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A New Low: House Dems, GOP Establishment Pushing Pathetic Gamrat/Courser Affair Rumors? (Warning: Explicit Content)

State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, left, with Rep. Todd Courser, right (photo by Dale Young, The Detroit News

>>>>>Warning: Explicit Sexual Content below...

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Todd Courser and fellow legislator Cindy Gamrat are the target of sickening smears recently, and a source tells WMP that the liberal site pushing the false rumors, "Eclectablog," is likely being fed by a staffer working for the Michigan House Dems. That staffer may be exposed imminently... Establishment Republicans may also be involved in spreading the rumor via immensely suspicious phone calls to Gamrat donors...

The rumor monger has also created a Twitter account, and WMP has obtained a graphic email the person sent to thousands of precinct delegates, media members, and even some Courser/Gamrat constituents.

The Twitter account utilizes insider lingo and pushes Dem friendly talking points multiple times, giving significant credence to the likelihood of a House Dem staffer as the culprit...It is definitely a political insider, just look at how they are begging MIRS and Gongwer to cover the story. .Who the account follows is also indicative of strong insider knowledge...

Also, in a shocking twist, WMP can confirm that Allegan County GOP activists have received phone calls pushing the smear...

"I received a call from an unlisted, untraceable number saying 'your girl Cindy is having an affair with Todd,' then the person just hung up," Andrew Geurink tells WMP.

Creepy....No wonder people don't want to run for office!

That makes me wonder if establishment Republicans are joining with the Dems in pushing this? Who knows... But such a call has establishment hands all over it, especially after Daniela Garcia was instrumental in Cindy Gamrat's purge from the House GOP Caucus...Geurink was a Gamrat donor, so someone is going through her fundraising filings and calling supporters to promulgate the lie. Dems have enough swing districts to worry about without engaging in the 80th...

Eclectablog claimed earlier this week that:

"The first rumor is probably the biggest potential bombshell if it turns out to be true. It involves Republican tea party state Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser. According to the rumor mill, the two of them were busted in a tryst at the Lansing Radisson Hotel last March by one of their spouses – supposedly Gamrat’s husband. Police were called after they created a disturbance. From what I’m hearing, the police report does not have the names of those involved and the information is coming from an employee of the Radisson who has, so far, declined to reveal their identity, making the rumor completely unsubstantiated at this point.

A recently-created Twitter account called “T Raddy” has been tweeting out snarky allegations with the hashtag #RomanceAtTheRaddy and #FirmlyInHisGrip. I’m also told multiple news outlets are pursuing the story.

What’s most interesting about this rumor is that both Republicans and Democrats seem equally eager for it to be proven true, showing that Gamrat and Courser have few allies in the state legislature. It was, apparently, a hot topic of conversation at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island last month."

But a WMP investigation of Lansing Police Department's CrimeMap records for 2015 shows police were never dispatched to the Radisson for any major reason. They did go however nearby for a vehicle break in, liquor violation, and building break in, all on the 20th and 21st of March while the legislature was not in session and out of town.

>>>Lansing Police tell WMP that though Police have been to the Radisson this year beyond the CrimeMap report, no records exist containing any type of police report of any kind involving Todd Courser, Joe Gamrat, or Cindy Gamrat. A FOIA request would not change that fact as they searched the records on request.

A phone call to the Lansing Radisson was not immediately returned.

>>>Below is a graphic email sent a little over 3 weeks ago. The email seems to be the first shot in this soap operaesque saga...  Since then, the Twitter and Eclectablog stories have popped up, and more may come...

Here is the email. 

Again, it is as graphic as it is abhorrent. It would be comical if the stakes weren't so high:

Sent: 5/20/2015 11:36:36 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Breaking Scandal - Todd Courser

Breaking Scandal!
State Rep Courser Caught behind a Lansing nightclub!
Christian conservative or Godless Addicted Monster!
Truth!!!! Courser secretly Removed from Caucus several weeks ago due to male on male paid for sex behind a prominent Lansing nightclub! Action soon coming to remove Courser! 

He is a bi-sexual porn addicted sex deviant!  All over Lansing since the election and that is why he was thrown out of caucus!
He is a FREAK! He is a gun toting bible thumping cock sucking freak! His whole personalit is a sham! He is a tool pawn of establishment
In past election he was accused of child molestation! And he done things that should have him in jail!
He doesn’t work in Lansing he is just there feeding his habit of alcohol drugs and illicity sex! Most days he is high stoned on drugs and alcohol while he is supposed to be voting at the state house!
Rep Gamrat Gamrat knew about it all along and has helped cover for his actions! has played along and been complicit in his sorted activities and has covered for him over and over and her involvement is the real reason she was thrown out! She shouldn’t have ever been trusted as state rep or national committeewoman she is a tramp, a lie, and a laugh for this bi-sexual cock sucking monster!
This Teabagger takes his title seriously! Moaning and groaning fucking and screwing man on man man on woman and whoever he can pay! Pictures and video youtube tell the hoel story and of all of his exploits behind night clubs and hotels at some of the best and worst places in Lansing with all the grinding hot and sweaty sex and drug use – it is too much to hide anymore he is a scam!  

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. This reminds me of the literal mudbog thrown at Herman Cain during the last presidential race.

    In the end, I didn't really care for any of the innuendo thrown about by media (which lowered itself to the level of the likes of the Weekly World News in the process), but only what was said by his wife Gloria.

    When she looked right at the camera and said that she didn't put any stock in those rumors, that settled the matter for me.

    The same hold true in this case. If Rep. Gamrat's husband hasn't mentioned anything to date, then I'm not giving this story very much credibility.

    I'd also be very much skeptical of anything written by 'He-who-shall-not-be-named" (I'm not giving this talentless hack and free clicks by mentioning him or his lame site by name). He may claim that he is a "journalist", but everything that I've seen on his site and those whom he surrounds himself with there lead me to think otherwise.

    I wouldn't put it past the republican kakistocracy to do something like this, but to the level they are going to make it seem that the d's have written it, it doesn't seem like their style. Even they realize that to do so would lower any credibility.

  2. Eclectablog's sponsors are a who's who of Michigan lefty groups.

    Maybe somebody should ask the Michigan Democrats, ACLU, Michigan Nurses Association, Progress Michigan, Planned Parenthood and AFSCME if they think it's appropriate they're sponsoring the promotion of a sexually related smear of a female leader in Michigan.

    A war on women, indeed.

    1. Given the fact that democrats are doing the Stevie Wonder-thing when it comes to anything B.J. Clinton had(/is) done(/doing) and the double-standard Pres. B.O. is getting on the issue of "pay equity", their hypocrisy doesn't really surprise me in the least.

    2. Interesting shots of Eclectablog's recent fundraiser before they get memory-holed:

      You have to wonder if former rep. (and future sec of state candidate?) Barb Byrum (pictured here at center at the fundraiser: has any comment on a fellow female lawmaker getting smeared in this crass sexual way via a blog she supports. Does she still support the people behind the smears?

      Eclectablog has quite the network of left-wingers behind it anonymously trashing principled conservative women like Gamrat.

  3. Well I got news for you,it wasn't a rumor,it turned out it's true,once again you're been fooled by your champions

  4. Hey, Jerkweed! Where's your apology to Michigan Democrats who you so cavalierly (and stupidly) accused of pushing these "rumors", now that we know the full story?

  5. Heh heh heh. Maybe Courser and Gamrat weren't in the real "God-ordained" marriages they blathered about, eh? Karma can be a real baitch.
    Actually, that good ol'-time religion allowed marriages between one man, three or four women and their sisters, aunts and cousins, and as many concubines as the wealthy goat-herders could afford.

  6. I can't really blame the guy for being snookered. I mean, would it ever occur to anyone that someone would send an email like that himself, in order to cover up an affair? It's too bizarre. But surely the blogger will now apologize. Waiting.....

  7. We shouldn't forget why their actions are sinful; two spouses and six children have been betrayed by their spouses and their parents. There is no cause for celebration, only a sadness for all of them.

  8. In my opinion the blogger has made amends by exposing all the sordid details that the Michigan Republican Party apparently wanted to keep secret.

    The blogger is probably glad that he included a question mark at the end of the headline to this post.

  9. Poor Lifelong Political Nerd Brandon Hall got fooled by Todd Courser. #Reputation