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Breaking: Bill Schuette Expected To Name #NeverTrump Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons As Lt. Governor Nominee

By Brandon Hall
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Congratulations, Governor Whitmer. 

Attorney General Bill Schuette is expected to name #NeverTrump Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons as his nominee to be Lt. Governor Wednesday morning in Grand Rapids, WMP has learned.

Lyons, a former State Rep. involved in some of the worst legislation in Lansing during her tenure, is as establishment and swampy as they come.

Lyons threw our President under the bus in the fall of 2017, writing that Trump hasn't "Earned her respect, or her vote."

Now Bill Schuette is about to reward her with a spot on the ticket.


>>>State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons Altered The Deal: Pray She Doesn't Alter It Any Further

"Ambitious State Rep. Lisa Posthumous Lyons wants to be Kent County Clerk and then Secretary of State.
She also happens to be the one who transformed an 11 page election bill, SB 571, into the 50 page "Nightmare Before Christmas" at the last minute. Gov. Snyder signed that into law today.
Legislators were blindsided, only given 15 minutes to read the changes, meaning they had less than 30 seconds to analyze each page of new law! (In the Senate, Majority Leader Meekhof had Senators on lockdown under threat of arrest.)
Some even regretted voting for the bill and asked Governor Snyder to veto it...
Lyons should be ashamed of herself for this 11th hour change, but whether it will hurt her political career in any meaningful way remains to be seen. Don't count on it, but stranger things have happened..."

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Attorney General Schuette Must Stop Defending Child Abusers And Start Protecting Michigan Kids: What You Need To Know About The Sexual Assault Scandal The Dems And Liberal Media Are Waiting To Unleash

By Brandon Hall
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In a scandal the Democrats and media are sitting on for the fall, Attorney General Bill Schuette has fought for five years to prevent hundreds of young juvenile offenders who were molested, sexually assaulted, or raped while in state custody from getting their day in court.
A judge has sanctioned Schuette's office multiple times for inappropriate delays, and one called his attempt to try and use a cheap legal trick to move the case to the Court of Claims, which would deny the victims a jury trial, "horrible."
The attorneys representing the victims have already sued the State of Michigan for sexual abuse in women's facilities, garnering a $100 million settlement in 2009 after 13 years of court battles.

Experts are stunned Schuette won't settle, the taxpayer tab in this lawsuit goes up by the day, and it has already cost millions in man-hours and consulting fees. What started off as 7 plaintiffs is now over 200.
At one point, Schuette's office demanded reporters turn over notes from interviews with plaintiffs, then backtracked after a media uproar.

Detroit News Editor Nolan Finley has blasted Schuette as "stubborn or stupid," and he says it's time to settle.
For years, the State of Michigan forced juveniles to be housed with adult offenders, and the results were horrific: teen inmates were used as sex slaves by inmates, abused and ignored by guards, and forced to endure hideous conditions..
According to the Detroit News:
"John Doe 11 is one of 11 unnamed plaintiffs saying Gov. Rick Snyder, the Michigan Department of Corrections and 15 wardens from facilities around the state violated their civil rights — essentially failing to protect an at-risk segment of the prison population and demonstrating "deliberate indifference to their safety." Another 200-plus inmates have responded to a notice of a class-action lawsuit, according to the plaintiffs' legal team of Deborah LaBelle and Michael Pitt.

The suits, originally filed in 2013, are getting renewed attention not only for the newly detailed rape allegations from inmates, but also for the state's defense tactics and its historically get-tough approach toward juvenile offenders.

The lawsuits describe alleged incidents in which teens were forced into sex acts by adult prisoners through physical violence or the threat of it. In some cases, corrections facility employees are accused of sexual harassment, allowing assaults to happen or ignoring requests for help from teen inmates."

"State officials have declined to address specific allegations contained in the lawsuits, but court filings offer some hints about the state's attitude toward the allegations. One defense filing from January 2014 included the following passages:

"to the MDOC's knowledge, a prisoner's vulnerability to another prisoner is more a function of the prisoner's attitude and deportment and behavior, than it is strictly of age."

Schuette's decisions in the lawsuit puzzle experts.

According to Bridge:
"It's a strategy that puzzles legal experts, and could prove costly to state taxpayers, because Michigan is an outlier in continuing to mandate that 17-year-olds be treated as adults for sentencing purposes, and because more inmates are seeking to join the class action lawsuit as it drags on.
"This case is going to grow by the minute," Bunton said. "If they're concerned about taxpayers, if they want to lower recidivism rates, we have to put a stop to this (lawsuit) now."
The current suit claims teen offenders were sexually assaulted in Michigan prisons under a state policy that, until August 2013, allowed young inmates to be placed in cells with adult inmates. Prison officials, the suit contends, ignored or laughed off the inmates' complaints, and even groped several of the teenagers themselves. The inmates' lawyers accuse state prison officials of creating a culture of institutional indifference to the attacks.
All of the alleged incidents took place between 2010 and 2013, long after the state acknowledged in 2004 that juvenile offenders were "five times more likely" to be sexually assaulted in prison than adult prisoners.
Since the suit was filed in December 2013, lawyers representing the state's Attorney General's Office have papered courtrooms from the Washtenaw Circuit Court to the Michigan Supreme Court with at least seven interlocutory (interim) appeals, seven requests to delay the case until motions are appealed, and motions so numerous that Washtenaw Circuit Judge Carol Kunhke set up a weekly Thursday afternoon hearing time for the case."
"Lawyers for the state have been sanctioned three times by judges for delays. The Attorney General's scorched earth defense of the suit recently drew attention when the office issued subpoenas for a reporter's notes following interviews with prisoners involved in the lawsuit and recordings from an interview plaintiffs attorney Deborah LaBelle conducted with Michigan Public Radio (AG Bill Schuette laterapologized and withdrew the subpoenas).
Schuette's office's aggressive handling of the case drew the ire of Court of Appeals Judge Amy Ronayne Krause, who blasted a legal maneuver to transfer the case to the state's Court of Claims where it could not be heard by a jury. "This request for declaratory actions is really some sort of horrible, frivolous attempt to manufacture jurisdiction in the Court of Claims," Krause said. "I find your arguments to be really rather ... odious."
It's an especially puzzling tactic to try again, considering that the attorneys for the juvenile offenders are largely the same lawyers who successfully slogged through 13 years of court hearings in the women prisoner lawsuit.
A class-action lawsuit, brought by the same team of attorneys who won a $100 million settlement in a strikingly similar case, can't be handled like a pro se lawsuit of a prisoner complaining about cafeteria food, Schlanger said.
"It's one thing for Michigan to make this mistake once," Schlanger said. "Maybe they think (the women prisoner sex assault case) was a once-in-a-lifetime case and now this is back to normal. But there's normal and not normal."
Roesti said the Attorney General's Office's aggressive tactics in the women's case were obvious and, in retrospect, a disservice to the state and its taxpayers.
"There were many occasions (in the women's prisoner case) when they could have gone to trial much sooner," Reosti said. "They delayed it as much as they could. There's no doubt that was a tactical choice by the state...
The current case involving juvenile offenders began with seven prisoners, and now has more than 200 current or former juvenile prisoners."
"AG Spokesperson Andrea Bitely declined to tell Bridge how many AG attorneys are assigned to the juvenile offender lawsuit or how many hours has been devoted to the case so far.
But documents filed in the case indicate the AG's office has already paid $311,000 for a firm to locate and redact portions of more than 400,000 pages of MDOC documents relevant to the suit, with 31 attorneys and 17 other staffers working to complete the MDOC contract.
"The Michigan Attorney General's office has a duty to represent the State of Michigan and the taxpayers in all cases against the State," Bitely told Bridge in a statement, "and John Doe v. MDOC (the teenage offender lawsuit) is no different."
In one way, though, John Doe V. MDOC is very different from the thousands of cases filed by prisoners annually: the potential it holds to punch a $100 million hole in the state budget.
LaBelle, who now is leading the case for the juvenile offenders, says the MDOC and the attorney general's office have declined to discuss a settlement in the current lawsuit."

Schuette has even targeted journalists.
According to Editor And Publisher 

"Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has withdrawn two subpoenas his office served a Huffington Post reporter, seeking copies of notes and records on interviews she conducted with inmates inside two state prisons.
Schuette’s office also on Monday withdrew a third subpoena served to Michigan Radio for all records related to an interview conducted by Cynthia Canty of the public radio station’s program “Stateside” with an attorney — one who represents nearly a dozen juvenile inmates in a lawsuit filed against the Michigan Department of Corrections."

Detroit News Editor Nolan Finley has blasted Schuette as "stubborn or stupid," and he says it's time to settle.

According to his editorial:

"Stubborn or stupid? Or does the state of Michigan really believe it can prevail in lawsuits filed by 11 juvenile prison inmates who charge they weren't protected from being brutalized by adult prisoners?
If it's the latter, then state officials either haven't read the horrific evidence presented in the lawsuits, or learned nothing from a similar suit filed by women inmates and settled in 2009 for $100 million.
That $100 million would fill a lot of potholes.
As reported by The Detroit News, several of the young men claim they were turned into sex slaves while housed in the adult prisons, raped and passed around from inmate to inmate. Some contend they were abused with the knowledge of prison officials, and possibly with their help.
There may not be much sympathy in our society for prisoners, but jurors listening to boys retelling nightmarish stories might decide that rape is a cruel and unusual punishment for the crimes they committed.
Once the boys take the stand, the state may as well just get out its checkbook.
The outrage here — apart from the sexual abuse — is that the cases could have been settled years ago — and perhaps still could be settled today — by the state agreeing to fix the problem and get the kids who were abused the help they need. That's all the attorneys asked for before taking the matter to court.
Michigan is among the toughest states on juvenile criminals. It is one of just nine states where minors can automatically be tried as an adult, and one of just four that don't allow judges the ability to send a teen's case back to juvenile court.
The lawyers for the kids — the same team that represented the abused women — want the state to comply completely with a new federal rape protection law requiring juvenile inmates be separated from adults.
But instead of negotiating a settlement that makes sense for both the inmates and the state, Michigan is aggressively fighting the lawsuits, filing a couple of dozen appeals already of procedural rulings issued by the federal and Washtenaw Circuit courts.
This seems bone-headed. Fixing the things that led to the suit might not only save taxpayers from taking a financial hit, but is also the right thing to do. Children don't belong in prison with adults.
Some of the young offenders committed serious crimes; but many others are locked up for property offenses. One juvenile was sent to adult prison for stealing a bike.
Many end up behind bars because the counties in which they are convicted find it more economical to send them to prison at the state's expense than to place them on probation, which the counties must pay for.
While the intent of Michigan's ultra-tough juvenile sentencing laws is to deter crime, the reality is that teens too often come out of prison broken and bitter and more dangerous to society than when they went in.
The Corrections Dept. says the juveniles are making up their stories. It said the same thing about the women inmates.

It seems Michigan is again rolling the dice in a very expensive game."

Attorney General Schuette should settle this lawsuit immediately, it's the right thing to do.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Why Is State Rep. Kathy Crawford Lying About Conservative Trump Republican Chase Turner's Perfect NRA Rating?

By Brandon Hall
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Chase Turner blasted State Rep. Kathy Crawford this weekend after she sent a mailer lying about Turner's NRA score.

Turner blasted "Dishonest Kathy" in a Facebook statement Friday.

"My opponent Kathy Crawford’s mailer is just flat out wrong," Turner said. "She said I have no NRA rating. She couldn’t bring herself to tell you that my rating is an A which is higher than hers. Dishonest Kathy needs to be done with her deception in Lansing."

Crawford's rating is a B, largely due to her not supporting constitutional carry legislation popular in pro gun circles. Turner has received an Aq, the highest rating possible for a non-incumbent, and supports constitutional carry.

Crawford has come under fire in the race for voting against a modest tax cut, as well as voting against No Fault reform. She even had the leading Lansing No Fault lobbyist walk doors with her...

Below Is The Mailer:


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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Delegate ALERT: MIRS Exposes Desperate Tonya Schuitmaker In Bed With Dennis Lennox After Mailer Scandal

Schuitmaker, left, Lennox, right

By Brandon Hall
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Tonya's Schuitmaker's "consultant," Joe Wicks, apparently gave information to *Dennis Lennox* to send out mailers and design a website attacking Tom Leonard, but of course, there was no coordination! Lennox certainly was not acting as an illegal agent of the Schuitmaker campaign...

Here is my statement, as well as the article in MIRS last night. 

(Also, a big league shout out to Kyle Melinn for his work on this-amazing as always!):

"After being forced to resign as Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner for sending illegal mail, being fired from his job as a newspaper columnist, and then being run out of the Virgin Islands, it's only fitting Dennis Lennox would get in bed with Desperate Tonya Schuitmaker, which must be a new experience for him I'm sure. Dennis is in complete violation of Michigan Campaign Finance Law, and I am looking forward to filing a complaint against him tomorrow with the Board of Elections.
As for Joe Wicks, who most people in Lansing have never even heard of because he is a second rate "consultant," he can go straight to hell. I have apologized and paid the price for my mistakes, which happened when I was 19 and 21. Three different courts ruled my constitutional rights were violated by Bill Schuette, but of course, Schuitmaker's team has proven they don't care about facts, the truth, the law, or common decency. Wicks has run a piss poor campaign that makes Roy Moore's consultant look like a genius, Tonya should ask for her money back. "
Lennox Spending $10K On Anti-Leonard Site
A Dennis G. LENNOX spent $10,613 of his own money on mailing, postage and website design to oppose the candidacy of Attorney General candidate Tom LEONARD, likely putting an end to the mystery of who is behind the "Phony Tom Leonard" mailers and web site.

Lennox, presumably the known Republican operative and not his older father of the same name, filed an independent expenditure report with the Secretary of State's office Sunday showing the expenditure, which tracks the secret media campaign challenging Leonard's prosecutorial experience (See "'Phony Tom Leonard' Site Posts Favorable Old Job Reviews," 7/25/18).

Neither the fliers or the web site has a financial disclosure on them, which elicited a campaign finance complaint from West Michigan Politics editor Brandon HALL, who is not working with Strategic National, Leonard's consultant, on this complaint, according to CEO John YOB.

"If Strategic National wanted to file a complaint, we would have used an attorney like we always do," Yob said

But according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (169.247), a private individual is not required to disclosure, a provision created through a 1990s Supreme Court decision and Attorney General opinion to keep alive the American tradition of "anonymous leafletting," according to one source.

Asked if he's responsible for the "Phony Tom Leonard" campaign, Lennox said "I'm fully complaint with the Michigan campaign finance law."

Without answering any more questions on his involvement with the effort, Lennox took a swing at Hall, saying he found it "ironic" that a "10-time felon" would be raising questions about the legality of anyone else's activities.

The "Phony Tom Leonard" site links viewers to Leonard's employee reviews at the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office. While all of the reviews are positive, the web site makes the point that Leonard isn't mentioned as the lead attorney on any trial.

According to Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John POTBURY, only three individuals have ever requested Leonard's personnel records - Jake WAGMAN, an out-of-state political researcher; Jonathan PROUTY, a researcher hired by the Leonard campaign to do opposition research on himself; and Joe WICKS, spokesperson for Leonard's convention opponent, Tonya SCHUITMAKER. A spokesperson for Democratic candidate Dana NESSEL said they didn't hire Wagman and there's no evidence anyone at the Democratic Attorney Generals Association did, either.

Wicks declined to answer directly if he gave his information to Lennox, saying only, "I received multiple requests after a debate about proof of Tom Leonard being laid off from the prosecutor’s office and this topic is particularly interesting, because he claimed to have been promoted during a period when he was actually laid off. It's sad their apparent campaign lead that is maliciously and falsely accusing Tonya of sending the mailer is a convicted felon who spent time in jail for election fraud and was convicted of embezzling from a school’s cancer fundraiser.”

Hall swung at Lennox for resigning as Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner for "sending illegal mail" and, most recently, "being run out of the Virgin Islands."

"Dennis is in complete violation of Michigan Campaign Finance Law, and I am looking forward to filing a complaint against him tomorrow with the Board of Elections," Hall said.

He then called Wicks a second-rate consultant "who can go straight to hell."

"I have apologized and paid the price for my mistakes, which happened when I was 19 and 21. Three different courts ruled my constitutional rights were violated by Bill Schuette, but of course, Schuitmaker's team has proven they don't care about facts, the truth, the law, or common decency. Wicks has run a piss poor campaign that makes Roy MOORE's consultant look like a genius, Tonya should ask for her money back. "


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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump Republican Renegade Matt Hall Tests Lansing Establishment In Fight Against Maturen

By Brandon Hall
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Standing with President Trump is nothing new for Matt Hall, who has backed "The Donald" since he first announced his campaign in 2015.

Hall ended the #NeverTrump movement while serving on the Rules Committee in Cleveland.

Hall chaired the 3rd District for Trump's Michigan campaign.

And when Wendy Day used her official MIGOP title to go on TV and bash President Trump just weeks before the election, Hall led the fight to have her removed.

That's why it shouldn't surprise anyone watching the 63rd State House primary battle  that Hall has made the President a focal point in his race against State Rep. David Maturen, a #NeverTrump, establishment backed legislator who is weak on life and other issues important to conservatives.

Hall is well funded, a fact that has the Lansing swamp on edge. Hall is destroying Maturen in fundraising, sporting a $170,000 haul to Maturen's nearly $75,000

With Hall on the verge of a major win, the establishment empire is striking back, using shady groups with secret donors to attack him for misguided emails that are nearly 20 years old. Hall has apologized.

Allies of Maturen are also on TV desperately trying to link Maturen with President Trump, trying to mitigate Hall's strong Trump credentials.

Maturen's own words tell the real story.

He recently told Gongwer that "Mr. Trump is shaking things up and "maybe that is good to some extent," but overall his thoughts on the president have not changed."

What were those thoughts exactly? TRASHING our President!

According to WMKU:

"Asked about the Presidential election, Maturen says he never tells anyone how he’s to going to vote. But Maturen says he won’t endorse the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Maturen says Trump’s misogynistic comments don’t sit well with him. He has been married for 45 years and has three daughters. Maturen served in the army from 1971-73 during a time when John McCain was being held prisoner in Vietnam. Maturen says Trump is out of bounds to say McCain wasn’t a hero. Maturen is also bothered by Trump’s comments about Mexicans because his son in law is a Mexican national. Maturen says it would be hard to face his family if he endorsed Trump."

Maturen's legislative record is completely horrendous. 

To start, he has voted for the gas tax hike, vehicle registration fee increases, and multiple other terrible money grabs. He responded to criticism from Hall,  “how else are you going to pay for the roads?” Wow!

Maturen has a D rating with NRA, and has said questionable things about gun rights.

"I don’t think someone needs to be able to just buy a gun... We think there should be some training to get it," Maturen said recently. Hall sports an Aq NRA rating...

Maturen was part of the "dirty dozen," 12 GOP House members who voted against a marginal income tax cut in 2017

As if problems with the Trump crowd weren't enough for Maturen, he is also the only sitting Republican legislator who did not receive the endorsement of Right To Life.

Even outside of politics, controversy hounds Maturen.

According to MLive:

" State Rep. Dave Maturen "traumatized" a family he narrowly missed before getting into a fiery car crash a week ago.

The wreck occurred while Maturen was headed to Battle Creek to meet Legislative Director Sherry Sofia and participate in the Grand Cereal Parade on Friday, June 9. According to an incident report from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office, Maturen was ticketed for being unable to stop in an assured clear distance in the crash.
At approximately 5:33 p.m., Vicksburg resident Julie Kuber, carrying her fiancee's 9-year-old daughter and a friend's 10-year-old daughter, began to slow down at the intersection of 38th Street and MN Avenue north of Climax Township. Her fiancee, 15-year-old son and his friend began turning their 27-foot-long recreational vehicle left onto 38th Street when Maturen approached them from behind.
Undersheriff Paul Matyas said Maturen wasn't paying attention to the roadway. By the time he noticed the vehicles stopped ahead of him it was almost too late.
"I (told the girls) bear down, because this guy is going to hit us," Kuber said. "I'm watching and there's nothing I can do."
At the last second, Maturen swerved out of the way and lost control of his vehicle, which turned off the road and hit a tree. Kuber said the impact sent Maturen's vehicle sailing through the air before landing on its side.
"The whole car flew," she said. "Thank God that he swerved the last minute. If he hit us something very bad would have come out of it."
Hall made the right choice choosing to primary Maturen instead of Rep. Justin Amash, the seat he originally filed for.

Hall, a longtime Republican activist who recently became a lawyer, is on the brink of defeating an incumbent State House member in the primary. 

Before Lee Chatfield bounced Frank Foster in 2014, it hadn't happened in a long time. .MIRS has labeled Maturen the most at risk Republican incumbent of 2018 for good reason, possibly headed for the same fate as Foster. 

When voters in the 63rd cast their ballots Tuesday, they won't just be choosing between Hall and Maturen, they'll be choosing between the conservative, "Trump Republican" brand, or the establishment status quo, and the failed politics of the past. 

The elites are petrified voters will choose a new direction-it could be an omen for 2020 and beyond.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Jon Bumstead Blasts Holly Hughes Over Firefighter Mailer

By Brandon Hall
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The State Senate race to replace Geoff Hansen between State Rep. Holly Hughes and Jon Bumstead has grown increasingly nasty in recent weeks, mostly with attacks on Bumstead, a former State Rep.

Hughes has relentlessly pounded Bumstead through mail, radio, and even on TV, but one mailer went too far for Bumstead, who took to Facebook to address the issue.

Bumstead, a former fire fighter, was not pleased to see a hit piece saying he abandoned his own.

"I'd like to set the record straight.

As a former volunteer firefighter with over 20 years experience, I have seen firefighters willing to risk their health and their lives for the good of our communities. That is why it is concerning to see my opponent question my commitment to Michigan’s firefighters.

Recently, you may have seen an attack ad saying I was the only one to vote against Public Act 515 of 2014, which created the First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund. I voted against this bill because there was no source of funding, which created an unfunded mandate using taxpayer dollars. Without a funding source, firefighters did not see any immediate impact since there was no money available to help them.

That is why I voted YES on Senate Bill 802 of 2016, the exact bill that identified a source of funding so firefighters would actually benefit from the First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund.

I am in favor of helping people who get sick on the job, especially when they commit their life to public service. I am NOT in favor of creating a mandate using taxpayer dollars without first finding out how to pay for it."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Please Endorse! Subpoenaed Emails Reveal Schuette Offered State Employees $250 Gift Card In Contest To Procure Jeb Bush Support

By Brandon Hall
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Subpoenaed emails reveal Attorney General Bill Schuette asked state employees to find people to endorse Jeb Bush, with the winner who bagged the most  receiving a $250 gift card.

Schuette also scheduled a Jeb Bush conference call in the middle of a work day.

The revelations comes as subpoenaed documents were due to Mark Brewer and Progress Michigan for a lawsuit against Schuette, until a Judge halted discovery in an emergency ruling issued tonight...

According to the Detroit News:

"In an August 2015 email, Schuette scheduler Esther Jentzen invited various colleagues and political operatives to a conference call with Schuette on “presidential politics” scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on a Monday.

The August 2015 meeting was set two days before Schuette announced he was endorsing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican presidential primary and would serve as Bush’s state campaign chairman.

In another email sent from his own personal account on a Sunday, Schuette encouraged a similar group of state staffers and GOP allies to secure Bush endorsements, offering a $250 gift card to whoever got the most by “the close of business Wednesday.”

None of the emails came to or from government accounts but were sent to several state employees, including then-deputy Matthew Schneider, who now serves as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. 

Other state staff on the email chain include top Schuette aide Rusty Hills, spokeswoman Andrea Bitely and former political director Carter Bundy, who is now helping run Schuette’s gubernatorial campaign."

The story is just another scandal that continues to hound Schuette, who hopes to clinch the Republican nomination for Governor next week as he faces an FBI investigation and calls for a Grand Jury to be impaneled after he used state employees to help with secret luxury real estate deals.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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