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Courser And Gamrat Must Resign

Gamrat and Courser (Photo by Dale Young, Detroit News)

 By Brandon Hall
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Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat hit Lansing like a wrecking ball, speaking out against leadership of their own party, promoting their own "Contract For Liberty" legislation shortly before being sworn in, cultivating their own response to the Governor's State of the Union, posting their reason for every vote on Facebook...

Legislatively speaking, no other current Representatives have advocated for liberty based policies more fiercely and consistently than Courser and Gamrat. Outside of a controversial endorsement of Ronna Romney McDaniel for MIGOP Chair, they were immensely popular with grassroots conservatives all across the state. But something went wrong, very wrong.

Exacerbated by months of building drama and intense division over Prop 1-in a move instigated by Daniela Garcia and Al Pscholka-Cindy Gamrat was booted from the House GOP Caucus in mid April, another story WMP readers knew before anyone else. At the same time, longtime Courser hand and chief of staff Josh Cline abruptly quit without leaving for another position.

In the coming weeks, Prop 1 would be defeated by a historic 60% margin, and the controversy seemed to fade away. But it resurfaced the week after Prop 1 when Lansing began to buzz about a long rumored affair between Todd and Cindy that led to a dramatic scene at the Lansing Radisson involving the police, Gamrat, Courser, and one of their spouses.

A disgusting and explicit email targeting Courser sent the next week seemed to be the dirty work of a House Dems staffer who was responsible for false rumors about Gamrat and Courser in a Twitter account. However, WMP revealed July 9th that Courser himself wrote that email, and Graham and Allard were terminated in a "Saturday Night Massacre" like firing. I also discovered that the email was part of an extensive cover up of Courser's affair with Gamrat. (I discovered 100% confirmation of the affair a few weeks before that, while checking with multiple sources about the alleged Radisson incident.) Despite someone hilariously telling me "WMP is what happened when MIRS got drunk and high and hooked up with TMZ," I just did not have the heart to publish the affair. TMZ wouldn't have flinched.

Gamrat and Courser are good people. I know them both and truly value their contributions to Michigan, and for advocating the ideals of liberty and limited government. On a myriad of issues, no one defended them more than WMP.

However, having an affair while preaching about the sanctity of marriage, the extensive cover up, firing of quality staff, neglect of constituents, possible use of state resources in the scheme, detriment to families involved, missing votes to cover up liaisons...This is unacceptable, and the people of Lapeer and Allegan deserve better.

Resigning is not easy. I know first hand good people make mistakes and I firmly believe "every saint has a past and every saint has a future." Heck, who knows, Gamrat or Courser may even have a place in Michigan politics one day in the future-look at South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford. He resigned as Governor after a high profile affair and now sits in Congress just a few years later.

There is a time for all seasons, but now it is time Courser and Gamrat resign immediately. That will enable Gov. Snyder to call for a primary in November and the general in March of 2016 during the presidential primary. One of my favorite Bible verses tells me "there's a time for war and a time for peace." Gamrat and Courser are known fighters, but now is a time for peace.

In one of the recorded conversations with Graham, Courser referred to his false flag email as an "inoculation of the herd," referring to his supporters. What a betrayal of the trust of so many... Sorry, Todd- that's one vaccine we'll be passing on. When it comes to injecting Courser's needles of propaganda,  don't be a sheep in his twisted herd-be an "AntiVaxxer."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Man, Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds. You still claim these are "good people"? If they were Democrats, you'd be lighting the torches. Instead, you should abjectly apologize for claiming this was a Democratic smear--but you won't.

  2. Anonymous- you are partially correct... political hypocrisy knows no bounds. Both partys have their hands in the dung heap

    1. I don't recall Dems preaching their moral and religious superiority over the political opposition, inciting hatred against gays, preaching about the sanctity of their marriages on their websites, and then promptly getting each other off in a local hotel. That's real burn-in-the hell-of-your-own-making hypocrisy, right there.

    2. I don't recall Dems preaching their moral and religious superiority over the political opposition, inciting hatred against gays, preaching about the sanctity of their marriages on their websites, and then promptly getting each other off in a local hotel. That's real burn-in-the-hell-of-your-own-making hypocrisy, right there.

    3. My point was not to defend any Republican nor to denigrate any Democrat. It was to say that both parties are morally bankrupt. Can you understand that? Or have you drank too much Kool-aid?

    4. Nah, Repukes are worse cause they claim to be super moral, and they are way more perverse in private than any Dem could hope to be. C-perv and the Rat are prime examples.

    5. You've never heard of Eliot Spitzer? Anthony Weiner? John Edwards? Bill Clinton? Or Kwame Kilpatrick?
      Keep believing what you want to believe, stooge.

  3. I don't see how Todd could do this to his wife and kids. It's infuriating and heartbreaking.

    They betrayed the trust of their supporters and constituents. They need to resign now.

  4. Apparently the author WAS inoculated: "Gamrat and Courser are good people. I know them both and truly value their contributions....." Claiming two people whom legislate sadistic policies against its citizenry while being "dozens of trysts" depraved than anyone they blame for 'destroying families" whom are only hoping to empower their family.....are "good people" ??

    The vast amount of "values" people who covered up for these two horny "holier than thou" for months and months while they demeaned, berated and nuked others lives during campaigns and on the job is just another example of "Religion - the horrific paralyzing fear someone might be happy"

  5. What are the odds for Courser's future in politics now it is alleged he ran a chimo false flag during the primary to go with the alleged teh ghey $eks false flag to cover up for his alleged extrracurricular wick dipping?

    Will he need to perform a self crucifixion on the steps of the Capitol Building to solidify his inoculation of the herd?

    The state party seems to be in an embarrassing position. They may need to answer the who knew what and when did they know it types of questions. The coverup is usually worse than the actual crimes.

  6. Why should they resign? An affair is a private thing. It's none of anyone else's business, unless there are spouses.

    The Democrats would be doubling down now with a spin campaign protecting the perps. Because the two are "conservatives" they can't expect the Establishment to just shut up.