Friday, September 18, 2015

Breaking: Mackinac DRAMA: Top Rubio Leader Tries To Hit John Yob In The Face After Trying To Whip Straw Poll Support

Rich Beeson (USA Today)

By Brandon Hall
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Rich Beeson is Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s Deputy Political Director. Beeson may want to learn how to control his alcohol.
As I was sitting at the bar talking to someone at Horn’s in Mackinac Island Thursday night, I witnessed Beeson suddenly, out of nowhere, approach one of Rand Paul’s advisers, John Yob-unprovoked-and try to hit him. Beeson missed a full on shot but still struck Yob’s in the face with a powerful blow near the jaw.
Police were summoned by Horn’s workers after the fight dispersed. Beeson has been banned from Horn’s by the owner and is no longer welcome in the establishment.

There is no word on whether Beeson will be criminally charged. Yob is a top adviser to Sen. FRand Paul.

Beeson was heard trying to whip votes on behalf of Rubio for the Mackinac Straw Poll at the bar throughout the night before he assaulted Yob. WMP recorded part of the incident but is working to obtain another video that is more high quality-stay tuned. 
Beeson was Mitt Romney's national political director.
According to Politico:

"Rich Beeson, a Republican operative, will be Rubio’s deputy campaign manager. Beeson, who previously worked as a political director for the Republican National Committee and founded a voter contact firm, in 2012 also served as political director for then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney."
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


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  2. The THUG MENTALITY of RINOs in the GOP is alive and well.

    Don't debate ideas. Punch, cheat, lie, extort, intimidate, bend parlimentarian's ok of your candidate wins, not matter how awful his ideas are. And how's that working out? Just like Harry Browne said it would. The GOP takes us to hell only a little slower than the Democrats.

    The GOP is self destructing, deservedly so.

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  4. Police were summoned by Horn’s workers after the fight dispersed. Beeson has been banned from Horn’s by the owner and is no longer welcome in the establishment.

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