Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BREAKING: Prop 1 Fails, Michiganders Resoundingly Reject Meekhof Backed Sales+Gas Tax Hike

By Brandon Hall
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MIRS, WMP, and others are now projecting Prop 1 has failed. Initial numbers show the proposal going down in an epic defeat.

The proposal sought to double Michigan's gas tax and raise the sales tax from 6% to 7%, yet only roughly half of the $2 billion raised annually would actually go to roads. Michigan ain't got time for that.


Macomb: NO 82.2%
YES 17.8%

Grand Traverse:YES  12.57%
NO 87.43%

78-22 NO in Oakland and Van Buren

Ottawa: 84% NO
16% YES

The grassroots has been waiting for a big win. Tonight, it arrived! I voted "hell no." :)

Statewide results a bit slow, available HERE

Tell voters one things, then push a record setting tax increase #LansingLogic


Today was judgment day for over $10 million in propaganda vs. about $300,000 in grassroots truth.

Today's results are a message heard loud and clear, from all across Pure Michigan straight to Lansing -directly to Senate Majority Leader Meekhof's office and throughout our Capitol. A message that Michiganders won't be fooled by lies, distractions, and scare tactics. Michigan families won't stand for this BS-go get to work NOW on a real road plan within the current budget!

Doubling the gas tax and raising the sales tax on the backs of hardworking families as we hand out billions in corporate welfare checks and grow our budget by billions more annually is NOT what the Reinvention of Michigan is all about, and tonight, voters kept Michigan's Reinvention alive by rejecting this awful proposal, the biggest tax increase on Michigan families in over 50 years.

A huge thanks to Paul Mitchell, Scott Hagerstrom, Tom McMillin, John Yob for their leadership, and even more importantly, all the grassroots leaders who stepped up, unified, and worked hard to defeat this horrendous proposal! Also noteworthy, legislative leaders like Senator Colbeck, and Representatives Chatfield, Courser, Gamrat, Franz, and others who stepped up to combat lies, showing leadership by offering real alternatives.

 Now it's time for Prop 1's biggest supporter-Arlan Meekhof-and his pals who campaign on tax cuts yet shove them down our throats after the election in the middle of the night a week before Christmas-now it's time they get to work and actually do their damn job.

If they fail to do so, you better believe that Part Time Legislature efforts will heat up again. This time, you better believe it would make the ballot. I have long opposed a PTL, but maybe it's time...

Weeks before he voted for the biggest tax increase in 50 years, Sen. Meekhof sent these to Ottawa County residents...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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