Thursday, July 31, 2014

BREAKING: Meekhof and Garcia Broke The Same Law They Attacked Geoff Haveman For

In an attack some online comments have called "desperate," "deplorable," and "beyond the pale," State Senator Arlan Meekhof took to the radio Monday to attack Geoff Haveman.


Meekhof, who vehemently supports Daniela Garcia, called Haveman "unqualified," "fringe," and essentially that people were so ignorant, they would only vote for him if they were "fooled into thinking he was Joe Haveman."

The center of Meekhof's comments was a report filed by Haveman that was slightly late. "He broke the law," Meekhof said.

As it turns out, Meekhof and Garcia also "broke the law" in essentially the exact same way Haveman did.

Garcia was fined by the Secretary of State in the fall for breaking the election law, and Meekhof has been fined multiple times for "breaking the law" in the exact same way Haveman did-problems with campaign finance and organizational documents. These problems happen often, as Meekhof and Garcia well know.


Meekhof's attack, along with others, is an obvious sign the establishment's bet on Ms. Garcia may not be paying off.

Meekhof's radio appearance is here, he starts talking about the 90th around the 5:00 mark...

More information about the reports are available here:

Meekhof Violation: CLICK HERE

Garcia Violation: CLICK HERE


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