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BREAKING: Gongwer Picks Up WMP Article, Reveals Meekhof Was Fined Over $5,000

Breaking: Gongwer Picks Up on West Michigan Politics article, Reveals Meekhof Forced To Pay Over $5,000 in Fines...

In an article released Thursday evening, Gongwer News Service wrote:

"Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof unloaded on a Republican candidate for the House in his home county earlier this week, forcefully taking sides in what is one of the key GOP primaries to be decided next week.

Mr. Meekhof (R-West Olive) blasted Geoff Haveman of Hudsonville, one of the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination in the 90th House District. Mr. Meekhof has endorsed Daniela Garcia of Holland in that race to succeed term limited Rep. Joe Haveman (R-Holland), who is a distant relative of Geoff Haveman and who has also endorsed Ms. Garcia.


In the race, virtually every establishment Republican group has endorsed Ms. Garcia. Tea party forces are supporting Mr. Haveman."

Ms. Garcia submitted her report on time. However, she paid a $30 fee to the Department of State earlier this year after submitting her statement of organization papers three days late. In 2011, Mr. Meekhof had to pay $5,350 in fees to the department for failing to submit late contribution reports on contributions he received just prior to the 2010 election....

See more at:

West Michigan Politics readers knew first:

BREAKING: Meekhof and Garcia Broke The Same Law They Attacked Geoff Haveman For

In an attack some online comments have called "desperate," "deplorable," and "beyond the pale," State Senator Arlan Meekhof took to the radio Monday to attack Geoff Haveman.


Meekhof, who vehemently supports Daniela Garcia, called Haveman "unqualified," "fringe," and essentially that people were so ignorant, they would only vote for him if they were "fooled into thinking he was Joe Haveman."

The center of Meekhof's comments was a report filed by Haveman that was slightly late. "He broke the law," Meekhof said.

As it turns out, Meekhof and Garcia also "broke the law" in essentially the exact same way Haveman did.

Garcia was fined by the Secretary of State in the fall for breaking the election law, and Meekhof has been fined multiple times for "breaking the law" in the exact same way Haveman did-problems with campaign finance and organizational documents. These problems happen often, as Meekhof and Garcia well know.


Meekhof's attack, along with others, is an obvious sign the establishment's bet on Ms. Garcia may not be paying off.

Meekhof's radio appearance is here, he starts talking about the 90th around the 5:00 mark...

More information about the reports are available here:

Meekhof Violation: CLICK HERE

Garcia Violation: CLICK HERE


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County Administrator Al Vandenberg Should Have To Face Voters: It's Time For An Ottawa County Executive


IN 2002, when Ottawa County Commissioners hired someone for the position of County Administrator, two high profile candidates emerged: Al Vandenberg, and County Clerk Dan Krueger.

They chose Vandenberg.


Since then, for the last 12 years, Mr. Vandenberg has run the County reasonably well, but with many areas for improvement.

 For example, the scheme he concocted to cut health insurance for Commissioners was really meaningless-he gave them all a large pay raise to make up for it. Plus, many commissioners were already getting private healthcare through previous employers, the pay raise is something they can all enjoy. This pay rasie was enacted, despite taking away the right of voters to vote for a Register of Deeds because the County's "financial situation" required it. But where did the money for the Commissioner salary raises come from, Mr. Vandenberg?

A different form of county government exists-the County Executive structure.

An Ottawa County Executive would perform almost the same duties Vandenberg currently does, but would required to be voted on by Ottawa County citizens every four years. Plus, we could save money.

Vandenberg brings in approx. $150,000 annual in salary plus benefits. An elected County Executive could be paid $100,000/ year and still be higher paid than County Clerk/Register of Deeds Justin Roebuck.

Certainly Mr. Vandenberg doesn't do more work than Roebuck, and if $100,000 isn't enough for him, others will step up.

A notable County Executive structure is found in Oakland County, where L. Brooks Patterson has reigned for decades.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Breaking: Price Vs. Wiedenhoeft, One Night Only

In what will be her first major debate in four years, State Representative Amanda Price will go head-to-head against primary challenger Matt Wiedenhoeft next week.

The event is hosted by the League of Women Voters. It starts at 7 pm Wednesday, July 30 at Olive Township Hall.

Price refuses to allow the event to be recorded.

For more stories on the 89th District State House race, check out

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Breaking: Wright Defends Ellis, Blasts Amash And His Staffers

For background information on this story, click here:

In a statement to West Michigan Politics this afternoon, Adam Wright, campaign coordinator for the Brian Ellis Congressional campaign, defended Ellis and blasted Amash and his campaign staff.

"Brian Ellis has held over 20 local meet and greets with residents all throughout the 3rd Congressional District," Wright said."

"Each meet and greet was open to the public and many were attended by paid Amash campaign staff who were there to video record the event.
Amash continues to be dishonest with voters by claiming that Brian Ellis has not held public events. Amash staffers Chris Mabie, Curran Hennessey, and Tyler Groenendal have been in attendance at our public events and video recorded on behalf of Congressman Amash.
This blatant attempt by Congressman Amash to take a cheap and untruthful shot at Brian Ellis is more than disappointing. My comment on his Facebook page was to point out that he was aware that his post was inaccurate. Apparently he was not interested to have this truthful information associated with his inaccurate post."

(West Michigan Politics has been unable to find any public event for Mr. Ellis that was advertised in a meaningful way in advance until Thursday's event hosted by MLive)

Ellis Campaign Coordinator Banned From Amash Facebook Page After Dispute

Adam Wright, Campaign Coordinator for the Congressional Campaign of Brian Ellis, claims Ellis has had multiple public events since he became a candidate and that Wright was banned from Congressman Amash's Facebook page for pointing that fact out. Wright has not yet responded to our inquiry.

West Michigan Politics is not aware of a single town hall or "meet-and -greet" event with Ellis that was announced publicly beforehand. We did find this tweet:

"@Ellis4Congress: Great meet and greet last night with a lot of new supporters. #MI03 #Congress #GOP 
Apr 17, 2014"

However, no mention of the event before hand in any social media platform or email from the campaign. We could not find a single event where Mr. Ellis has made himself available to the general public in a publicized fashion ahead of time.

Wright wrote:

"I was banned from Congressman Amash's Facebook page today because I had the audacity to correct him for saying something that he knew was false. 

Amash knows that Brian Ellis has done dozens of public events with constituents because Amash sends paid staff to each of them to video record.

The picture below is what I posted. Amash deleted my comment and banned me from his page."

VanderKamp: Haveman Will Represent "Real People" and "Conservative West Michigan Values"

(Brett VanderKamp is the founder and President of New Holland Brewing Company. He lives in Holland. Feel free to send your submission for consideration to

VanderKamp: Haveman Will Represent "Real People" and "Conservative West Michigan Values"

Our community faces a clear choice as we pick our next State Representative for the 90th District. I am proud to support Geoff Haveman, and I ask you to do the same.

 As a small business owner, I know how important it is that we send good people to Lansing to represent our conservative West Michigan values, and fight for liberty and free markets. Geoff Haveman is the only candidate in the race who has demonstrated he can and will do that effectively. 

Haveman is a member of Covenant United Reformed Church, graduated from the University of Michigan’s Law School, is a father of three, and is a husband to Dr. Joanna Haveman.

Geoff owns his own law practice in Zeeland, and has served on the Ottawa County Republican Party Executive Committee. 

Geoff is connected to the real people of our district, and will represent us in Lansing.

 If you're tired of being ignored by the status quo and you know we can do better, join me in voting for Geoff Haveman by absentee ballot or at the polls on August 5th. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Price and Meekhof Could Take A Page From The Wayne Kuipers Playbook


Amanda Price wasn't at tonight's debate hosted by the Ottawa County Patriots, but her husband managed to show up and tape the event.

When asked where Rep. Price was, Rodger Price responded "she is out of town."

Interesting... (She will do the League of Women Voters debate next week in Holland, but that still has not been publicized in any meaningful way)

Not too long ago, Ottawa County was represented by Wayne Kuipers in the State Senate.

Kuipers (middle)
Say what you will about Sen. Kuipers, Wayne publicized open office hours in every corner of the district on a monthly basis for almost his entire 8 year tenure in the Michigan Senate. He was accessible, took the heat for his votes, and listened to his constituents in a meaningful way-every month. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but voters respect people willing to face the music and discuss the issues at hand with them.

 I remember being a freshman in high school and thinking it was super cool I could just go down to Coffee Grounds in Grand Haven and ask Senator Kuipers questions-many of them combative.

Unfortunately, Rep. Price and State Senator Meekhof have not continued Senator Kuipers' tradition of publicized monthly open office hours. It is immensely difficult to ask questions in a public forum of Price and Meekhof.

Sure, they come to Chamber breakfasts at 7 in the morning and might do some random event, like Amanda Price's emergency "townhall" on the Detroit Pension Compromise at the Grand Haven library... 6 people beside myself attended that meeting, 3 were elected officials, 1 was Amanda's husband, and two were interested community members... As far as being regularly available to average constituents? That dog just isn't hunting for Price and Meekhof.

Wayne Kuipers faced the music every month, why shouldn't Price and Meekhof?

Meekhof wants to be Senate Majority Leader, and Price-rumor has it,wants to be Speaker of the House or some other high profile leadership position...If they have time for that, they should have time for the average folks, too.

If they care to respond to this, they will point out a couple events even an uber-nerd like I missed, I am sure... (For the record: Amanda does come to Coffee Grounds every month, but NEVER sends a press release about it like Wayne. I scoped it out a couple times, hardly anyone was there either time-Wayne's were pretty well attended because he made an effort to promote them. The average citizen has no clue she will be there on the 3rd Friday of every month at 9 am...You have to physically see the sign on the bottom of the Coffee Grounds door to know this information.)

However-Make no mistake-they are not available on a regular basis to the average citizen in the way Kuipers was. That's the bottom line.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breaking: Meekhof Backs Garcia For State House

Breaking: Meekhof Backs Garcia For State House

Joining names like Hoekstra,, Huizenga, and Haveman, State Sen. Arlan Meekhof has recently endorsed 90th District State House candidate Daniela Garcia.

West Michigan Politics received an email this weekend from someone who received a Robo call from Sen. Meekhof for Garcia.

Garcia is counting on high-profile endorsements to get her through one of the states most-watched primaries on August 5.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rep. Haveman Deserves Credit For Helping End "Driver Responsibility Fees"

Give credit where credit is due is an adage I've always liked.

Regardless of what one might think about some of State Rep. Joe Haveman's other votes, Haveman deserves credit for his multi-year effort to end Granholm era "driver responsibility fees."

The fees, passed in a desperate attempt to bring the state more money, caused far more problems than they helped solve.

The high-priced fees make it hard for average Michiganders to get back on their feet, and took thousands out of people's pockets in addition to court fines already levied against them.

Haveman worked hard, got the bills passed by the legislature, and Gov. Snyder signed them, even though it will cost the state almost $100 million a year.

It's not easy to get the government off peoples backs when they're used to taking our money, but Haveman got it done. Michiganders are better off for it, and will now have more money in their pockets because of it.

Price: Prop 1 is "Very Confusing," but "The Concept is Clear"

In comments made recently at the West Coast Chamber candidate breakfast and legislative update, State Rep. Amanda Price commented on Prop. 1, which is before voters on August 5.

"It's very confusing," Price said. "Clear articles are being printed by Crain's and the Grand Rapids Press" (to educate voters as to why to vote yes). "The language is very intimidating, but the concept is clear."

(Opinion: Apparently, Prop 1 is "confusing and intimidating," but "the concept is clear." Interesting...)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breaking: "Web Ad" Hits Hoekstra For Endorsing Ellis and Garcia

Breaking: "Web Ad" Hits Hoekstra For Endorsing Ellis and Garcia

In a "web ad" sent to West Michigan Politics this afternoon, Pete Hoekstra is taken to task for supporting Brian Ellis and Daniela Garcia.

Profiling Hoekstra's controversial votes and featuring a clip of AC/DC's "Money Talks," Hoekstra's record and support of Brian Ellis and Daniela Garcia are questioned. 

The ad can be viewed here:

In another "web ad" making its way around Facebook, Daniela Garcia is featured for recent comments she made at a debate.

Garcia said "Let's be clear, Common Core is a grassroots program started by the Governor's Association."

The ad can be viewed here:

Daniela Garcia refuses to answer any questions from West Michigan Politics.

All other candidates have agreed to do an interview. Look for interviews with David Kroll, Geoff Haveman, and Bob Harmsen over the coming weeks...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Huizenga Backs Garcia For State House

Huizenga Backs Garcia For State House

Congressman Bill Huizenga officially backed Daniela Garcia for State House today, though he has long supported her. His wife recently held a fundraiser for Garcia in Zeeland.

"Daniela is a hard worker who knows the issues and is ready to fight for West Michigan in Lansing," Huizenga said in a statement today. "Daniela and I have had the opportunity to work together over the years, and in the era of term-limits, we need quality candidates like her to immediately pick up the mantle and be effective for us on day one."

Garcia is counting on high profile endorsements like Huizenga and his predecessor, Pete Hoekstra, to bring her over the finish line in August.

***READ MORE About the 90th District Race BELOW***

From "ObamaCare" to "Common Core": 10 Things You Need to Know From The LWV 90th District Debate

Haveman vs. Haveman: You Decide

West Shore Forum recap

Hudsonville Debate Recap

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate


Breaking: Wiedenhoeft Beats Price By Double Digits When Voters Know About Her Controversial Votes

Breaking: Wiedenhoeft Beats Price By Double Digits When Voters Know About Her Controversial Votes

In a poll of likely primary voters commissioned by Hewitt and Associates, State Rep. Amanda Price trails her challenger Matt Wiedenhoeft when voters know about her controversial voting 

Price, who voted for Medicaid Expansion, a minimum wage increase, the Detroit Pension Compromise, and supports "Common Core Standards," trails Wiedenhoeft by 23%, 55% to 32% after voters are informed Price backs those issues.

"The poll verifies what I have been hearing daily from citizens across the district," Wiedenhoeft said. "They have been surprised by Amanda Price's votes and I have felt blessed and honored that they have been open and receptive to my candidacy."

Amanda Price refuses to answer any questions from West Michigan Politics, and recently refused to debate Wiedenhoeft at the Ottawa County Patriots debate on July 22nd. She will allegedly attend a League of Women Voters debate, but one is still not scheduled...

Dan Horning Fights For Michigan Families In His Battle For U of M Regent

Dan Horning Fights For Michigan Families In His Battle For U of M Regent

Currently, not a single member of the University of Michigan's Board of Regents is from outside of the Wayne/Washtenaw County area.

Dan Horning wants to change that.

 For Horning, the fight is personal.

"I love this University," Horning said, speaking about the University of Michigan. "I have served as a regent before. I bleed maize and blue-I know I can make a difference."

Horning believes the University needs to start looking at more qualified in-state students and accept less out-of-state and foreign students.

"Great Michigan kids are leaving the state because they can't get into U of M," Horning said. "How many future business owners, doctors, teachers, and community leaders are leaving the state despite the fact they are more than qualified to go to the University of Michigan?

The University has lost its rudder by displacing qualified in-state students for out of state students and students from overseas. This must stop."

Horning believes his past experience as a regent gives him the ability to hit the ground running.

 "Our kids deserve better," Horning said. "I'll fight for Michigan kids and I have the experience and persistence to do it effectively."

Horning notes all the current Regents are from other parts of the state.

"Not a single regent is from outside of the Wayne/Washtenaw County region," Horning said. "Regardless of your politics-mine happen to be conservative- the rest of Michigan deserves a voice. I'm the only chance for that voice to be heard."

Horning served as a regent before, but left when his term was up partly to protest the University's Affirmative Action policies.

"Race has no place in college admissions," Horning said.

Horning is one of four candidates for the Republican nomination for University of Michigan Regent. Delegates to the State GOP Convention in Novi August 23rd will determine who the two nominees are.

For more information about Dan's candidacy, check out

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Why Won't Tountas Seek Another Term As Ottawa GOP Chair?

West Michigan Politics recently confirmed Ottawa County Republican Party Chairman will not seek another term. We talked to him about the decision recently.

"It's time to let someone else serve," Tountas said. "I sought a second term to solidify some of the things we started in my first term. I think I have done that."

Tountas notes past chairs only served one term.

"Jon DeWitte and Brad Slagh only served one term," Tountas noted, putting his decision not to seek a third term in perspective.

Tountas (who was recently named a partner at his law firm, Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge) believes the party has grown in a positive direction during his time as Chair.

"I wanted to get more young people involved in the Executive Committee and in the party in general and we have done that," Tountas said. "We have reached out to community groups and constituencies we didn't (do a good job) engaging with in the past... I think we have laid a great foundation for the next chairman."

Tountas also notes that "regardless of what one thinks about Governor Snyder, or Senator Meekhof, or whoever, we still have to fund our local operation and keep our local party strong-we still have to pay Faith." (Faith Steketee, Ottawa County GOP Executive Director)

Will Tountas be running for Ottawa County Prosecutor, or State Legislature in 2016 or 2018?

"I have no plans to seek Countywide elected office," Tountas said.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Storey: Stop And Recognize County Clerk Krueger's Record of Service

 Storey: Stop And Recognize County Clerk Krueger's Record of Service

Before the primary election season heats up, it’s important to pause and recognize the 35 ½ years local elections have been in the safe, steady hands of retiring Ottawa County Clerk Dan Krueger. 
Two years ago the county added the Register of Deeds title and responsibility. Ensuring election integrity the four times each year Michigan conducts elections is the most important task entrusted to county clerks. Through all those years, Ottawa County voters could take for granted that their county clerk would do everything possible to conduct fair elections and ensure all votes counted equally. 

During his watch, Dan Krueger introduced innovations, many of which saved tax money. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then he was highly flattered as many of his initiatives were adopted throughout Michigan. Citizen Service is another hallmark of Mr. Krueger’s time in office. In many counties, there is one place and one place only to conduct business with the clerk’s office: the county seat. During his service, he operated four regional offices to make it easier in our time-stressed age for residents to conduct business: Holland area, the West Olive county complex, Grand Haven and Hudsonville.

 In addition, Dan Krueger freely made himself available after-hours to citizen groups hoping to understand the sometimes challenging Michigan processes to which he was entrusted. Through it all, he had an unwavering commitment to carrying out the legal requirements of the various documentary tasks assigned by law.

Regardless of his personal views, Dan Krueger met those requirements with resolve and good humor. This contrasts with a recent, disturbing trend of some officials not enforcing laws with which they disagree. Consistent, unquestioned election integrity, improved citizen service, and unwavering commitment to the rule of law over three and half decades are achievements due to Mr. Krueger’s care for public service. It is indeed a record for which all citizens should be grateful, even if we may have taken it for granted. It is a record that has excellence written in many corners.

Jim Storey is a political consultant and County Commissioner living in Holland, MI.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Breaking: Rep. Amash Posts Picture of Potential Ellis Supporters Stealing Signs...

Breaking: Amash Posts Picture of Potential Ellis Supporters Stealing Signs...

Justin Amash's enemies aren't limited to the halls of Congress.

 An Amash supporter, Brad Tobin, recently spotted two young girls stealing Amash yard signs in his Plainfield neighborhood. Amash took to Facebook, posting:

"Can anyone identify these young women who appear to be driving a white Lexus RX?

Third District resident Brad Tobin reports: "I caught these young ladies stealing one of your large campaign signs out of someone's yard. Then proceeding to break it in half and shove it in their car at the intersection of Hunsberger and Rahn in Plainfield Township Grand Rapids, MI 49525."

There is no confirmation that the girls are connected to Brian Ellis and Amash never said that, but it seems logical. Even if they are connected, no proof exists Ellis ordered the signs to be taken, but it certainly wouldn't be surprising given the tone of the campaign.

90th District LWV Debate: From "Common Core" to "Obamacare": The Top 10 Issues You Need to Know

 90th District LWV Debate: From "Common Core" to "Obamacare": The Top 10 Issues You Need to Know

The League of Women Voters hosted a debate for State House candidates in the 90th District Thursday night in Holland. 28 questions were posed to the candidates. 

All four candidates were in attendance. Daniela Garcia, Director of Government Affairs at Spectrum, Zeeland lawyer Geoff Haveman, Harmsen Contruction owner Bob Harmsen, and Republican activist and Precinct Delegate David Kroll discussed the issues for an hour and a half.

Here is WMP's breakdown of the top 10 issues that were discussed, in no particular order.


When asked how we insure money recently passed by the legislature for Detroit is spent appropriately:

Haveman: "Taking money from taxpayers when sufficient assets are available to pay off the debt sets a bad precedent for other municipalities...We can't do anything about the past-what can we do for our future?"

Harmsen: "I Detroit is a popular city (and a) black eye on Michigan... Something had to be done, (but i worry) Detroit will fall back."

Garcia: "Detroit is Michigan and Michigan is Detroit. If we were in trouble in (the 90th District), I'd hope their would some assistance that would come our way."

Kroll: "We need to support fiscally conservative candidates for (Detroit) City Council."

Common Core

Harmsen: "I don't support it. It starts with money, then the tests will have to reflect Common Core. We need to move back to local control over our schools."

Haveman: One curriculum for 400 million people in 50 states is wrong headed. Education is not in the limited enumerated powers of the federal government...(curriculum) can definitely be done locally."

Garcia: "Let's be clear. Common Core is a grassroots program that the Governor's Association created... Every educator I talk to supports (Common Core)."

Kroll: Our founding fathers had a much more rigorous education and graduated college at 17, "We need a more complete education system-we need to challenge our kids more"


Harmsen: "If people are here illegally, no drivers license, no voting rights...(we need to) control the flow."

Garcia: "I hope the Senate and House come to a resolution on this difficult issue."

Haveman: This is a federal issue, but we can work in the parameters of the US and Michigan constitution.

Gas tax increase:

When a college student asked a question about the gas tax increase, candidates must have forgot their college days because they did not see a correlation between being a college student already struggling and the gas tax being increased...

Harmsen: "I don't know how they go together...working families are struggling too."

Haveman: "I wouldn't support (raising the) gas tax."

Garcia: "When I go to doors and talk to constituents, they're willing to pay higher taxes" (for our roads),  (they are willing to pay) a number of taxes."

Kroll: "I would not support raising the gas tax."

How do we address school violence? A question was posed that quoted the number of school shootings since Sandy Hook, implying an increase. (In truth , gun violence in our schools is down recently, the media just reports on it significantly more)

Garcia: "The bigger issue is mental health...people should receive some assistance."

Harmsen: "No major concerns in Michigan for a while...the mental health issue is big."

Haveman: "We need to embrace a culture of life."

Kroll: "we need to get retired police in schools...(and possibly) have the Senior class take self defense classes."

How will you be accessible to citizens, as Dan Kreuger exemplified?

Harmsen: "it's very important... I'll give out my phone and email and set up regular office hours ... an individual contacted me (recently) because our current State Rep. (Joe Haveman) blew him off and wouldn't talk to him."

Haveman:  "I'll tell you why I'm voting the way I am. I'll tell you why I think that way and give reasons. I'll hold town halls and have open office hours...send me a text, I'll write you back-call me, I'll answer the phone."

Kroll: "I'll post my votes to Facebook and... hold monthly town hall meetings in six parts of the district."

Garcia: (being accessible is a priority and I will meet regularly with the Superintendent's Association and Healthcare and Agricultural interests because) "they are very important to me. Dan Kreuger has a wonderful replacement in Justin of luck to Dan."

Marijuana: should it be decriminalized/legalized if it came to a vote of the people?

Harmsen: "too many problems..."

Kroll: "Keep it illegal...(it's a ) gateway drug."

Garcia: "I would not support it at this time."

Haveman: "It wouldn't be a priority...let's look at what happens in Washington and Colorado."


Daniela Garcia was asked if she would support Medicaid Expansion, as her supporter and current State Rep. Joe Haveman did. This prompted the candidates to discuss "Obamacare."

Garcia: "Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, whatever you want to call of Obamacare will never be replaced because of public demand...We all pay for individuals who don't have coverage, it was a hard decision the legislature had to make."

Kroll: I don't agree with Joe Haveman's vote when he did that and it's one reason I am running."

Haveman: Would have voted no and said "we need the free market, not a failed government system."

Harmsen: Would have voted no and said "the biggest things for business is uncertainty" re: Obamacare...

Proposal One in August-will it work?

Garcia: "I believe it will work if voters understand the issue... if voters vote yes, it should work."

Kroll: "I'm in favor of it... it will do some good."

Haveman: "I don't know if it will work."

***READ MORE About the 90th District Race BELOW***

Haveman vs. Haveman: You Decide

West Shore Forum recap

Hudsonville Debate Recap

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate




Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate

Despite 9 weeks of advance notice, Daniela Garcia, Government Affairs Director for Spectrum Health and candidate for State House in the 90th District, attended the Hudsonville City Council meeting Tuesday night instead of talking to voters at the Ottawa County Patriots candidate forum in Zeeland.

From Mlive:

"Garcia, a one-time aide to former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra who now works in

public policy
at Spectrum Health, told MLive and The Grand Rapids Press in an email earlier Tuesday that she would not attend the forum because of “a prior commitment.”

A representative of Garcia’s campaign said she was attending a Hudsonville City Commission meeting. “She made a commitment to three forums – the Hudsonville Chamber (of Commerce), the (Michigan) West Coast Chamber and the Holland League of Women Voters (forums),” campaign co-chairman Kurt Van Koevering said."

As fellow candiate Bob Harmsen noted Tuesday night, these forums are so rare, voters have way too few options to meet the candidates. Choosing a City Council meeting over a debate is a poor choice on many levels.

Ms. Garcia clearly made a calculated move not to attend the Ottawa County Patriots forum. Let's just all "be real" about that. She could have attended a Hudsonville City Council meeting in March, April, May, or June. If she thinks OCP is an unfair forum, come out and say so.

Ms. Garcia, along with State Rep. Amanda Price, continue to ignore inquiries from WMP. We will keep the pressure on in our quest to hold our leaders accountable and get your questions answered. 

The 90th State House race is one of MIRS Top 10 primaries and is the biggest election in Ottawa County this year. Stay tuned for continued coverage, and check out tonight's forum in Holland:

Hat tip to Greg Chandler at Mlive. Encyclopedia Brown would be proud! :)

WMP Event Alert: LWV Hosts Final 90th State House Debate Tonight in Holland


 WMP Event Alert: LWV Hosts Final 90th State House Debate Tonight in Holland

The League of Women Voters will host the final debate for the 90th State House candidates tonight at Herrick District Library in Holland.

The event starts at 7 pm, and all candidates will attend.

Read more about the race on, and check out our links below: