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Mary Whiteford Leads Gamrat Replacement Buzz

Mary Whiteford, right, with son Ken
 By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Cindy Gamrat won a heated primary in August 2014, besting Mary Whiteford and Steve Schulz. Now Whiteford is the front runner to replace Gamrat if she resigns, and was always likely to challenge her regardless.

Whiteford released a statement Friday saying Gamrat disgraced her office, and that her heart goes out to the families involved.

":The people of Allegan County expect their elected officials to act with honesty and integrity. It's sad to see Cindy Gamrat disgrace the office of State Representative. Taxpayer funded offices and staff are supposed to be treated with respect and used to serve constituents. Allegan County residents deserve far better. My heart goes out to the families involved."

Mary Whiteford vacations at Disney with family

Whiteford is a nurse and has remained extremely involved in Allegan and statewide politics since losing to Gamrat last year. She has hosted a monthly speaking series in the district highlighting prominent female leaders in Michigan, she came close to winning the race for RNC Commiteewoman in May, and has been consistently advocating for veterans, mental health reform, and to stop human trafficking. Along with her husband Kevin, she also owns a successful financial business, Whiteford Wealth Management.

If Gamrat resigns and a special election takes place, others may jump in the race as well.

Allegan Twp. Sup. Steve Schulz

Steve Schulz came in third behind Gamrat and Whiteford and may decide he wants another chance to go to Lansing. Schulz is the longtime Supervisor of Allegan Township.

Storey with AG Bill Schuette

Jim Storey is an Allegan County Commissioner and West Michigan political consultant. There has been a flurry of speculation Storey may seek the Allegan County Clerk seat if Joyce Watts retires as many rumors have indicated. He could easily opt to run for the House seat instead.

Allegan GOP Chair Steve McNeal

Steve McNeal is the Chairman of the Allegan GOP. He immediately called for Gamrat to resign Friday and may decide to jump into the race if one develops. He is a local businessman and seems relatively popular in the district. He has been a member of the Allegan County Commission.

Dark horse candidates include:

Dr. Robert Genetski
Dr. Robert Genetski Sr. is a professor in the district and father of former State Rep. Bob Genetski, a popular legislator forced to leave because of term limits who held Gamrat's seat until this year. Genetski Sr. is also an author, consultant, and popular speaker.

Jon Campbell is an Allegan County Commissioner. He has been elected for two decades and has significant experience in the region, as well as some Lansing connections with groups like the Michigan Association of Counties that could prove very helpful.

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Mary Whiteford Leads Gamrat Replacement Buzz

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Where's Whiteford's vitriol about the SHAME brought on by the Establishment Republicans who embarrass the Republican Party voting for nearly every Democrat welfare and tax hike scheme pushed by Governor Rick Snyder and his lieutenant, Brian Calley?