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Just Say NO: From Amash To Schuette, Who Opposes Prop 1?

A Macomb resident gives his thoughts after a series of seemingly suspiciously  timed bridge closings in Macomb County...

By Brandon Hall

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Proposal One may be an immensely divisive issue in Lansing, where legislators have even been told not to wear buttons opposing the proposal, but the rest of Michigan has just about made up their mind. A WXYZ Detroit poll Thursday shows what polls have showed for months-Prop 1 is headed for an epic defeat, possibly losing by a 30% margin. Now it's all about who shows up May 5th-take nothing for granted.

Also, in an off year, special, May election, your voice will count more than just about any time, so get out and VOTE! And did you know that your Clerk will be open tomorrow, Saturday, and you can go, request a ballot, and vote immediately on the spot if you expect not to be able to vote Tuesday? >>>CLICK HERE to find your clerk for more info.

Here is a list courtesy of David Yardley of Berrien County of some of the groups and individuals across Michigan who think it's a bad idea to basically double the gas tax, as well as raise the sales tax on hardworking families from 6% to 7%. All this in a proposal sold as road bill, yet only roughly half the money actually goes to roads...

If Prop 1 fails, it is undoubtedly a  strong message from Michiganders-a mandate-that Lansing needs to get back to work immediately on May 6th and prioritize existing resources to deliver Michigan families the safe roads they expect and deserve.

On DUTY: One of Prop 1's most prominent elected foes, Attorney General Bill Schuette celebrates his 2010 victory with son Will and family


Michigan Young Republicans
Allegan County Republican Committee
Antrim County Republican Party
Arenac County Republican Party
Benzie County Republican Party
Cheboygan Tea Party
Eaton County Republican Party (unanimous)
Emmett County Republican Party
Genesse County Republican Party
Grand Traverse Republican Party
Gratiot County Republican Party
Houghton County Republican Party
Iosco County Republican Party
Kalkaska County Republican Party
Lake County Republican Party
Livingston County Republican Party
Macomb County Republican Party
Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC)
Mason County Republican Party
Oakland County Republican Party
Otsego County Republican Party
Presque Isle Republican Party
Saginaw County Republican Party
St. Clair County Republican Party
Tuscola County Republican Party
Washtenaw County Republican Party
Wayne 12th Congressional District Republican Committee
Greater West Bloomfield Republicans - GWBR

1st Congressional District Republican Committee
5th Congressional District Republican Committee (unanimous)
7th Congressional District Republican Committee
8th Congressional District Republican Committee (unanimous)
9th Congressional District Republican Committee (unanimous)
10th Congressional District Republican Committee
11th Congressional District Republican Committee
12th Congressional District Republican Committee
13th Congressional District Republican Committee (unanimous)
14th Congressional District Republican Committee

Anti Prop 1 Activist Cindy Duran poses with a "Vote No" sign as she gives an interview to a local media outlet

Numerous other organizations have made official statements opposing Proposal 1, including:

Allegan County Tea Party
Berrien County TEA Party
Berrien County Conservatives
6th District Conservatives
Conservative Republicans of Michigan
Constitutional Conservatives (Calhoun County)
Blue Water Tea Party
Ionia County Tea Party
Lakes Area Tea Party
Lapeer County Tea Party
Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition (Medefco Tea Party)
Michigan Conservative Union
Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
Michigan Sons of Liberty
National Federation of Independent Business - Michigan
Platform Republican Caucus
Rattle With Us Tea Party
UpRight Michigan PAC
Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc
Green Party of Michigan (GPMI)

State Rep. Lee Chatfield


Attorney General Bill Schuette
Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema
Darwin Lane Jiles Jr.- Ethnic Vice Chair Michigan Republican Party
Former State Rep. Tom McMillin The Chairman of Concerned Taxpayers
Cindy Koroch Duran, Publisher - Core Principles MI
Brandon Hall, Managing Editor, West Michigan Politics
Joey Gamrat, state liberty activist
Mike Hewitt, Chair, Michigan 2nd District Republican Committee
Gary G. Munson, President and Founder of Barry County TEA Party
Stephan Ohsowski, Former MIGOP Field Manager, Midland County Precinct Delegate
David Yardley, Social Media/Marketing - Core Principles MI; Berrien County TEA Party
State Rep. Cindy Gamrat
State Rep. Todd A. Courser
Representative Gary Glenn
State Rep. Tom Hooker
Representative Dr. John Bizon
State Rep. Lee Lee Stephanie Chatfield
State Representative Lana Theis
State Rep. Henry M. Vaupel
State Rep. Aaron Glenn Miller
State Rep. Peter Lucido
State Rep. Jim Runestad
State Sen. Jack Brandenburg
State Senator Joe Hune
State Senator Patrick Colbeck
Congressman Justin Amash

Paul Mitchell, center, joins a number of Anti Prop 1 activists to give a "thumbs down" to a "Safe Roads Yes!" ad outside of the Capitol on Tax Day (Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson)
Ballot Committees/Organizations

Say NO to Higher Taxes & Special Interest Deals
Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan
No to Michigan Tax Increase in May 2015
Protect Michigan Taxpayers - No Sales Tax Increase

-------If you or your group would like to be added to the list, Facebook David Yardley by CLICKING HERE then sending him a message. If you do NOT have a Facebook or can't connect there, email This post will be updated nightly.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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