Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FlintSTONED: Lansing Shows (Again) Eastern Michigan Lives By Different Rules Than The Rest Of Us


 By Brandon Hall
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If it's not a special school district class for Detroit to give them more resources, "the Grand Bargain," or bailout after bailout for the region, it's something else. It always seems that Eastern Michigan plays by different rules than the rest of Michiganders.

Again, Lansing is letting them get away with something. This time, after the Flint City Clerk didn't give local candidates the right deadline to declare for Mayor and City Council. No one filed in time, as the clerk gave a deadline one week later than state law allows. That means no name can appear on the ballot.

However, as a result, the House and Senate has moved on legislation that will allow for a new deadline to be declared for candidates to have their names on the ballot. Gov. Snyder is likely to sign it after it passes the full House.

This is immensely disappointing. Candidates in Flint should have to be subject to a write-in campaign like everyone else. Instead, Lansing is bailing them out with an extraordinary legislative fix ONLY Flint gets.

Make no mistake: if you miss any type of important deadline in your life, Lansing leadership will cut you no breaks. Miss a ticket deadline? Lose your license with the Secretary of State or face local arrest. PERIOD. No "second chances."

Here, they've been pressured into legislation by Flint area power-players. They've been "FlintSTONED" by threats of a radical candidate winning a write-in, and you better believe some campaign donations are en route...Isn't it time the East side, and Lansing leadership-join the rest of us under one set of rules?


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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