Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rep. Haveman Deserves Credit For Helping End "Driver Responsibility Fees"

Give credit where credit is due is an adage I've always liked.

Regardless of what one might think about some of State Rep. Joe Haveman's other votes, Haveman deserves credit for his multi-year effort to end Granholm era "driver responsibility fees."

The fees, passed in a desperate attempt to bring the state more money, caused far more problems than they helped solve.

The high-priced fees make it hard for average Michiganders to get back on their feet, and took thousands out of people's pockets in addition to court fines already levied against them.

Haveman worked hard, got the bills passed by the legislature, and Gov. Snyder signed them, even though it will cost the state almost $100 million a year.

It's not easy to get the government off peoples backs when they're used to taking our money, but Haveman got it done. Michiganders are better off for it, and will now have more money in their pockets because of it.

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