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Unions Intimidating Prevailing Wage Circulators?

By Brandon Hall
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Reports say unions in Michigan are pulling out all the stops to prevent prevailing wage reform from reaching the legislature. Activists face a deadline in the coming weeks to submit 250,000 signatures to the Secretary of State. 

If successful, the House and Senate's leaders have said they will hold a vote on the repeal and because of the way the process works, they do not need Gov. Rick Snyder's signature to end "prevailing wage" in  Michigan as long as both houses pass the legislation.
One source says that a prominent Michigan union is trying to monitor and intimidate petition circulators:
"Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council is “countering” the “propaganda,” releasing flyers that evoke the predictable sentiments: the race card, the minimum wage, school funding and out-of-state worker fears. 

Additionally, they are passing out flyers with a hotline number listed, telling its members to call if approached to sign the prevailing wage petition. The recording asks for specific information about the time, location and number of people asking for signatures, stressing that the information is “very important.”

What reason could there be to obtain such information if the unions did not want a physical presence there?
(The flyers also ask those opposed to the petition to provide that information about the petitioners.)

Michigan’s economy and fiscal health have been on the mend for the last few years – a huge accomplishment during the Obama presidency. Let’s hope free markets and small government win the day in the battle over prevailing wage."

One email described the situation as an "action alert."

Action Alert

Union Bosses trying to stop the democratic process

In response to the overwhelming success that ABC and Protecting Michigan Taxpayers is having in the petition gathering process, Union bosses are getting desperate to try and stifle free speech.  They are circulating a flyer with the following text:

Call the Decline 2 Sign Hotline at 855-517-9437 to report circulator activity. It takes two minutes to do. You will be asked to leave a recording with the following information:

 The date and time you see activity
 The location (be as specific as possible)
 The number of petition circulators
 Your contact information if follow up is needed

There is no reason to collect this information unless they are planning on harassing petitions circulators who are exercising their Constitutional rights.

What can you do?
1) Call 855-517-9437 and tell the Union bosses what you think about their attempt to harass circulators.
2) Go to and request a petition.
3) Circulate petitions among your friends and family.

Together we can fight union intimidation and continue Michigan's comeback!"

Stay tuned...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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1 comment:

  1. Standard procedure and not surprising coming from the union crowd.

    Similar tactics were used against me several years ago when I was going door-to-door around my neighborhood with the Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom petition.

    Once they were tipped off on my being in the area, they would yell from the behind me while I was explaining to local residents regarding what the petition was all about.

    They would physically stand in my way and move side-to side in an attempt to block my path (and instigate a fight) when I walked from house to house.

    They also had someone shadowing us in the distance, no doubt recording what happened in order to make a good video clip to show what we "evil" Conservatives would do.

    Needless to say, I didn't give them the opportunity.

    Sadly, it did put a huge dent in the number of sigs I was able to obtain (when I wasn't being bothered, people were actually pretty receptive to the whole idea behind that petition).

    All I can recommend here to those gathering signatures is to watch what you say and do, because there is a very high probability that you are being recorded.

    Have someone with a video recorder at the ready to break off from you group should you be approached (Hint: they will not necessarily wear "LU #" anywhere on their person).

    These people have no qualms about getting physical. Don't play their game. Turn around, walk away and set up again at a later time and location.

    Yes, it is frustrating.

    But IMHO, it is better to be cautious, than to give any of these knuckleheads any ammunition to use against us.