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Gongwer: Gamrat Mum As Press Conference Nears

By Brandon Hall
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The following is from Gongwer News Service Wednesday:

"It appears not many know of Rep. Cindy Gamrat's intentions six days after news broke that she and Rep. Todd Courser were not only having an affair, but attempted to cover it up with an anonymous email falsely accusing Mr. Courser of having sex with a male prostitute.

Ms. Gamrat (R-Plainwell) has not spoken to media and has not released a statement of if she plans to resign or not, or a message to constituents. She did post on Facebook that her office hours scheduled for Monday were canceled.
Ms. Gamrat has not returned messages for comment from Gongwer News Service each day since the story broke last week that she and Mr. Courser (R-Silverwood) were having an affair and the subsequent cover up that took place.
Brandon Hall, blogger at West Michigan Politics, told Gongwer he received a text message from Ms. Gamrat because she was upset he spoke with Mlive about the incident. Mr. Hall has said the lawmakers' former staffers were not working for the "establishment" to monitor the pair.
Ms. Gamrat told Mr. Hall his statement was not true and if he cared about her family he would not "double down" on those statements. Mr. Hall said he was disappointed about the text considering the support he's shown her.
Others who have said they have spoken with her are unsure of her intentions, like fellow tea party conservative Wendy Day, who is currently working on the presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), said they are unsure of her plans.
Ms. Day said she has texted Ms. Gamrat and communicated her private thoughts on the matter, but Ms. Gamrat has not shared with her any future plans.
"I don't think there is an easy answer," Ms. Day said on what Ms. Gamrat should do.
Ms. Day said she doesn't think Ms. Gamrat's silence is hurting her, though.
"I'm not sure there is much more they could do to hurt themselves more," she said.
One source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said even if Ms. Gamrat remains in office, she would not win a Republican primary election in Allegan County again. Her district consists of nearly the entire county.
Former Rep. Fulton Sheen, like Ms. Gamrat from the Plainwell area, and who held essentially the same House seat from 2003-08, endorsed Ms. Gamrat for her run in the House. He said on Wednesday he has not talked to her, but has talked to her husband. He declined to reveal the contents of that conversation. But Mr. Sheen said he hopes Ms. Gamrat will resign so she can be with her family and "get her life together."
He said he does not think she would survive a 2016 primary if she were to stay in office until the next election and seek a second term.
Tim Bowlin, director of the House Business Office, said Ms. Gamrat is cooperating with his investigation and he hopes to speak with her and Mr. Courser this week. However, he said no appointment has been made for those interviews.
Steve McNeal, chair of the Allegan County Republican Party, has called for Ms. Gamrat to resign. He also said Wednesday he has not heard from Ms. Gamrat.
Gideon D'Assandro, spokesperson for Mr. Cotter, said the speaker's office has not heard anything from Mr. Courser or Ms. Gamrat.
Many have called for the two representatives to resign. Mary Whiteford, who lost to Ms. Gamrat in the 2014 primary for the 80th House District, said she would like to run again in the seat and is calling for Ms. Gamrat's resignation.
Jan Peabody, the chair of the Lapeer County Republican Party, posted on Facebook this week that Mr. Courser should resign. Sources have said Ms. Peabody is considering another run in the 82nd House District, where she lost to Mr. Courser in the 2014 primary.
Various lawmakers have also called for their resignation, including Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) a former ally of the two conservative lawmakers.
Ms. Day said many are calling for their resignations and many are celebrating their failures.
But in the end, "It is their decision," she said."

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