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Breaking: Detroit News Confirms WMP's Courser Email Story, Reveals Affair With State Rep. Cindy Gamrat

Courser, right, with Gamrat, left (Dale Young, Detroit News)

 >>>>>Warning: Explicit Sexual Content below...

By Brandon Hall
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 >>>False Flag? Sources: Courser Sent Controversial Email+House GOP Leadership Knows, No Longer Attends Caucus Meetings

Weeks ago, West Michigan Politics readers knew before anyone else when it was revealed in a WMP article that State Rep. Todd Courser had written a disgustingly explicit, " false flag" email and fired multiple staff members as part of a mysterious series of events underway in Lansing.

Though it was hinted at, out of respect for the families involved, WMP chose not to reveal that the reason behind the controversies was the attempted cover up of an affair between Courser and fellow State Rep. Cindy Gamrat.

WMP was blasted for the extremely controversial story by some, however, early Friday morning, Chad Livengood of the Detroit News confirmed Courser's authorship of the email, his firing of Ben Graham and Keith Allard, and spelled out what I just did not have the heart to reveal regarding the affair.

WMP can confirm Courser and Gamrat met dozens of times at the Lansing Radisson, just steps from the Capitol, for sexual trysts. No police were ever called for a domestic dispute though, contrary to what has been rumored by a Twitter account. 

Using audio recordings of Courser and Gamrat compiled by longtime Courser ally Ben Graham, the Detroit News has compiled a stunning expose of the controversial lawmakers.

Former Courser/Gamrat aides Keith Allard, second from right, and Ben Graham, far right

According to the article:

"State Rep. Todd Courser planned the distribution of a fictional email alleging he had sex with a male prostitute in a bid to conceal his relationship with Rep. Cindy Gamrat, according to audio recordings obtained by The Detroit News.

Courser, a Lapeer Republican, said on one recording the email was designed to create “a complete smear campaign” of exaggerated, false claims about him and Gamrat so a public revelation about the legislators’ relationship would seem “mild by comparison.”"

It continues:

"After House aide Ben Graham rejected Courser’s May 19 request to take a sick day on May 20 and send the mass email to Republicans across Michigan, he says he had duties removed in subsequent weeks. By early July, Courser fired Graham and Gamrat ended the employment of her aide, Keith Allard — about a month after giving them both pay raises — without explanation.

During the May 19 meeting, Courser instructed Graham to send rank-and-file Republicans across Michigan what he called “an over-the-top story that’s obscene about me.” It was designed, Courser said on the recording, to “inoculate the herd” — an apparent reference to Courser and Gamrat’s followers in the tea party movement.

“It will make anything else that comes out after that — that isn’t a video — mundane, tame by comparison,” Courser, a married father of four, told Graham...

The mass email calls Gamrat “a tramp” and claims she “has covered” for Courser “and her involvement is the real reason she was thrown out” of the House Republican caucus in April.

“In a controlled burn, you do a little bit of truth mixed in with a lot of lies,” Courser explained to Graham.
At one point, a cellphone began ringing and Courser identified the caller as Gamrat. The recording picked up Courser’s end of the conversation.

“Ben and I are sitting here,” Courser said. “He’s trying to, trying to mentally process everything I just told him.”

During the meeting, Courser wonders aloud whether someone has pictures, video or audio recordings of him and Gamrat."

>>>In a July 9 article, WMP wrote:

"Courser said he wouldn't respond to allegations. He told WMP ""I don't comment on baseless rumors until someone on the record brings evidence."

These issues come on the heels of Courser being spied on, contemplation of a Congressional bid, and complete turmoil in the office Gamrat and Courser share. The 3 key staffers they both utilized, Josh Cline, Keith Allard, and Ben Graham, have all left under mysterious circumstances. Though unconfirmed, the departure of Graham and Allard seems to be more "Saturday Night Massacre" than anything positive. Excuse my language (and I hate to say it, because both Reps have the heart for liberty and better government) but it appears the "shitwinds" are blowing strong-from Plainwell to Lapeer, a fire of some sort has been building. And with how strong the wind is blowing lately, the brushfire's on the verge of raging like a California wildifire."

As predicted, that wildfire is now indeed raging, folks. I feel like I am back in Cali...

Chad Selweski covered the issue, writing:

"But the strangest tale of all that has surfaced in the middle of this Tea Party Peyton Place is a claim that a crude, sexually explicit email that surfaced in May, making numerous allegations about Courser’s private life, was actually written by Courser. Essentially, the accusation is that the Lapeer Republican secretly wrote the email so that he could play the victim.  

Courser has not responded to all this drama and GOP officials have not confirmed that the legislator was the author of the message.  

According to WMP, House GOP leadership was given evidence that Courser sent the email on Friday, May 22. The message surfaced in the state Capitol just as rumors began to swirl that tried to link Courser and Gamrat romantically (both are married).

The profanity-laced email, apparently sent from a phony account, went much further, accusing Courser of indulging heavily in alcohol, drugs and illicit sex. It alleged that the ultraconservative lawmaker engaged in “male-on-male paid-for sex behind a prominent Lansing nightclub.”
WMP, attributing the explanation for this alleged bizarre incident to an anonymous House source, wrote that the scathing email was viewed as a “false flag” strategy, meaning that Courser supposedly wrote the email to make him look like the victim of an organized attempt to trash his reputation."

>>>Here is the controversial email in full:

(Warning: Explicit Sexual Content below...)

Sent: 5/20/2015 11:36:36 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Breaking Scandal - Todd Courser

Breaking Scandal!
State Rep Courser Caught behind a Lansing nightclub!
Christian conservative or Godless Addicted Monster!
Truth!!!! Courser secretly Removed from Caucus several weeks ago due to male on male paid for sex behind a prominent Lansing nightclub! Action soon coming to remove Courser! 

He is a bi-sexual porn addicted sex deviant!  All over Lansing since the election and that is why he was thrown out of caucus!
He is a FREAK! He is a gun toting bible thumping cock sucking freak! His whole personalit is a sham! He is a tool pawn of establishment
In past election he was accused of child molestation! And he done things that should have him in jail!
He doesn’t work in Lansing he is just there feeding his habit of alcohol drugs and illicity sex! Most days he is high stoned on drugs and alcohol while he is supposed to be voting at the state house!
Rep Gamrat Gamrat knew about it all along and has helped cover for his actions! has played along and been complicit in his sorted activities and has covered for him over and over and her involvement is the real reason she was thrown out! She shouldn’t have ever been trusted as state rep or national committeewoman she is a tramp, a lie, and a laugh for this bi-sexual cock sucking monster!
This Teabagger takes his title seriously! Moaning and groaning fucking and screwing man on man man on woman and whoever he can pay! Pictures and video youtube tell the hoel story and of all of his exploits behind night clubs and hotels at some of the best and worst places in Lansing with all the grinding hot and sweaty sex and drug use – it is too much to hide anymore he is a scam! 

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Breaking: Detroit News Confirms WMP's Courser Email Story, Reveals Affair With State Rep. Cindy Gamrat

False Flag? Sources: Courser Sent Controversial Email+House GOP Leadership Knows, No Longer Attends Caucus Meetings


Detroit News: Recordings: State rep asked aide to hide relationship

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics

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  1. I am saddened beyond belief to read this. I have long said that if Hillary can't trust Bill, why should we? Now the same goes for these two married people. We can no longer trust them.

  2. If these had been people opposed to your politics, you would not have hesitated to destroy them or their families. Hypocritical little creep. You are part of the problem, and by not exposing the truth, disgraced the First Amendment and the political process.

  3. Schadenfreude is best served piping hot.

    It is my guess that Cindy and Todd asked of themselves, and each other, many, many, many times over the past two years as to what Jesus would do (or, were they exclamations?) and they drew conclusions based upon their firmly held religious beliefs. They transcend hypocrisy.

  4. First things first. Where's the proof? Is this all innuendo to smear both of them? Have either of them responded to the allegations?

  5. I think they are the perfect legislators