Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Price and Meekhof Could Take A Page From The Wayne Kuipers Playbook


Amanda Price wasn't at tonight's debate hosted by the Ottawa County Patriots, but her husband managed to show up and tape the event.

When asked where Rep. Price was, Rodger Price responded "she is out of town."

Interesting... (She will do the League of Women Voters debate next week in Holland, but that still has not been publicized in any meaningful way)

Not too long ago, Ottawa County was represented by Wayne Kuipers in the State Senate.

Kuipers (middle)
Say what you will about Sen. Kuipers, Wayne publicized open office hours in every corner of the district on a monthly basis for almost his entire 8 year tenure in the Michigan Senate. He was accessible, took the heat for his votes, and listened to his constituents in a meaningful way-every month. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but voters respect people willing to face the music and discuss the issues at hand with them.

 I remember being a freshman in high school and thinking it was super cool I could just go down to Coffee Grounds in Grand Haven and ask Senator Kuipers questions-many of them combative.

Unfortunately, Rep. Price and State Senator Meekhof have not continued Senator Kuipers' tradition of publicized monthly open office hours. It is immensely difficult to ask questions in a public forum of Price and Meekhof.

Sure, they come to Chamber breakfasts at 7 in the morning and might do some random event, like Amanda Price's emergency "townhall" on the Detroit Pension Compromise at the Grand Haven library... 6 people beside myself attended that meeting, 3 were elected officials, 1 was Amanda's husband, and two were interested community members... As far as being regularly available to average constituents? That dog just isn't hunting for Price and Meekhof.

Wayne Kuipers faced the music every month, why shouldn't Price and Meekhof?

Meekhof wants to be Senate Majority Leader, and Price-rumor has it,wants to be Speaker of the House or some other high profile leadership position...If they have time for that, they should have time for the average folks, too.

If they care to respond to this, they will point out a couple events even an uber-nerd like I missed, I am sure... (For the record: Amanda does come to Coffee Grounds every month, but NEVER sends a press release about it like Wayne. I scoped it out a couple times, hardly anyone was there either time-Wayne's were pretty well attended because he made an effort to promote them. The average citizen has no clue she will be there on the 3rd Friday of every month at 9 am...You have to physically see the sign on the bottom of the Coffee Grounds door to know this information.)

However-Make no mistake-they are not available on a regular basis to the average citizen in the way Kuipers was. That's the bottom line.


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