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Governor Schuette, The Reinvention Of Paul Mitchell, And The Aftermath Of Prop 1 On 2018

ON DUTY: 2018 Gubernatorial frontrunner Attorney General Bill Schuette with wife Cynthia, son Billy, and daughter Heidi

By Brandon Hall
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For a moment, let's take a look at the 3 main contenders for Governor in 2018, Attorney General Bill Schuette, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, and Congresswoman Candice Miller.

Miller was M.I.A on Prop 1, I don't think she said a word.

 Lt. Governor Calley seemingly supported the measure, though helping Gov. Snyder and his number one political goal-roads-was more likely what Calley was doing. Regardless, he put his name behind the worst ballot proposal in Michigan history, defeated by a historic 60% margin.

Then, Schuette, undoubtedly "On Duty" in opposition to Proposal One, he was the most prominent person in Michigan politics to speak out against the $2 billion annual tax increase. 2018 primary voters will remember that, no doubt about it. Prop 1 is arguably the best litmus test one could utilize in selecting a candidate-and Schuette passes the test in a big way here.

As the Attorney General continues to gear up for a gubernatorial campaign this summer with BBQ events across the state, other candidates had better step up their game quickly, Schuette has been laying the foundation for this campaign for almost 25 years, ever since he returned to Michigan from being a Congressman in D.C.

Oh yeah-there's actually a fourth name popping up for Governor...A guy named Paul Mitchell. Maybe you've heard of him? Mitchell's opposition to Prop 1 was a gamechanger.

Paul Mitchell, left, with RNC Committeewoman Kathy Berden

Michigan may be in the process of "reinvention," but for Mitchell, he's already completely re-branded himself from the guy who lost a Congressional primary in an expensive way, to becoming a leader recognized across the state for his fight against Prop 1. And Mitchell won.

Just look at this recent blurb from the Detroit Free Press describing Kathy Berden's RNC victory.

"Both Berden and Whiteford claimed significant endorsements.

Berden was endorsed by Paul Mitchell, the Republican congressional candidate who led the successful fight against the Proposal 1 sales tax and road funding proposal in Tuesday's special election. Berden was also endorsed by U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township; and Senators Mike Green of Mayville and Phil Pavlov of St. Clair Township, among other state lawmakers."

Mitchell leads while people like Miller and Pavlov are secondary.

I suspect though that Mitchell will possibly end up running for Congress in 2018, perhaps in Michigan's 1st District where he owns property and the incumbent will be retiring. Whatever he decides to do, a lot of people will be watching.

The aftermath of Prop 1 is yet to be fully seen, but make no mistake: Bill Schuette and Paul Mitchell won big by speaking out. 2018 will reward them for it.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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