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Breaking: Courser And Gamrat Endorsing Romney

Cindy Gamrat, left, with son Joey

 By Brandon Hall   
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State Representatives Gamrat and Courser made waves Thursday night endorsing Ronna Romney McDaniel for MIGOP Chair.


Regarding the MIGOP Chair/ Vice Chair Race - As a State Representative, the majority of my time is focused on serving my district and working on legislation that promotes liberty and protects the taxpaying citizens of Michigan, however, I still have involvement in the Michigan grassroots/TEA Party movement and interest in State Party politics. Because of my involvement around the state, I have been asked by a number of people who I will be voting for for State Party Chair. After having ran for Vice-Chair at the last convention, I know what a difficult weight and endeavor it is for those in the race, and my prayers and appreciation go out to each of them for stepping up to the plate to this challenge on.

I have friends within the grassroots who are supporting each of the candidates, Dr. Kim Shmina, Norm Hughes, and Ronna Romney McDaniel and I believe each candidate brings something different to the table. As a party we have a lot of room for improvement in messaging our values of limited government and individual liberty and responsibility. We also have a lot of work ahead for us in putting an organization together which leads the way in technology and most importantly, embracing the grassroots power base we have in Michigan. After assessing all the candidates in the race, I have decided I will be supporting Ronna Romney McDaniel and Jeff Sakwa for Chair and Vice-Chair.

Ronna has been accessible and open to honest dialogue about the issues our party faces today. She has presented a well-thought-out plan that focuses on outreach, youth, and positive messaging about the core values of the Republican Party platform. She has not dodged the tough questions, and she brings a fresh approach to solving some of the issues that have plagued our party for many years. Ronna also has business experience of managing large portfolios and clients and the passion, energy, and enthusiasm to tackle the tough job ahead of her.

I also believe the Vice-Chair candidate Jeff Sakwa brings great assets to this ticket. Jeff has a tremendous heart for serving and has built a legacy of leading by example in serving his community. Jeff has a passion for youth which is going to be essential in sustaining our party and allowing us to compete with the Democrats. I believe this ticket brings the best opportunity in that area. Jeff has built up an incredible network over the years and relationships throughout both the grassroots and the party that run deep.

I believe Ronna and Jeff offer the best combination of opportunity for a fresh start with a new approach and a focus on youth and outreach, qualities our party desperately needs. As with any candidates, once elected, they need to be encouraged to stay the course and held accountable when they waver.

I have one last thought about the other candidates. I have known Marian Sheridan to be a stalwart warrior for the conservative cause, working hard behind the scenes, not for glory or praise but to advocate for the principles of liberty and freedom. Marian is someone who I believe has shown herself to be true through her actions and she is someone I could also support.

May God cover and guide all the victors and candidates in the races at convention, regardless of the outcome. May He have His hand upon the delegates, the process, and in traveling mercies for us all. And may He renew a love and passion for liberty and freedom in our state and nation once again!
See you at convention!

With Firm Reliance on Divine Providence,

P.S. I have also endorsed Wendy Lynn Day for Grassroots Vice Chair. Wendy was involved in organizing the first ever TEA Party Rally in Michigan and I look forward to seeing her hard work ethic and enthusiasm continue in grassroots outreach around the state.

Todd Courser (Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson/Kenneth A. Ration)


 People keep asking me when I am going to come out with my traditional non endorsement endorsement; a whole hearted endorsement is a really high bar that I rarely offer up; well it has been a really fast and hard week and I just haven't had a chance to weigh in on all things Republican Party convention; it has also been hard to really go thru this idea of electing a new state party chair, this for me is due to my own personal connection to this position and how that run for chair last time changed and affected my own personal life in some really profound ways; God brought me to that moment and thru that moment for His purposes that are still even today being manifested; most know the story sort of, but I can tell you it was one of the hardest personal choices and events in my life; I really would like to see good sound solid conservative principled leadership in the chairman's position, but my fight now at this moment is to bring a voice to all things conservative within the state house and I have to make sure I am focused on that task for the conservative cause wholeheartedly and I am; it's just where God has me; I can only comment on where I would like to see our state party; I know many have lost faith in where our party is headed, but for me my heart and soul still believe the party is the people and that it can be that strong fast bulwark against tyranny and a powerful voice for conservatism; it is with all that in the background that I write this tonightjust to give you my thoughts on the chairmans's race; I have looked at all three of the candidates for state party chair and each has their own set of gifts, talents, accomplishments and deficits; none is that perfect mix of conservative street cred, forging experiences, a true workable plan, and the ability to implement it; I have friends in the cause who are supporting all three candidates for chair and I can't thank each candidate enough for their sacrifice and their contributions of offering their talents to the party; I really respect each candidate for even throwing their hats into this God awful ring to help bring sound leadership to our party; for me there are a couple of things that stand out, first I don't feel a spiritual kindredness or kinsmanship to any of them, this would of course have been a first criteria to consider; so secondly I then look to the other attributes that might give me some insight or ability to discern how the party might look under their leadership, thirdly I looked to their conservative credentials (this is a key component for me but it does not stand alone without the ability to implement and administer a sound plan for the party), also the ability and willingness to message out our core republican values and platform; finally I am left with simply assessing each as to what I know of them, their pasts, their personal qualities to be able to do the job of the chair (it is one hell of a job) that has huge implications for the next election cycles and beyond; my decision did not come easy or lightly, but I am completely convinced that of the choices we are presented with there is no real choice, Ronna Romney McDaniel is the best option and the best choice for our party for this moment; I will be casting my vote for her this weekend; all will make their choice this weekend and I respect each for their willingness to be a part of choosing new leadership, my prayers go out to each who will be at convention this weekend that God would bless our efforts to preserve the republic as we choose not only a new chair but also so many other vital positions for our party; if you are still questioning whom to cast your vote for this weekend I would encourage you to vote for her. God bless and have a great weekend!

PS if I have time tomorrow I may run through some of the other positions and give you my thoughts on each for your consideration

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics. >>>Email him at 

Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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