Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WMP Readers React To Hughes/Weiser Email

Ron Weiser

 By Brandon Hall  
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Reactions came in via facebook, email, twitter and a number of mediums after last night's story showing the controversial Ron Weiser email from Norm Hughes. Hughes has not provided a comment.

Breaking: WMP Obtains Email Showing Controversial Anti-Weiser Comments From Norm Hughes

Hughes supporter Regina Brim, herself Jewish, defended Hughes:

"Nice try, Brandon. Amazing..only 4 days before the state convention and you trot out a so called "credible source" who suddenly comes up with an e-mail that is supposed to put us all in shock and awe as you put you own particular spin on it.Well I happen to be a Jew. I know Norm Hughes and his impressive grassroots background. He's a man of integrity that gets things done, while other people only complain. By the way, he's as gracious a man as one could hope to work with and he's no anti-semite! You might want to ponder the term calumny. Apparently they didn't teach you about that in journalism school (or maybe they did and you got an A+.) Thank you for making your real intentions towards Norm's GOP chairmanship and your character abundantly clear to all."

Steve Mackie wrote:

"Controversial Anti-Weiser Comments" You've got to be kidding. I don't see a controversy. He has questioned Wieisers motivations and methods, what is controversial about that? Maybe some disappointment with Scott and the Christian Coalition. So What! This is politically correct nonsense."

Others disagreed. Mindy Bowen Fernandes said:

"Sorry. Yes things are said during a hard fought battle. But not calling people out for being a "Jew" and using that as a derogatory statement. I didn't like weisers heavy handed campaign tactics. But I would never tie them to him being Jewish. Bigotry allows stereotypes to be accepted for all. I prefer to see people based on how they act representing themselves. Not on labels determined by somebody else."
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.  
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  1. Whoa there Mindy, pull back the reins of that high horse you rode in on.
    Mindy is a perfect example of what’s wrong with PC thinking. She has done to Norm the exact thing she accuses him of doing to Ron.
    It is your PC thinking that smacks of Bigotry Mindy. “calling people out”, “derogatory statement”, it’s all in YOUR head.

    “They can’t sell the tickets. It features Ron Weiser, a Jew as MC of the Christian Coalition Dinner they were trying to get $45+ for. It was a bust.”

    Sarcasm is not bigotry.

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