Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Grot Blasts Benson, Proposes Multi Year Car Registration Plan To Help Cut SOS Wait Time

Stan Grot speaks at a Steve Bannon event (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot, who is running for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State, has unveiled a proposal designed to let Michigan drivers spend less time stuck inside Secretary of State offices by allowing vehicle owners to purchase multi-year registrations.

Grot says the proposal will save drivers from wasting time.

“The first part of my customer service plan is to offer multiple year car and truck registrations,” Grot said in a press release. “On leased cars and trucks, registrations will be valid for the duration of the lease. For all other cars and trucks, I propose choices for registrations to be renewed every one, two, or three years."

Grot says it would be up to the driver which registration they wanted to purchase.

"The choice is up to the individual motorists, as it should be," Grot said. "Personally, I have better things to do on my birthday than wait in line for new tabs. This change will allow motorists to make one third the number of trips to Secretary of State Offices, and that will allow our employees to be more productive in other matters.”

Grot is touting his "real-world experience as a Township Clerk, Assistant Secretary of State, City Councilman and a private entrepreneur." 

He says his resume distinguishes him from his opponents.

Grot singled out his leading Democrat foe, Jocelyn Benson, calling her a typical liberal who is making unrealistic and unfounded promises.

“Voters said no to Jocelyn Benson when she ran for Secretary of State and lost in 2010. Her “30-minute guarantee” is nothing more than a gimmick to get herself elected," Grot said. "She is a typical liberal candidate making promises that she cannot keep. The Secretary of State does not run local elections. Elections are conducted by local clerks. Jocelyn Benson will have zero control over the lines and the wait to vote on Election Day. The Secretary of State position is extremely complex. It takes deep understanding of the day-to-day operations at the branch offices and requires knowledge in overseeing the election process. She is giving our citizens false hope. Her “30-minute guarantee” is unrealistic and not achievable.”

Grot, who is also the 10th District GOP Chair, faces MSU Professor Dr. Joseph Guzman, and EMU Regent Mary Treder Lang in the fight to see who will be the Republican Secretary of State nominee. 

Benson is expected to be the Dem candidate, but still may face a battle of her own...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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