Friday, June 19, 2015

Breaking: Courser Put Under Surveillance, Considering Congressional Campaign

State Rep. Todd Courser

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Todd Courser tells West Michigan Politics he is actively considering a run for Congress as multiple sources confirm the State Rep. has been under constant surveillance since taking office in January.

Is a seemingly orchestrated campaign smearing Courser and fellow legislator Cindy Gamrat related to the possible Congressional run? Wouldn't be a surprise...

A Twitter account from a House Dems staffer and articles from the liberal website Eclectablog have recently fueled a flurry of baseless rumors targeting Courser, along with a disgusting email sent by an unknown person. Establishment Republicans may be involved with the situation also, with donors/supporters receiving creepy calls pushing the attacks...

"I don't comment on baseless rumors until someone on the record brings evidence," Courser said of the situation.

Despite the baseless smear campaign, Courser may run for Congress in the 10th Congressional District to replace a retiring Candice Miller. He confirms what multiple sources have said.

"It is true, I am actively considering a run for Congress and have had multiple meetings over the last couple months about the possibility," Courser said.

In a shocking twist, multiple sources tell WMP Courser has been under constant surveillance since taking office in January.

"They follow him around Lansing and almost anywhere he goes, they know his emails, they know his texts, they have hours of videotape, they have anonymously threatened his kids and family, they have demanded his resignation by certain dates-it's pretty amazing."

WMP is working to get more info on the Courser surveillance scandal, threats made, a possible Congressional run, and much more...Stay tuned...


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. "Establishment Republicans may be involved with the situation also, with donors/supporters receiving creepy calls pushing the attacks..."

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    Of course the republican kakistocracy has a hand in this.

    One need look no further to the case of former Rep. Kerry Bentivolio and the role the republican star chamber had with his demise.

    Drafting an unwilling opponent after the fallout from the McCotter debacle.

    Threatening a write-in campaign after the primary.

    Dodging him for doing something as scandalous as actually adhering to the platform.

    Drafting another opponent in the last election who made a career of throwing people out of homes (including Veterans).

    If there is someone who "rocks the boat" or doesn't "play ball" while in office, they will be on the republican kakistocracy's radar.

    1. My only quibble with your take on things is that the "kakistocracy" (fun word, that) didn't have to "draft" Dave Trott.

      Trott really really REALLY wanted to run, to make that transition from backroom fundraiser to high office.

      He didn't pursue the write-in primary campaign in 2012 because of the risk he'd lose to Kerry Bentivolio, hurting his future prospects.

      So you got two years of Rep. Bentivolio, and now you've got Rep. Trott -- at least until 2018 when he probably runs for U.S. Senate or maybe Governor...and with his $200 million net worth, who's gonna stand in his way on the GOP side?

    2. There are several problems with the scenario that you've outlined:

      Problem #1, Why did the the (then) CD-11 republicans, ever need to dredge up Nancy Cassis at all, if Trott was ready, willing and able?

      LBP was one of he attendees at that meeting (he even said so himself). He personally KNOWS Trott via the political circles they travel in.

      Which leads into Problem #2.

      I'm going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess that Dave Trott owns a radio, TV and can read a newspaper.

      That whole republican star chamber meeting notwithstanding, there really wasn't much difference between the time he would have need to spend campaigning back when Bentivolio was the sole candidate and Trott eventually throwing his hat in the ring back in '14.

      He would've even had the backing of the republican kakistocracy during that first go around.

      So there was absolutely no "risk" in him throwing his hat into the ring during that first race.

      I agree with you 100% that until the Supremes get around to actually imposing an independent panel to draw out congressional districts, Trott is staying in that seat, regardless of how much $$$ he has in the bank, until he's good and ready to leave on his own.

      I highly doubt that he really wanted the US Senate. Trott could've easily mounted a campaign to stomp a mudhole in Gary Peters' "coronation" (this is the same guy almost lost an earlier race for a different office to Nancy Skinner of all people...and she didn't really spend anything!).

      Terri Lynn Land was ill-prepared, didn't have it in her and could've easily been "replaced" by the state republican kakistocracy should Trott have decided to run.


      Again, because of the way his district was created, along with (some) the skeletons coming out of Trott's closet, he'll not risk losing his cushy job in Congress.