Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking: "Ronna Will Win On The First Ballot," Insider Says

Ronna Romney McDaniel

 By Brandon Hall   
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A top source tells WMP that they are familiar with polling data showing Ronna Romney McDaniel receiving approx. 55% of the vote and she is therefore in a position to score a win during the first round of voting. 

L.G. Calley received approx.62% of the vote against Wes Nakagiri last August, subsequently winning in the first round. They say they also predicted that race within 4%...Romney McDaniel would replace a retiring Bobby Schostak as the leader of the MI GOP....

The race has gotten quite lively this week, to say the least...

WMP's poll showed Ronna leading a close race. Norm Hughes and Kim Shmina have both claimed they are ahead.

Look for a poll from MIRS tonight and possibly others.

Tomorrow, we will release our delegate guide for the convention featuring lots of info directly from the candidates themselves-stay tuned!

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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