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Fed Up: Norm Hughes Fires Back Against "Political Attack Garbage"


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 By Brandon Hall  
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Norm Hughes fired back Tuesday against any insinuation that his comments regarding Ron Weiser's presence at last summer's Christian Coalition dinner in a recent email were hostile to Weiser's religion. 

Hughes notes he has long worked with many members of the Jewish faith who are friends and that the email sent to WMP was "garbage."
Norm Hughes

(Of note: Hughes mentions Brim's comment was stricken. That was not done by me so she must have deleted it.)

Hughes, in a statement via Facebook Tuesday:

"I attended the latter part of the Christian Coalition last August and it was great! 

It was a good turnout, food and program. I first worked with the Christian coalition, as I recall, in the 1988 campaign. The remark in a private email was said in levity to a fairly close friend. A telling and scary thing is that the unnamed source says he/she has been collecting emails for some time. Keeping a profile, for what purpose? Have they hacked my computer? 

The fact of the matter is Ron DID leave early and set up his own competing event. As for any question of “prejudice” it is just political attack garbage you can verify by asking any of my Jewish friends and associates, such as Sandra Kahn, David Wolkerson, Jeff Sakwa and Bryce Sandler, Regina Brim (whose comment has been stricken), and others. I am offended, frankly, by the intimation in any form that I do not revere and work with God's children of any ethnicity or condition. This is just not fact.

 As Regina writes (in part): "Well I happen to be a Jew. I know Norm Hughes and his impressive grassroots background. He's a man of integrity that gets things done, while other people only complain. By the way, he's as gracious a man as one could hope to work with and he's no anti-Semite! You might want to ponder the term calumny.""
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.  
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  1. Brandon-I suggest you check your sources carefully, before you make accusations. You certainly didn't ask me if I removed my comments from this section. No, I certainly did NOT strike my comments from your comment section. I didn't even know they were gone. But then, you're not really interested in verifying the truth, are you? You seem a lot more interested in creating controversy through unsubstantiated allegations and then alluding to some alleged impropriety. But hey, I guess that's just how you roll..