Saturday, February 21, 2015

Update: Osmer and McMillin Win Chair Races, Welday Bounced

First District Chair Jesse Osmer, right

By Brandon Hall   
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State Rep. Lee Chatfield Chairs the 1st District Convention Friday in Lansing

In what was easily the most heated Congressional District race, Chairman Jesse Osmer prevailed against challenger Adrian Poulisse in the First.

That caucus went to almost midnight. Osmer reportedly received approx. 51% of the vote....

Also of interest: in the 8th, Tom McMillin beat Norm Shinkle to become Chair.

In the 7th, David Dudenhoefer was elected Chair. In the 2nd, Mike Hewitt prevailed.

In the 14th, Paul Welday was bounced from the Chairmanship, losing to

first time candidate Janine Kateff of West Bloomfield-wow!

Update: "David Dudenhoefer won the 13th district chairmanship, not the 7th. Hank Choate, former two term Jackson County GOP chairman, is the new 7th district chair (after unseating incumbent district chair Margo Aseltine)" Thanks, Peter Baergen!


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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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  1. David Dudenhoefer won in the 13th district, not the 7th.