Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Julie Calley Will Announce Run For State House

Julie Calley, center, with husband Brian, son Collin, and Gov. Snyder

By Brandon Hall
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Ionia County Commissioner Julie Calley will soon announce her campaign for State House in the 87th District.

The position, currently occupied by Mike Callton, was formerly held by her husband, Lt. Governor Brian Calley.

 According to Nick Grenke at the Sentinel Standard:
"The chairwoman of the Ionia County Board of Commissioners is expected to run for the Michigan House of Representatives next year.
Republican Julie Calley of Portland said she intends to make an official announcement in January. She will be running to replace Republican Rep. Mike Callton of Nashville, who was first elected to the house in 2010. His term will expire on Dec. 31, 2016.
“Our state has come a long way in the last several years, and I would like the opportunity to build on that momentum,” Calley said. “Being born and raised in Ionia County has been such a blessing, and I wish to give back to the community I still call home...”
Calley was voted the as chairwoman of the Ionia Board of Commissioners in 2015 and has served on the board since 2008.
“Our district demonstrates both a tremendous work ethic and common sense decision-making; elements which are needed at the state level. It would be an honor to carry our values to Lansing and serve the citizens of the 87th,” Calley said."

Julie Calley (Via The Sentinel-Standard)

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  1. We don't need any more fake "conservative" lawmakers in Lansing, to raise our taxes and spend more money. Imagine how well Michigan could have done if taxes and spending had been slashed, allowing the private sector to grow and prosper. Wen need a REAL economic recovery.

  2. More politician "inbreeding". Not needed.

  3. Before judgement is made, the voters of the 87th district should check Julie Calley's record. Do not let emotion determine your decision. I do not live in that area. However, we need to get rid of terms and have a part-time legislature. There 21 legislators termed out. How much pay do you think they have taken for the tax increase? After all they do not have to account for their votes anymore. Remember the citizens said no to higher taxes and yet the 21 legislators have decided that they would rather sell their principles then keep their promises. You voted for the tax increase when you demanded term limits, which took away your right to vote for the candidate of your choice and the right for a candidate to run for re-election. Getting government involved in making choices for you has failed. Repeal term limits, get involved locally at least four times a year. It is your responsibility to know who you vote for and how they followed the constitutions of both the state and US.

    1. "You voted for the tax increase when you demanded term limits, which took away your right to vote for the candidate of your choice and the right for a candidate to run for re-election. "

      I would strongly disagree with that assessment of term limits here in Michigan.

      Morally bereft candidates in state office were the ones who actually pushed that "yes" button on their desks to raise taxes, not Michigan Voters.

      These are people, whom unfortunately, like to control others, and by default seek the power associated with political office.

      We've seen a small example of this when Brian Calley rammed though a law a few years ago to get Michigan Taxpayers to pay for his daughter's autism coverage (even though he could easily afford taking weekly trips to Boston to attend classes at Harvard).

      Public office was never intended to be a career, but an interruption in one's career, by the Framers.

      Sure many of them are bought and paid for by special interests (see Exhibit "A": the first Detroit Bailout) and those benefactors want to see a ROI for their investment.

      Instituting only a Part-Time legislature here in Michigan will easily fix the problem of lame-duck votes on politically unpopular issues, because those same politicians who have no real marketable skills, will find their futures job prospects stopped cold if they cannot vote on anything after an election (especially when they run for office on the other side of the legislature).

      I also have an unusual question to ask here: If Brian Calley is busy playing LG, and Julie Calley is busy play state rep, then who is watching their three small children?