Friday, May 1, 2015

PISSEDolka: Pscholka Attacks Gamrat, Says Her "15 Minutes Of Fame Are Over"

State Rep. Al Pscholka (Twitter)

By Brandon Hall
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WMP recently revealed it was State Representatives Al Pscholka and Daniela Garcia who led the charge to purge fellow legislator Cindy Gamrat from the caucus-now Pscholka can no longer contain his hatred for Gamrat.

Pscholka told Chad Livengood of the Detroit News that "Cindy Gamrat's "15 minutes of fame are over. The longest 15 minutes of my life."

Evidently, Michigan has no pressing issues like roads, and Pscholka and Garcia have enough time to demean and purge a fellow legislator as part of an orchestrated plot to silence opposition.

Pscholka, who was instrumental in Medicaid Expansion, the implementation of Common Core, and many other issues immensely unpopular with the party base, joined Daniela Garcia in heavily pushing Speaker Kevin Cotter to remove Gamrat from the Michigan House GOP Caucus.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. Psholka is a liberal political thug. The elevation of Cotter to his leadership position was an obvious mistake. His intellectual weakness and lack of principled direction have become apparent.

  2. Al who? 15 minutes is nothing, you and Daniela have talked your way on to the list of Michigan’s RINOs. Keep talking maybe you can move up to #1.

  3. Who is the bald headed thug? How people elect these thugs is beyond me.