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Don't Talk About Other Republicans, They Said...(Don't Believe Lies About WMP!)

WMP calls out Marky Mark and Susan Demas in an October 2014 article

By Brandon Hall
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Don't criticize other Republicans they said...

But what if Republicans act like what we characterize Democrats as? What if Republicans behave in a way that we would BLAST Dems for-the ‪#‎MeekhofSenateBuilding‬ and the rule change restricting public and media access to the Senate for example? 

Should we "Shutup!" just because of the party affiliation? What about putting Michigan-and America-first? What about our kids, who will be left with the bill for the #MeekhofSenateBuilding and other Lansing pet projects while we dine and dash?

Those who say to put party over country leave me puzzled and perplexed. 

I happen to think our kids-and future generations of Michiganders and Americans-are FAR more important than an "R" by people like Arlan Meekhof's name and I will never stop speaking out when I know GOP leadership is not actually representing the people who elected them. I will speak out about an issue on its merits, not because of some twisted "Cult of Personality and Party" that too often drives our system.

As a result, a lot of different lies are making their way around regarding WMP. Tons, actually. Don't believe them.

Some have said we are tools for State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. An absolute lie.

When Courser was out of line in an attack on Mary Whiteford, he was called out.

>>>Courser Disappoints With Attack On Whiteford And Berden


And when it was clear Kathy Berden was headed for victory in the weeks leading up to the RNC Committeewoman vote, WMP didn't sugarcoat that fact and prop Gamrat up: 

Berden Leading RNC Race?  

WMP Projects Kathy Berden Will Win RNC Race


WMP has recognized that Gamrat could perhaps make slight improvements in some areas of caucus etiqutte, yet throwing her out in a purge is like shooting someone in the head because they spit on you. (And It's time to bring her back, Mr. Speaker.)

Also, NO other media outlet defended Rick Snyder more than WMP. As Nolan Finley was blasting Snyder and taking cheap shots at his campaign team (while Susan Demas was off in the Twilight Zone...) WMP wrote:

>>>Demas and Finley Want A "Rockstar" Governor...But Where In The HELL Did That Get Michigan Previously?!


>>>Schauer Ducks Media After Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Debate 

>>>MIRS and Gongwer Pick Up WMP's Story Regarding Racist Anti-Snyder Ad, Team Snyder Calls Ad "Desperate, Baseless Lies"

>>>How To Get Away With Murder (Granholm/Schauer Style)


WMP has also called Snyder out when needed, like his disappointing and controversial pardon. 

>>>Freaky Friday: #PardonGate Could Cause Irreparable Harm To Governor Snyder's "Nerd Brand"

Some have said WMP promotes the "gay agenda." Huh? Interesting, given I oppose Elliot-Larsen and think the government should get out of marriage-leave churches alone as we did for over 100 years since the founding of America. Gay agenda? Sounds like a BS phrase without any foundation to me... #Ignorant

Some have said I never say good things about people like Arlan Meekhof and Bill Huizenga, yet when they are correct, they get credit for it. Meekhof on prevailing wage, and Huizenga for his leadership on the Hager Park sign and consistent volunteer work with people like Ryan Fischer's family.

>>>Meekhof Gets It Right On Prevailing Wage 

 >>>Huizenga Gets It Right On Hager Park Sign Controversy

Those are just some of the most frequent lies and distortions-I won't even get into the others. As we head into another big election cycle, and WMP continues to break news stories while shining light on topics that Michiganders have been kept in the dark on...look for the lies to continue. I expect they will be ramped up in a very serious way, actually. Don't believe them.

WMP's purpose has always been described as:

"West Michigan Politics aims to enliven political discussion through links, original articles, opinion pieces, and more. Focusing on West Michigan, but covering state and national stories as well. They're all connected! Follow us on Twitter! @wmipolitics"

That will continue, even if some don't like it.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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