive actions, fiscally irresponsible actions, and irrational foreign policy actions. Where is Congress? Where is our Rule of Law? I'm ready to support Article V amendments for a Balanced Budget, Congressional and Judicial Term Limits, Limitations of executive expenditures without Congressional review and voice vote, etc. before I support impeachment which I have zero expectation of its success with our present Congress and media.

  3. THANK YOU Rep. Agema for taking action and I pray your heart and mind is settled on the LORD for courage and strength for the resolve that is in line with GODS intent for this Nation that he blessed that the liberal progressives have attacked and mocked. Let us as a Nation unite with you under this banner to remove this plague that has attacked this One Nation Under GOD. Amen

  4. Do you think the Democrat Party leftist WOULDN'T impeach a Republican POTUS If they had the majority in the US House of Representatives? Especially if they had all the evidence of fraud and treason that we currently have on Obama and the members of his administration?

    • Fifty-one percent of American voters help elected the fraud-criminal-traitor OBAMA to most POWERFUL office in the world and Obama is destroying the USA from the inside-out. It's time to redeem ourselves from a fatal mistake.

    • Obama has set precedence for Dictator Rule in the USA and anyone following him will do similar.

    • He must be impeached for his crimes to STOP him and others that would misuse the Power of POTUS.

    • You can't impeach after he leaves office and you REWARD and validate him as POTUS by NOT impeaching him.

    • Impeachment will expose him as a fraud.

    If you take Obama to court after his term of office, then, what do you think the Obama appointed judges to the courts would do?? ( )

    • Obama will have proven that the U.S. Constitution is "meaningless" and rule by law in the USA is" pure fiction" for us now and our posterity.

    Americans don't have to be "damned fools" forever.....

    Read the Documented Facts Researched Regarding the Federal Perpetrators of Fraud:

  5. While most if not all of the presented articles are easily provable, this will not go anywhere. At least 50% of the congressmen and senators that were elected as representatives of the Republican party are extremely liberal and fully support Obama's destruction of the United States!
    Added to the Democrat affiliated members, would give the majority to shut this down before it could be officially be presented.
    I wish that it would be brought forward, but strongly doubt it will actually move in any positive direction.

    1. Your fatalistic attitude will go NOWHERE as you describe because you believe it so strongly and give up before anything is actually done.

      The leftist never give up in their efforts to destroy America. How about the rule of law patriots standing firm on this one critically important issue?

      If the U.S. Reps and U.S. Senators DO NOT uphold their constitutional duties to impeach a lawless POTUS, they can face federal criminal charges of 18 U.S. Code § 2382 - Misprision of treason:

  6. OBAMA - Sociopath:

    Superficial charm and good


    Untruthfulness and insincerity

    Lack of remorse and shame

    Poor judgment and failure to learn
    by experience

    Specific loss of insight

    Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal

  7. I am ashamed of the President of the United States and our Congress,the break down of our Constitutional rights and the loss of the backbone. We do not deserve the treatment we are forced to take. Agenda 2030 and the mind control of everything they want us to believe.

  8. Need anymore motivation? Then go here:

  9. Dear RNC, instead of wasting time on BS, why don't you tell your party's senators and congressmen to start working for a change? America's is tired of their stupid games. They would rather make this great country sink than get off their game to oppose the president on any breath he takes.