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Huizenga Gets It Right On Hager Park Sign Controversy

Rep. Bill Huizenga

 By Brandon Hall  
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In December, West Michigan Politics broke the news that the sign in Hager Park was removed before anyone else-check that story out HERE.

Thanks to the hard work of Ottawa County Commissioner Dennis VanDam and a few others, the sign will be restored after a County Commission vote last month.

Dennis VanDam
It is worth noting that Rep. Bill Huizenga spoke out in favor of restoring the sign, sending staffer Matt Kooiman to the Commission meeting to read a statement.

The statement basically said that the County should restore the sign, noting that the County has made good fiscal decisions and can afford a lawsuit-the sign is worth fighting for.

You can check out Huizenga's letter in full below.
Hager Park sign

Anyone who reads WMP knows that Bill Huizenga isn't exactly our favorite person, and that's being charitable.

However, Huizenga showed guts when he asked commissioners to ignore their lawyer, Doug VanEssen, and subsequently fight for the sign. Huizenga didn't have to do anything-he didn't have to lift a finger in support of the Hager Park sign. But he did. And he should get credit for that.

"We must show that there are those willing to fight for our beliefs and not cave to the pressure," Huizenga wrote.

We will continue to shed light on Congressman Huizenga and his activities, but that does not mean Huizenga shouldn't be applauded when he shows leadership on an important issue.

For probably the first time since since he voted against the NDAA, I was proud of my Congressman.

>>>Actually, I take that back. Huizenga spending time in Grandville last fall to commemorate the life of Ryan Fischer was laudable.

"At halftime, U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga and Grandville Mayor Steve Maas presented the Fischer family with the Black Lion Award on Ryan’s behalf. It is a national award in memory of West Point All-American football player Don Holleder. Ryan is the first person to receive the award posthumously, according to the Black Lions."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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