Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Establishment Hack Kurt Heise Hikes Taxes In Plymouth (While Campaigning For Congress Supporting Tax Cuts!)


By Brandon Hall
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Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise supports tax cuts while on the trail campaigning for Rep. Dave Trott's US House seat, but back home in Plymouth, Heise is raising taxes on his constituents without even letting them vote on the issue.

Heise, a former State Rep. who won an impressive write in campaign for Plymouth Township Supervisor when he was termed out of the House last year, was one of the biggest establishment cheerleaders in Lansing and would undoubtedly fit in well with the DC swamp.

 Heise, a prolific waterboy for special interests, recently raised property taxes on residents through an "administrative fee." Normally, residents have to vote on tax hikes, but a loophole allows increases like the one pushed by Heise.

According to Hometown Life:
"Plymouth Township taxpayers will notice a new fee on their tax bills after a divided township board Tuesday approved a revenue-raising plan that is expected to generate $630,000 a year.

In a 4-3 vote, the board agreed to impose a 1-percent property tax administration fee to cover costs associated with assessing property taxes, collecting tax levies and combating property tax appeals.

It will cost an average homeowner $43 a year on a $4,300 tax bill, officials say, though most businesses would pay more...

The fee will start showing up on tax bills in December.

Clinton, Supervisor Kurt Heise, Clerk Jerry Vorva and Trustee Gary Heitman supported the tax fee, while Trustees Chuck Curmi, Bob Doroshewitz and Jack Dempsey opposed it."

What a damn joke. Just another money grab by greedy politicians trying to increase government coffers any way they can...

Heise faces business owner and former Michigan Trump Co-Chair Lena Epstein, business owner, Veteran, and former State Rep. Rocky Raczkowski, State Rep. Klint Kesto, and former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.  

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. People shouldn't be too surprised at the "administration fee" tactic.

    Local communities around Macomb County have been using their public safety departments as stage props for years now, (along with other "interesting" strategies),in a blatanty obvious attempt to circumvent our Headlee protections.

    Most people here are aware of how bad this is, but if anyone wants to see a very simple and effective demonstration on how bad this has now become to show others, I would highly recommend checking out this video released by former St. Clair Shores Councilwoman Erin Stahl.