Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ted Nugent Backs Tom Leonard For Attorney General As Endorsements Continue To Pile Up

By Brandon Hall
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The Motor City Madman is backing Tom Leonard for Attorney General. 

That's what Ted Nugent said in a statement earlier this week, praising Speaker Leonard as a fighter for liberty.

"Michigan is a state full of strong, hardworking people with even stronger values," Nugent said. "People who love liberty and freedom. People who want to make sure we protect these values and defend our God-given rights. The best way to do that is by getting behind the people who understand our constitutional rights and care about them as much as we do.

Tom Leonard is the only candidate for attorney general who will listen to us, stand up for those rights and defend our constitution. He is a good man who understands what we’re fighting for, and he is the best choice for the people of Michigan.”

Nugent has also endorsed Bill Schuette for Governor, and Bob Young for US Senate...

Leonard has received numerous endorsements for his campaign to replace the term limited Bill Schuette as Michigan's Attorney General. 

So far, his only opponent is State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker. Leonard defeated Schuitmaker at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference straw poll, receiving nearly 70% of the vote.

>>>Below is a list of Leonard's endorsements so far:

Jack Bergman – Congressman 
Paul Mitchell– Congressman 
John Moolenaar– Congressman 
Tom McMillin – State Board of Education/Former State Representative 
Kathy Berden – MIGOP National Committeewoman 
Rocky Raczkowski – Congressional Candidate/Former Majority Floor Leader 
Terry Bowman - Former Michigan Donald Trump Co-Chair
Sue Allor – State Representative 
Tom Barrett – State Representative 
Lee Chatfield – State Representative/House Speaker Pro Tempore 
Triston Cole – State Representative 
Laura Cox – State Representative/House Appropriations Chair
Gary Glenn - State Representative 
Roger Hauck – State Representative 
Shane Hernandez – State Representative 
Michele Hoitenga - State Representative 
Steven Johnson – State Representative
Beau Matthew LaFave - State Representative 
Dan Lauwers - State Representative/Majority Floor Leader
Aaron Glenn Miller - State Representative 
Jim Tedder – State Representative 
Jason Wentworth - State Representative 
Mike Hewitt - 2nd District Congressional Chair
Judy Rapanos - 4th District Congressional Chair
Carolyn Curtin – 4th District State Committee 
Koen Driesen - 5th District State Committee 
Matt Hall - 3rd District State Committee
Matthew X. Hauser – 13th District State Committee
Ronda Hawkins – 8th District State Committee 
Kim MacMaster - 1st District State Committee 
Eric St Onge – 4th District State Committee 
Jason Mueller – 12th District State Committee Robert and Mary Ann Pawlak Rankey – Tri Cities 9/12 Patriots/5th District State Committee
Mari-Ann McQuater Henry – GOGOP President and 8th District GOP Vice Chair 
Walter Bargen – Lapeer County GOP Chair 
Cameron Cavitt – Cheboygan County GOP Chair
Ormand Hook – Mecosta County GOP Chair 
Adam Kroczaleski – Arenac County GOP Chair Douglas Reimel – Wayne County 12th District GOP Chair 
Andrew Sebolt – Oceana County 
Georgia Richardson Sharp - Ionia GOP Chair
Catherine Tilot-Zemanek – Saginaw County GOP Chair 
Amy R Carl - Former Saginaw County GOP Chair 
John Inhulsen - Former Kent GOP Chair
Jim Thienel - Former Oakland GOP Chair 
Greg Moore - Monroe County Commissioner

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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WOW: MDP Chair Brandon Dillon Says He Finally Has A "Good Wife" Because She Is Learning In The Kitchen

By Brandon Hall
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Comments made by Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon are receiving renewed scrutiny in the wake of sexual harassment and assault allegations that continue to rock the country.

Dillon, in a Facebook post, says "she's finally becoming a good wife," alongside a picture of his wife in the kitchen, apparently in the process of cooking.

Many believe the comments are demeaning to women, and given Dillon and the MDP's outrageous rhetoric against President Trump and others, Dillon's post is pretty audacious.

Imagine the MDP reaction if Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser did this? They would go ballistic, and their friends at Progress Michigan would join the circus also. Gretchen Whitmer would have a fundraising email blast ready to go... You get the idea.

The Michigan Tea Party Alliance blasted Dillon in a statement over the photo last year.

"When Brandon Dillon (Michigan Democratic Party Chairman) says that he is standing for women, he must not mean his wife. 

Questions for Brandon:

Is she only a good wife because she prepared dinner?

Do you require her to wear an apron or is she allowed to be around the house without it?

Don't you think it is hypocritical to complain about Donald Trump when you have some#FirstWifeProblems of your own?

Does the numerous rape charges against Bill Clinton make him unfit to be President?

When Hillary Clinton attacked the women who were raped by Bill, was she standing up for women? Curious minds want to know."

Dillon has not commented on the photo...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Lansing On Edge As Affairs And Sexual Harassment Allegations Spark State Legislator Resignations Nationwide

By Brandon Hall
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As allegations of affairs, sexual harassment, and assault hound prominent politicians, celebrities, and journalists across the country on what seems to be a daily basis , there can be no doubt that some in Lansing are on edge. After all, there is no shortage of legislators who are one tweet or story away from resignation.

WMP has received reports of allegedly inappropriate behavior by lawmakers from both parties, and an investigation is underway. It's a sensitive issue that must be handled carefully...

One only has to look to other states to see why some may be worried.

In Florida, the state's top Senate Democrat resigned after being busted having an affair with a lobbyist. The Florida Democratic Party Chair also resigned after repeatedly making inappropriate comments, giving women creepy looks, and keeping a stress ball in the shape of a boob on his desk that he would often play with.

In California, a top Dem Assemblyman has resigned from leadership and won't run for re-election as multiple other members are trying to weather sexual harassment claims...

In Ohio, a Republican State House member is out after sending explicit, unsolicited messages to dozens of guys. He was busted in his office getting busy with one of them... He was also trying to get someone to have sex with his wife. 

In Minnesota, a prominent Democrat Senator resigned after a fellow lawmaker said he repeatedly sexually harassed her.

As the flood of allegations continues to rage, it's important to remember that accusations are not evidence. Each situation must be examined differently, there is no cookie cutter judgment process in complicated situations, which these often are. Some cases are clear cut, many are not. The only thing that is certain is that we have not seen the end of this.

Also: one is left to wonder if Speaker Cotter, in the current environment, would have been able to get away with spending nearly $100,000 to cover up for State Rep. Brian Banks after the sexual assault of a staffer a couple years ago. (The Detroit area Democrat resigned for unrelated issues, but is a leading contender for a State Senate seat in Wayne County.)

Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Establishment Hack Kurt Heise Hikes Taxes In Plymouth (While Campaigning For Congress Supporting Tax Cuts!)


By Brandon Hall
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Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise supports tax cuts while on the trail campaigning for Rep. Dave Trott's US House seat, but back home in Plymouth, Heise is raising taxes on his constituents without even letting them vote on the issue.

Heise, a former State Rep. who won an impressive write in campaign for Plymouth Township Supervisor when he was termed out of the House last year, was one of the biggest establishment cheerleaders in Lansing and would undoubtedly fit in well with the DC swamp.

 Heise, a prolific waterboy for special interests, recently raised property taxes on residents through an "administrative fee." Normally, residents have to vote on tax hikes, but a loophole allows increases like the one pushed by Heise.

According to Hometown Life:
"Plymouth Township taxpayers will notice a new fee on their tax bills after a divided township board Tuesday approved a revenue-raising plan that is expected to generate $630,000 a year.

In a 4-3 vote, the board agreed to impose a 1-percent property tax administration fee to cover costs associated with assessing property taxes, collecting tax levies and combating property tax appeals.

It will cost an average homeowner $43 a year on a $4,300 tax bill, officials say, though most businesses would pay more...

The fee will start showing up on tax bills in December.

Clinton, Supervisor Kurt Heise, Clerk Jerry Vorva and Trustee Gary Heitman supported the tax fee, while Trustees Chuck Curmi, Bob Doroshewitz and Jack Dempsey opposed it."

What a damn joke. Just another money grab by greedy politicians trying to increase government coffers any way they can...

Heise faces business owner and former Michigan Trump Co-Chair Lena Epstein, business owner, Veteran, and former State Rep. Rocky Raczkowski, State Rep. Klint Kesto, and former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.  

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Money Moves: Biz Wiz Sandy Pensler Says He'll Spend Millions To Beat Stabenow


By Brandon Hall
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Sandy Pensler knows a thing or two about running a business. He has a history of taking failing companies on the verge of death and turning them around, saving jobs and raking in big profits in the process. 

Now Pensler's planning a hostile takeover of Debbie Stabenow's US Senate seat, and he says he'll spend millions out of his own pocket to #DumpDebbie and give Michigan the state's first Republican Senator in nearly 20 years.

According to his website, Pensler "put his teachings and experience into practice by founding Pensler Capital, starting numerous businesses and currently owning and operating four manufacturing plants, including the Korex Corporation plant in Wixom, which provides over 100 jobs to Michigan workers. The Wixom plant was losing millions and slated for closure when Sandy took control. He rebuilt the Wixom plant, saved the jobs and engineered a successful turnaround."

That isn't his only turn around success story .

"His Chicago plant was scheduled for closure when its owners Church and Dwight, owners of Arm and Hammer and Oxyclean, turned to him to purchase the plant and turn it around. Sandy successfully put that company back on its feet as well. All of the current Korex companies are profitable, free of debt and growing under Sandy’s leadership."

Pensler says he's running to put "Michigan First."

Pensler, who is also a lawyer, joins a Republican Senate field that includes businessman and Veteran John James, as well as former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young.

While money certainly isn't everything, some in the GOP have expressed concerns over what they feel are low fundraising numbers between James and Young. The pair had less than $400,000 in the last reporting period, while Stabenow is sitting on close to $7 million.

No one doubts Pensler can post big numbers, however, his conservative credentials were immediately questioned by the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition because of his views on abortion when he ran for Congress nearly 30 years ago. (Leaders of the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition are supporting John James for the Senate seat.)

Like President Trump, President Reagan, and many others, Pensler has changed his position on abortion and is passionately pro life.

“My wife and I think abortion is a bad thing and wrong, consider ourselves pro-life, and strongly believe that Roe v Wade was a terrible decision," Pensler said. "We should defund planned parenthood and put in place judges that do not legislate from the bench,” Pensler said.  “My position on the issue has evolved from when I ran 25 years ago influenced by having had and raised my own family.”
Pensler is an interesting addition to the race, and while he clearly has the ability to get his message out, gaining the support of grassroots Republican primary voters will be no easy task. 
Even then, that's just round one, Debbie awaits-locked, loaded, and ready to brawl.
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Pay To PREY: Top House Dem John Conyers Sexually Harassed Woman+Used His Office Budget For Coverup, Flew Girls To DC For Sex On Taxpayer's Dime

By Brandon Hall
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Detroit area Democrat John Conyers now faces the fight of his political life after shocking Congressional documents have revealed he repeatedly sexually harassed a staff member, then used his office budget to pay for a confidential settlement so he could cover it up.

The woman in question was given a "no show" job for 3 months and paid nearly $30,000 to keep quiet.

That's just the beginning.

Reports being published by Buzzfeed also say that Conyers publicly groped at least one employee.

Conyers also had a list of women he wanted to see, flown to DC on the taxpayer's dime, apparently for sex romps...

Conyers is the longest serving member of the House, surviving multiple scandals in his decades in DC. 

To put things in perspective regarding how long he has been around, Conyers voted to impeach Nixon in 1974... and had already been in Congress for 10 years!

Check out some of the highlights from the Buzzfeed article, and be sure to check it out for a revealing look at how DC power brokers cover up their scandals...

"One of Conyers’ former employees was offered a settlement, in exchange for her silence, that would be paid out of Conyers’ taxpayer-funded office budget. His office would “rehire” the woman as a “temporary employee” despite her being directed not to come into the office or do any actual work, according to the document. The complainant would receive a total payment of $27,111.75 over the three months, after which point she would be removed from the payroll, according to the document.

In her complaint, the former employee said Conyers repeatedly asked her for sexual favors and often asked her to join him in a hotel room. On one occasion, she alleges that Conyers asked her to work out of his room for the evening, but when she arrived the congressman started talking about his sexual desires. She alleged he then told her she needed to “touch it,” in reference to his penis, or find him a woman who would meet his sexual demands.
She alleged Conyers made her work nights, evenings, and holidays to keep him company.
In another incident, the former employee alleged the congressman insisted she stay in his room while they traveled together for a fundraising event. When she told him that she would not stay with him, she alleged he told her to “just cuddle up with me and caress me before you go.”
“Rep. Conyers strongly postulated that the performing of personal service or favors would be looked upon favorably and lead to salary increases or promotions,” the former employee said in the documents.
Three other staff members provided affidavits submitted to the Office Of Compliance that outlined a pattern of behavior from Conyers that included touching the woman in a sexual manner and growing angry when she brought her husband around.
One affidavit from a former female employee states that she was tasked with flying in women for the congressman. “One of my duties while working for Rep. Conyers was to keep a list of women that I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources,” said her affidavit. (A second staffer alleged in an interview that Conyers used taxpayer resources to fly women to him.)
The employee said in her affidavit that Conyers also made sexual advances toward her: “I was driving the Congressman in my personal car and was resting my hand on the stick shift. Rep. Conyers reached over and began to caress my hand in a sexual manner.”
The woman said she told Conyers she was married and not interested in pursuing a sexual relationship, according to the affidavit. She said she was told many times by constituents that it was well-known that Conyers had sexual relationships with his staff, and said she and other female staffers felt this undermined their credibility.
“I am personally aware of several women who have experienced the same or similar sexual advances made towards them by Rep[.] John Conyers,” she said in her affidavit.
A male employee wrote that he witnessed Rep. Conyers rub the legs and other body parts of the complainant “in what appeared to be a sexual manner” and saw the congressman rub and touch other women “in an inappropriate manner.” The employee said he confronted Conyers about this behavior.
“Rep. Conyers said he needed to be ‘more careful’ because bad publicity would not be helpful as he runs for re-election. He ended the conversation with me by saying he would ‘work on’ his behavior,” the male staffer said in his affidavit.
The male employee said that in 2011 Conyers complained a female staffer was “too old” and said he wanted to let her go."
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chatfield, Glenn+Theis Named "Most Conservative" In Michigan House

Theis, left, with Chatfield, center, and Glenn, right (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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State Representatives Lee Chatfield, Lana Theis, and Gary Glenn have been named the most conservative legislators in Michigan's House.

That's what the American Conservative Union said, giving the trio a 96% score.

According to Glenn, "he tied with two fellow Republicans -- Speaker Pro Tem Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, and Assistant Majority Leader Lana Theis, R-Brighton -- in voting conservative on 96 percent of the twenty-three roll call votes selected by the ACU."

The ACU said in a press release that they chose from a number of bills while compiling their scores.

"ACU researched and selected a range of bills before the Michigan Legislature that determine a member’s adherence to conservative principles. We selected bills that focus on Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of the 'three-legged stool': 1) fiscal and economic: taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare, and property; 2) social and cultural: 2nd amendment, religion, life, welfare, and education; and 3) government integrity: voting, individual liberty, privacy, and transparency. This wide range of issues are designed to give citizens an accurate assessment that conveys which of Michigan’s elected leaders best defend the principles of a free society: Life, Liberty and Property."

Glenn and Theis also received the distinction in 2015, along with State Rep. Jim Runestad.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Replacing Meekhof: Victory Kicks Off State Senate Campaign Friday

Roger Victory speaks at a Mike Pence rally in Holland (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Roger Victory will officially kick off his State Senate campaign on Friday, WMP has learned.

Victory will make the announcement at noon on his farm in Hudsonville.

Victory hopes to replace Sen. Arlan Meekhof, who can not run again because of term limits.

Already in the race: State Rep. (D)aniela Garcia, and former State Rep. Joe Haveman.

Garcia enters the race with a cash advantage, but faces big problems with the conservative base because of her voting record.
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Pete Hoekstra Confirmed As President Trump's Ambassador To The Netherlands

By Brandon Hall
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Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra is now the Ambassador to The Netherlands after receiving Senate confirmation late last week. 

WMP broke the story earlier this year that Hoekstra was the leading contender for the position, and President Trump ended up picking him.

Hoekstra, who was born in The Netherlands, was a co chair for President Trump's Michigan campaign in 2016.

Hoekstra's nomination was supported by both Sen. Gary Peters, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Hoekstra ran against Stabenow in 2012, ultimately falling short.

Pete Hoekstra Tops Trump's Shortlist To Be Ambassador To The Netherland

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Grot Blasts Benson, Proposes Multi Year Car Registration Plan To Help Cut SOS Wait Time

Stan Grot speaks at a Steve Bannon event (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot, who is running for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State, has unveiled a proposal designed to let Michigan drivers spend less time stuck inside Secretary of State offices by allowing vehicle owners to purchase multi-year registrations.

Grot says the proposal will save drivers from wasting time.

“The first part of my customer service plan is to offer multiple year car and truck registrations,” Grot said in a press release. “On leased cars and trucks, registrations will be valid for the duration of the lease. For all other cars and trucks, I propose choices for registrations to be renewed every one, two, or three years."

Grot says it would be up to the driver which registration they wanted to purchase.

"The choice is up to the individual motorists, as it should be," Grot said. "Personally, I have better things to do on my birthday than wait in line for new tabs. This change will allow motorists to make one third the number of trips to Secretary of State Offices, and that will allow our employees to be more productive in other matters.”

Grot is touting his "real-world experience as a Township Clerk, Assistant Secretary of State, City Councilman and a private entrepreneur." 

He says his resume distinguishes him from his opponents.

Grot singled out his leading Democrat foe, Jocelyn Benson, calling her a typical liberal who is making unrealistic and unfounded promises.

“Voters said no to Jocelyn Benson when she ran for Secretary of State and lost in 2010. Her “30-minute guarantee” is nothing more than a gimmick to get herself elected," Grot said. "She is a typical liberal candidate making promises that she cannot keep. The Secretary of State does not run local elections. Elections are conducted by local clerks. Jocelyn Benson will have zero control over the lines and the wait to vote on Election Day. The Secretary of State position is extremely complex. It takes deep understanding of the day-to-day operations at the branch offices and requires knowledge in overseeing the election process. She is giving our citizens false hope. Her “30-minute guarantee” is unrealistic and not achievable.”

Grot, who is also the 10th District GOP Chair, faces MSU Professor Dr. Joseph Guzman, and EMU Regent Mary Treder Lang in the fight to see who will be the Republican Secretary of State nominee. 

Benson is expected to be the Dem candidate, but still may face a battle of her own...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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