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DISGUSTING: State Board Of Ed Declares WAR On Homeschoolers, Backs Chang Bill

By Brandon Hall
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In a 5-1 vote Tuesday, the State of Michigan's Board Of Education declared war on homeschoolers, backing Democrat State Rep. Stephanie Chang's disgusting "homeschool surveillance" legislation.

The board's sole Republican present, Dr. Richard Zeile, spoke out against the resolution and voted against it. The other Republican, Eileen Weiser, was unable to attend due to a family event-she also vigorously opposes the resolution and blasted it in an email to fellow board members.

According to Jacob Kanclerz of MIRS, the State Ed Board supported a statement "that would throw support behind Rep. Chang's bill to create a homeschooled children registry."

You may recall a few weeks ago WMP wrote about the "War on Homeschoolers" some are using a tragedy to wage.

WMP wrote:

"After two Detroit area children died at the hands of their Mother, a legislator  in the area wants to use the tragedy to pass new regulations on home schooled students. State Senator Phil Pavlov blasted the bill, saying it's an attempt to bully home schoolers and he won't even give it a hearing.

I met with some home schooled students in Lansing last week, and I can tell you, the home school community is immensely concerned about this legislation. It's quite disappointing to see this attack on home schoolers, and attached to a tragedy nonetheless? Disgusting.

State Rep. Stephanie Chang

The bill, State Rep. Stephanie Chang, would require at least two visits annually with a child from a number of entities the parents would be forced to choose from."
The Detroit News also chimed in, writing:

"The Republican author of the West Michigan Politics blog labeled Chang’s bill a “WAR on HomeSchoolers.”

State Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township, wrote an open letter Monday to all “Michigan parents” vowing to make sure Chang’s bill never sees “the light of day” in his Senate Education Committee.

Pavlov, who is running for Congress next year, accused Chang of trying to “exploit Stoni and Stephen’s tragic deaths as an excuse to impose new regulations on loving, committed, and law-abiding Michigan families”

“Let’s be clear – this legislation would not have stopped Ms. Blair from killing her children,” Pavlov wrote. “Blair was willing to break every law on the books, and routinely and effectively lied for years to hide her crimes.”"

The legislation reads, in part:

"if a child is being educated at home, the child's parent or legal guardian shall ensure that all of the following are met:

(a) The child meets in person at least twice a year with a physician, licensed social worker, physician's assistant,individual employed in a professional capacity in any office of the friend of the court, school counselor or teacher, audiologist,psychologist, law enforcement officer, marriage and family therapist, member of the clergy, or regulated child care provider.

(b) The parent or legal guardian maintains and makes available upon request records of the meetings required under subdivision(a), including signed documentation from the individual meeting with the child."

Of note: "The real kicker to this whole saga is that inspections wouldn’t have even helped stop this particular tragedy. For example, the mother had already been investigated by the state for child abuse in 2002 and 2005. The state’s response was to refer her to counseling. Disaster was not averted despite her already being on the state’s radar."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. Representative Chang is stereotyping. A dishonest practice. She is also acting on the premise that homeschoolers are to be presumed guilty and must prove their innocence (a profoundly un-American notion) to her by being examined by all knowing, all caring government. Her constituents need to vote her out of office next election.

  2. I am a minister (clergy) homeschool parent- and let me tell you, if this passes- homeschoolers WILL be hurt drastically! I am more than willing to help those families with the proposed mandated inspections- but I am NOT in support of this legislation- and I lean more democratic in my politics- but this is horrendous! That woman would have done anything in her power to hurt those children, no matter what legislation was in effect. CPS (Child Protective Services) in Michigan is ALREADY attacking families that homeschool- by stealing their children and making claims of neglect on parents- one of which is my own neighbor, someone I guided and taught how to homeschool- and I saw his children DAILY- never were they neglected! This NEEDS to be halted immediately!

  3. Dr. Richard ZeileJune 10, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    The vote was actually 5-1 on a voice vote, there being only 6 board members present at that time. My Republican colleague, Eileen Weiser would have voted against it, and my Democrat colleague, Cassandra Ulbrich would have voted for it. Mrs. Weiser attended the morning portion of the meeting but had to leave after lunch to attend her son's graduation, so she was not present when the issue was discussed or voted.

  4. A state representative that shouldn't see another term!

  5. I am not from Michigan but I am concerned on the constant attack on the individual and families in this country. I am from the older generation and perhaps we are less intrusive of others business than persons of Changs age group. The nanny state is scary- someone needs to educate Chang on these issues- perhaps she needs some common sense home schooling....instead of bullying.