Tuesday, February 3, 2015

May The Fifth Be With You: Unpopular Road Package Vote Headed For Defeat?

Gov. Snyder

By Brandon Hall

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For my nerdy Star Wars purposes, I really wish this "road package" vote was on May 4th, but I'll digress.

Things are looking bleak for Governor Snyder's road package being put before voters on May 5th, and the more Michiganders find out about the proposal, the more they hate it.

According to a poll featured on WOOD TV earlier this week, which unfortunately I can't find online at the moment, when voters find out about the details of the road package, support flips from around 46-39 in favor to around 47-40 against it, with 13% undecided or refusing to give an answer.

Greg McNeilly says he is voting no. The NIFB of Michigan has come out against it, and now Faith and Freedom Coalition Chair Paul Mitchell is starting a group to oppose the package, and he is drawing attention to the benefits to various special interests contained within. His group will surely be in the mix over the course of the coming weeks. (More on that soon.)

A consulting firm helping Snyder also recently quit, saying they just can't support the proposal.

AFP Michigan's Scott Hagerstrom announced a few weeks ago at the "Pow Wow" event that AFP will be employing a range of tactics in a comprehensive effort to defeat the proposal.

State Representatives Courser, Gamrat, and Glenn aren't the only legislators who oppose the vote, and the Chamber and other traditional allies of the Governor are largely silent.

What the Chamber, AG Schuette, and others like Michigan's Congressional Delegation  do will be interesting....

Tim Skubick has noted Snyder thinks he can show people the extreme perils of our roads and convince them basically via fear, but Skubick is skeptical that will work-as are many others..

Snyder would hurt his brand by attempting to fear monger Michiganders into an unpopular, bloated proposal that does far more than fix roads.

The "road package," barring a miraculous turn around, is likely headed for defeat.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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