Friday, February 6, 2015

House Dems Show Adherence To The Dillon/Greimel Gospel Is Mandatory, Basically Tell Harvey Santana To Go To Hell

By Brandon Hall

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House Dems showed this week that just when one thinks Lansing couldn't get any more petty or partisan, our "leaders" continue to amaze us with stunningly sad headlines as a result of their actions.

 In this case, zealous adherence to Tim Greimel and Brandon Dillon's governmental gospel is mandatory and absolutely no dissent will be tolerated.

Basically, here is what happened.

Brandon Dillon decided to run his mouth and spread lies against Gov. Snyder and people like House Speaker Kevin Cotter last year, doing so while working to unseat Republicans in his work for the House Dems Campaign Committee.

Because of Dillon's history of personally attacking the Speaker and others, Cotter decided to appoint Pam Faris to be Vice-Chair of the prestigious appropriations committee instead of Dillon. Dillon's seniority placed him as next in line for that position, so Faris refused to accept the role-no Democrat would accept it after pressure from Dillon and others.

Enter State Rep. Harvey Santana, who has long been a controversial figure in the Dem caucus for his support of school choice. Santana announced he would cross the picket line and accept the position.

State Rep. Brandon Dillon
The response from Minority Leader Tim Greimel? Go all "Donald Trump" on him, "firing" Santana from the caucus and telling him to never come back. 


The fact these people have time for such petty ass BS is a great illustration of why we could probably get by with a part time legislature-a concept I have long opposed but am becoming more friendly to by the day...

Santana said it was "shameful," but he will be a Democrat until he dies, undeterred by bullies like Brandon Dillon, who complain ad nauseam until they get their way.

Everyone knows Brandon Dillon was the key force behind getting Santana removed. Santana told the Free Press:

"I don't toe the party line and I do what I need to do on behalf of my constituents," Santana said. "And that's challenging in an era when they want to closely guard their votes.
"But I was born a Democrat. I'm going to die a Democrat," he added. "They've just done so much damage to themselves right now. It's shameful."

Dave Agema once said that Dillon had told him he was really a Republican but needed to run as a Dem because of the political composition of Grand Rapids.

Dillon, who recently said he has become pro-choice, now evidently worships at the altar of extreme liberalism, seeking to excommunicate anyone voicing  opposition to the gospel of Greimel and Dillon. Watch your back, Lansing Dems, any of you could be next. All this while your numbers are dwindling-quickly.

Can't everybody just "coexist," jeez?!

And these people trying to teach our kids about bullying and a host of other things...



Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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