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Bill Ballenger Says Mainstream Media's Flint Coverage Is A Hoax: Did A University President Just Back Him?

By Brandon Hall
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Renowned political commentator Bill Ballenger was booted from Inside Michigan Politics this week after calling water issues in Flint overblown following Gov. Snyder's State Of The State speech.

Susan Demas, who has purchased IMP from Ballenger, has come under fire for firing him without even talking to him first. (More on that next week.)

Ballenger recently said on Facebook that the mainstream media coverage of Flint issues is a "hoax."

"The proposition that there is some contamination in Flint drinking water, including lead, is not a hoax, but the contention that this is the greatest man-made Michigan catastrophe of recent times, as portrayed in the MSM, IS a hoax," Ballenger said. "Read the report of highly-regarded Kettering University, alma mater of GM CEO Mary Barra."

A recent letter from Kettering University President Robert McMahan may back Ballenger's contention.

Citing the scientific data, McMahan notes much of Flint has not had any problems with lead in the water: the amount hit by the scandal is around 2.5% at this time.

Ron Dwyer at Setting The Record Straight writes:

"Make no mistake, some have been poisoned by lead and we find any lead poisoning of innocent children and their families deplorable, but it is time to look at the real facts.

In a letter to Kettering Families the President of Kettering University, Robert K McMahan wrote the following excerpts:

"Roughly 2% of all individuals tested in Flint have shown elevated blood lead levels.(1)
• Twenty-three {23} children younger than age six tested in Flint show elevated blood levels of lead.(2)
o Children under the age of 5-6 are the most vulnerable population with respect to the long-term health effects of lead; in the U.S., 535,000 children under the age of 5 have elevated blood lead levels high enough to damage their health.(3)
• A total of 43 of 2182 of people tested in Flint show elevated blood levels of lead.(4)"

>>>Read the full letter from McMahan HERE

Ballenger: The situation in Flint
What did Bill Ballenger say? This morning Inside Michigan Politics severed any connection to the long-time political analyst following comments he made about the Flint water crisis during Off the Record analysis of the Michigan State of the State address. #MISOTS16 #OTRwkar
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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Sometimes the truth does little for the cause. Susan who are your friends?

  2. This is what I sent to Susan Demas on January 20, 2016
    To Susan Demas -
    -- Well, dear Susan since you find the statements of Bill Ballenger's on the Flint water issue indefensible and therefore had to go to the full blown ridiculous step of firing him let me convey to your extensive ego that I find your actions ludicrous, pathetic and infantile. How dare Bill even discuss in public his views and that he's tested his own Flint home's water and found no lead in its content.

    I would not doubt that you would suffer from apoplexy over Voltaire's quote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    Since you are now the smug sole owner, editor and publisher (Big Whoop) of 'Inside Michigan Politics' that actually came into existence over 29 years ago due to the efforts of the former owner Bill Ballenger I believe I will now look upon the publication with a jaundice eye now that you are at the helm.

    I truly hope Bill made a bundle when he sold the publication to your narcissistic persona.

    Wear your Jackboots well and don't forget to keep listening to the cries of the Mob Rulers. I will make sure to avoid reading your publication so that I cannot possibly subject myself to an opinion of yours that I might disagree with.