Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ellis Campaign Coordinator Banned From Amash Facebook Page After Dispute

Adam Wright, Campaign Coordinator for the Congressional Campaign of Brian Ellis, claims Ellis has had multiple public events since he became a candidate and that Wright was banned from Congressman Amash's Facebook page for pointing that fact out. Wright has not yet responded to our inquiry.

West Michigan Politics is not aware of a single town hall or "meet-and -greet" event with Ellis that was announced publicly beforehand. We did find this tweet:

"@Ellis4Congress: Great meet and greet last night with a lot of new supporters. #MI03 #Congress #GOP 
Apr 17, 2014"

However, no mention of the event before hand in any social media platform or email from the campaign. We could not find a single event where Mr. Ellis has made himself available to the general public in a publicized fashion ahead of time.

Wright wrote:

"I was banned from Congressman Amash's Facebook page today because I had the audacity to correct him for saying something that he knew was false. 

Amash knows that Brian Ellis has done dozens of public events with constituents because Amash sends paid staff to each of them to video record.

The picture below is what I posted. Amash deleted my comment and banned me from his page."

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  1. Adam Wright is a Liberal - he worked for Mike Pumford (R) who was term limited out of office and went right to work for Debbie Stabenow.