Sunday, January 31, 2016

MIGOP Blasts Political Games On Flint As Snyder+Legislators Under Fire For Signing Event

By Brandon Hall
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"It’s sad and pathetic," Michigan Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel said in a press release. "Hillary Clinton is again trying to politicize the Flint water crisis to serve her own political prospects... Flint residents do not need politicians using them as a political backdrop."

Somebody better tell that to the Lansing establishment.

Gov. Snyder and West Michigan legislators like Arlan Meekhof have come under fire for a controversial signing ceremony regarding a $28 million Flint assistance bill that, with all the laughs and smiles, seemed to some more like a frat party than a serious event.

Detroit News reporter Chad Livengood led the charge, posting pictures of the event and writing in a Facebook statement, "QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why would any Michigan politician want to be pictured smiling at a bill signing for $28 million in emergency aid for a man-made water contamination crisis in Flint?"

The reaction was swift. Over 100 people shared the post and many commented on it, including top Snyder staff.

"Annual Governor's luncheon at the Michigan Press Association conference," Meegan Holland said. "Media traditionally invite their legislators to sit at their table. The Governor talked about Flint, and then invited any of the attending lawmakers to come up for the bill signing."

Another top Snyder aide, Dave Murray, also opined.

"Those were all lawmakers who were at the event," Muray said. "We made sure Flint area lawmakers were aware of the signing. What's important to note is that the $28 million plan to address immediate Flint needs was passed unanimously. That's a reflection of all the state's lawmakers coming together to help Flint. The Michigan Press Association event was filled with journalists, college journalists and lawmakers. Gov. Snyder received two standing ovations. Governors of both parties attend this event each year. The bill was signed at the event because Gov. Snyder wanted to sign it quickly to start the resources flowing to Flint quickly."

One commenter noted "to be fair, I am fairly uncomfortable when a roomful of journalists applaud anyone they're supposed to be covering."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. This has got to be one of the most asinine things I've read about this debacle so far.

    Between this, I wouldn't even go so far to call it a band aid, "solution", to A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR actively stumping to expand WIC eligibility (I wonder what 'Lil Ronna had to say about that), I'm surprised that the Michigan Republican Party just doesn't come out and suggest that the Flint residents be packed into moving vans and forcibly shipped into Detroit.

    1. You know the lawsuits are in the works, right? And Snyder is going to spend more of our money defending, shucking and jiving.

    2. I'm not concerned very much about the lawsuits because government immunity will be invoked for the majority of them.

      What I am concerned about is two-fold:

      First, the dealings that Gov. Snyder is making behind the scenes and away from any public scrutiny. Most people aren't aware of the fact that Gov. Snyder made a secret deal to distribute filters several months ago before this story blew wide open.

      Who was it made with? What was expected in return?

      Second, regardless of who is in the White House next January, I see some bureaucrat in Washington trying to make a name for themselves and bring the hammer down on Lansing in the form of fines and mandatory "improvements" in the Flint Water System.

      Part of that cost will be borne by water users in S.E. Michigan via the GLWA. The rest to Michigan Taxpayer's statewide.

      And the price tag for that will easily be in the billions!

  2. I think they are laughing not similing,now does it make more sense?

  3. As I understand it, Gov Snyder screwed up the Flint Water system, and is now falling all over himself to throw money at Flint, like a socialist Democrat.

    He called himself a "conservative" but from experience within the MI GOP I know you must qualify that term. Everyone I meet at GOP conventions calls himself a "conservative" then votes for more government, more statism, more taxes and more spending. Spending under Snyder is higher than under Granholm, although I had not thought that was possible. They also happily disregard the Constitution, while embracing Social Justice boondoggles and undeclared wars, so I call 'em RINOs, and was chastised for it. But the true principled Conservatives, like Ron Paul and Justin Amash, should be held in high esteem. I'm with those guys!

  4. I don't like Snyder either BUT why aren't you blaming the bureaucrats who are responsible--the EPA!!! That's all they have to do and they srewed up --and rt in the beginning you heard about the head of the Dept admitting and resigning ! She said it was her fault ! Are you afraid of the EPA like all the Legislators in the Nation are?!

  5. EPA should have warned about hooking anything to Flint River for a list of reasons.Did they not oversee toxic sites along same?