Tuesday, February 3, 2015

McNeilly Makes Waves On "Off The Record", Says He Opposes Road Package, Snyder Violated Campaign Finance Act At State of the State

Greg McNeilly

By Brandon Hall

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Greg McNeilly, head of the Michigan Freedom Fund, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Education Project, and the chief political adviser for Dick DeVos, appeared on "Off The Record" with Tim Skubick Friday, and he had a few noteworthy things to say.

The interview, available in full HERE, spanned a wide range of topics with McNeilly, who remains controversial in some Tea Party circles. It's definitely worth checking out.

McNeilly said that Governor Snyder likely broke Michigan's Campaign Finance Act law at his "State of the State" address when he encouraged a "yes" vote on the May 5th Roads package.

He said the issue is not a huge deal nor a federal case, but that Secretary of State Johnson should follow the law, and that campaign finance enforcement in Michigan has long been horrendous.

McNeilly also said he will vote against the proposal....

When asked what sunk "Elliott-Larsen" reforms, McNeilly candidly said it was concerns over including the transgender population.


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