Friday, February 20, 2015

MIGOP Chair Race: The Courser/Gamrat Double Standard

By Brandon Hall   
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Much has been said about the race for Michigan Republican Party Chair-it's about to be in the delegates hands...

Last night, many were stunned by State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat endorsing Ronna Romney McDaniel for Chair. They have subsequently been blasted on Facebook by some of their most passionate supporters.

Gamrat's son Joey took to Facebook to defend Courser and Gamrat, writing:

"So because somebody endorses the candidate "you" feel Is not the "conservative" in the race... It means they were paid off?? Really? How does one get to decide the other is wrong for their endorsement?
Instead of jumping to the conclusion "they must have been bought out, that's the only reason they would've endorsed that person" maybe you should look deeper. What if there is something you don't know about the other candidates?

If we are jumping to conclusion, does that mean everyone who endorsed Norm were "bought out" and those that supported Kim were bought out by her as well? Come on people. Really?
People see candidates, humans, actions, and statements all differently. Your not telling me that the way you view them is the "only" way to view them are you?"

Under the latest "litmus test," Courser and Gamrat are now sellouts, fake Conservatives no longer friends to liberty.

Just a few hours ago, the "litmus test" was whether one supported a taxpayer funded 2016 GOP Presidential primary. Even Courser used the phrase to describe the vote. The same people who hours before lauded that claim-some of those folks threw Courser under the bus without batting an eye, just for the Romney endorsement.

Just a few days before, the litmus test was Dave Agema support. If it's not primaries, Agema, or the Chair race, it's always something. Every week or month, something comes up and if one doesn't share the same views, you are a "fake conservative." I am so damn sick of it.

I remember though, not too long ago, a race with a strong establishment Chair candidate running against a passionate grassroots champion. The "establishment" candidate was Bobby Schostak, the grassroots champ? Courser. Wes Nakagiri endorsed the establishment...How quickly, though, was Nakagiri forgiven when he later announced he would run against Calley?

The same people who attack Courser and Gamrat supported Nakagiri. I am sure they'll forgive Courser and Gamrat soon enough. Especially when they are reminded of some of Lansing's more statist figures...

The chair race has been dramatic this week-sometimes it's loked a lot like a Jerry Springer episode. We even saw shades of "Law and Order" when allegations over extortion came out.

With a win tomorrow, Ronna Romney will not just take over the Michigan Republican Party, she'll take the torch from Uncle Mitt. Ronna's takeover of the Romney Empire starts this weekend. Mitt's done-she's the future.

Kim Shmina and Norm Hughes have other plans-they hope to score an upset. Best of luck to all.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics. >>>Email him at 

Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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