Friday, February 20, 2015

MIGOP Delegates United In Support Of Wendy Day's Food Drive For Veterans


 By Brandon Hall   
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Wendy Day, former Howell School Board member and Tea Party fave, has taken a race where she is unopposed for Grassroots Vice Chair and turned her campaign energy into a food drive at tonight's MIGOP Convention. She calls it the "MIGOP Convention Service Project." Delegates from across the party have joined her efforts.

Wendy took some time to talk to WMP about her candidacy.

>>>Please remember to bring food to donate TONIGHT, FRIDAY, to your Congressional District caucuses! The food will benefit homeless Veterans, and the district with the most donations will win a special treat Saturday morning.


"Across Michigan there are volunteers working hard to spread the message of liberty and personal sustainability. They put in countless hours knocking doors, talking to neighbors, attending meetings, and making phone calls. I want to make sure they are appreciated, empowered, and encouraged. 

I have been involved with the GOP since 2004. I helped organize the first Tea Party Rallies in Michigan and understand the frustration many feel with the lack of adherence to platform principles. By working with what some would consider "establishment" and "grassroots" 

I am uniquely qualified to, for the most part, work with them all. We can be a Party of Principle and win elections. I am a military wife and mom. Protecting freedom is dear to my heart. I use to be a liberal, pro-choice feminist. Then I learned about the founding of our Republic. I became a Christian. And I started paying taxes. That was enough to make me a conservative. Now I have a desire to tell our story and share the message that if conservative principles win, the world is a better place. I will be voting NO on the May tax increase. 

The role of Grassroots Vice Chair is to encourage, empower and appreciate the volunteers. It doesn't matter if you have been volunteering for 20-years or if you just got involved the last election cycle, we need to let our volunteers know how much they are valued. I plan to focus on finding out what volunteers need to be successful, helping them coordinate service projects to interact with their community and build relationships, and fight for them to have the resources they need to be successful. 


"They can call me 517-652-5855. This is my personal cell phone and I am not going to change the number. I want them to feel free to call me. I am here to serve.""

Wendy Day

Sponsors of the food drive include:

Adi Sathi for Michigan GOP Coalitions Vice Chair
Amanda Fisher
Anne Mervenne
Carolyn Curtin- Oceola County GOP
Charles Pillivant
Cindy Koroch Duran
Representative Cindy A. Gamrat
David Wolkinson
Dennis Brewer
Gena Rinckey
Generation Michigan
Glenda McLellan
Greater West Bloomfield Republicans
Jan Cischke Peabody
Jessica K. Bickford-Adgie
Joe & Kathy Groff
Joey Gamrat
Kathleen Thorrez
Kelly Mitchell
Kimberly Shmina
Reprentative Lana Theis
Linda Lee Tarver
Matthew X. Hauser
Mike Banerian for Michigan GOP Youth Chair
Michigan Combat DynamiX
Congressman Mike Bishop
Mike Shirkey
Oakland County Campaign for Liberty
Oakland County Republicans
Rj Regan
Robert & Barb Schafer
Rochester Area Republican Club
Ronald Weiser
Ronna Romney McDaniel
Russell D Spencer
Scott Greenlee
Terri Lynn Land
Tom Shields
Washtenaw County Republican Party Executive Committee
Western Oakland Women's Club
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics. >>>Email him at 

Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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