Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ted Nugent Backs Tom Leonard For Attorney General As Endorsements Continue To Pile Up

By Brandon Hall
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The Motor City Madman is backing Tom Leonard for Attorney General. 

That's what Ted Nugent said in a statement earlier this week, praising Speaker Leonard as a fighter for liberty.

"Michigan is a state full of strong, hardworking people with even stronger values," Nugent said. "People who love liberty and freedom. People who want to make sure we protect these values and defend our God-given rights. The best way to do that is by getting behind the people who understand our constitutional rights and care about them as much as we do.

Tom Leonard is the only candidate for attorney general who will listen to us, stand up for those rights and defend our constitution. He is a good man who understands what we’re fighting for, and he is the best choice for the people of Michigan.”

Nugent has also endorsed Bill Schuette for Governor, and Bob Young for US Senate...

Leonard has received numerous endorsements for his campaign to replace the term limited Bill Schuette as Michigan's Attorney General. 

So far, his only opponent is State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker. Leonard defeated Schuitmaker at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference straw poll, receiving nearly 70% of the vote.

>>>Below is a list of Leonard's endorsements so far:

Jack Bergman – Congressman 
Paul Mitchell– Congressman 
John Moolenaar– Congressman 
Tom McMillin – State Board of Education/Former State Representative 
Kathy Berden – MIGOP National Committeewoman 
Rocky Raczkowski – Congressional Candidate/Former Majority Floor Leader 
Terry Bowman - Former Michigan Donald Trump Co-Chair
Sue Allor – State Representative 
Tom Barrett – State Representative 
Lee Chatfield – State Representative/House Speaker Pro Tempore 
Triston Cole – State Representative 
Laura Cox – State Representative/House Appropriations Chair
Gary Glenn - State Representative 
Roger Hauck – State Representative 
Shane Hernandez – State Representative 
Michele Hoitenga - State Representative 
Steven Johnson – State Representative
Beau Matthew LaFave - State Representative 
Dan Lauwers - State Representative/Majority Floor Leader
Aaron Glenn Miller - State Representative 
Jim Tedder – State Representative 
Jason Wentworth - State Representative 
Mike Hewitt - 2nd District Congressional Chair
Judy Rapanos - 4th District Congressional Chair
Carolyn Curtin – 4th District State Committee 
Koen Driesen - 5th District State Committee 
Matt Hall - 3rd District State Committee
Matthew X. Hauser – 13th District State Committee
Ronda Hawkins – 8th District State Committee 
Kim MacMaster - 1st District State Committee 
Eric St Onge – 4th District State Committee 
Jason Mueller – 12th District State Committee Robert and Mary Ann Pawlak Rankey – Tri Cities 9/12 Patriots/5th District State Committee
Mari-Ann McQuater Henry – GOGOP President and 8th District GOP Vice Chair 
Walter Bargen – Lapeer County GOP Chair 
Cameron Cavitt – Cheboygan County GOP Chair
Ormand Hook – Mecosta County GOP Chair 
Adam Kroczaleski – Arenac County GOP Chair Douglas Reimel – Wayne County 12th District GOP Chair 
Andrew Sebolt – Oceana County 
Georgia Richardson Sharp - Ionia GOP Chair
Catherine Tilot-Zemanek – Saginaw County GOP Chair 
Amy R Carl - Former Saginaw County GOP Chair 
John Inhulsen - Former Kent GOP Chair
Jim Thienel - Former Oakland GOP Chair 
Greg Moore - Monroe County Commissioner

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. So Tom Leonard has the endorsement of an admitted draft-dodger, who doesn't live in Michigan, and is also a racist. Leonard must be very proud.