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Breaking: Courser/Gamrat Staffer Had "Ashley Madison" Account

Cline at Monday's press conference

By Brandon Hall
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Sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned, "it's the way she goes." Former staffer for State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat-Josh Cline, who held a press conference earlier this week on the controversy involving the two legislators, seems to have had an account on the controversial website "Ashley Madison." The controversial site bills itself as the go to place for married people to find someone to cheat on their spouse with. Cline is married.

Some joked one may find Todd Courser or Cindy Gamrat's name as a part of a recent list of date released by hackers, but it looks like things went in another direction..

Data obtained by West Michigan Politics as a part of that list contains an Attica, Michigan address and lists Josh a client of the site for at least three years:

# FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, DATE, txt_addr1, txt_city, txt_state, txt_country, zip, amount, txt_email
'12555435', 'JOSHUA CLINE', '2012-02-09 11:59:55', '4154 lakeview drive', 'attica', 'MI', 'US', '48412', '49.00', 'HKYTWN1@HOTMAIL.COM'
'12555435', 'JOSHUA CLINE', '2012-02-12 09:41:17', '4154 lakeview drive', 'attica', 'MI', 'US', '48412', '19.00', 'HKYTWN1@HOTMAIL.COM'
'18138716', 'JOSHUA CLINE', '2013-03-11 10:34:27', '4154 lakeview drive', 'attica', 'MI', 'US', '48412', '49.00', 'HKYTWN1@HOTMAIL.COM'

Lapeer County records reveal that is Cline's address...

Cline was not able to be reached for this story.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Cline said Monday:

""It was not an easy task to chose integrity over a paycheck. But I chose to preserve my integrity and resign effective immediately," he said. "Having chosen integrity over continued employment in a hostile, untenable work environment in which I was required to turn a blind eye to unethical behavior in the offices of Courser and Gamrat, I am confident I did the right thing."

Cline quit a month before Courser sent an anonymous fake e-mail to Republicans in Lansing, according to audio recordings of conversations between Courser and another staffer, Ben Graham, in an attempt to cover-up an extramarital affair with Gamrat."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Random question. Has Todd Courser been formally kicked out of the GOP House caucus yet? Gamrat was back in April for far less an offense, yet I don't think I've heard that he's been formally kicked out, though, I believe he on his own had stopped attending caucus meetings when Gamrat was kicked out. Any news on this?