Monday, February 16, 2015

RTL Blasts Brandon Dillon, Calls Him Out For False Abortion Info In MLive Op/ed

This opinion piece appears at MLive.Com  

By Genevieve Marnon
State Representative Brandon Dillon has made a very public statement about his "evolution" from being prolife to being pro-choice. In his editorial, "Rep. Brandon Dillon: Why I'm now pro-choice on abortion," Dillon uses the example of prolife laws as justification for abandoning his prolife values.

While he is entitled to his opinion, I would like to evaluate what was written regarding the Michigan laws he noted.

GeneveiveMarnon_2015_RLM.jpgGenevieve Marnon

Dillon stated that a 2012 law requiring the licensing and inspection of abortion clinics was "nothing more than an attempt to harm women." For 40 years abortion businesses in Michigan were allowed to operate unchecked by the state which resulted in horrific conditions at some. In truth, that law shut down the unsafe abortion businesses and brought health standards to those abortion businesses remaining. Let's be clear, health standards do not harm women.

An additional reason for his change of heart was because of an ultrasound bill. He claims that ultrasounds are "humiliating and invasive." A pregnant woman, who seeks an abortion or maintains a pregnancy, undergoes an ultrasound. I am surprised that a harmless medical procedure would cause him to now believe unborn babies no longer deserve legal protection.

Lastly he claims that the 2013 law making abortion coverage in health insurance plans optional was so "extreme" that it would deny coverage for miscarriages. The law clearly states that treatment of miscarriages isn't included in the definition of elective abortion. The text of this Michigan law can be found in Public Act 182 of 2013 section 11 (a)(iii).

Change positions if you like, but please don't offer deceptive information as cover for your decision.

Genevieve Marnon is public affairs associate with Right to Life of Michigan.

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