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Yo, Adrian! Contentious Battle Against Osmer Leads Interesting CD Races


By Brandon Hall   
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The Congressional District races are a facet of the convention I wish I had explored more-lesson learned for the future...

Here are some notable things going on Friday night:

In the First, Chairman Jesse Osmer faces a challenger from Adrian Poulisse. The race took a nasty turn this week when emails went out blasting Luke Londo, a candidate for MIGOP State Committee in the first, hit inboxes of delegates throughout the district.

The emails mentioned Osmer, and represent the worst in politics. No proof of anyone being responsible, not Poulisse, nor anyone else. But one blogger claimed that Osmer could well be behind the emails-despite, again, no evidence against Poulisse, Osmer, or anyone whatsoever.

 "Supposedly, someone in Alpena has raised questions about the sexual orientation of a person in the First District who happens to be Jesse Osmer’s best buddy.  But nobody in the Alpena GOP wrote that email, except perhaps Jesse"

She also says Osmer is the only reason she is not in the Republican Party..."Adrian as chair would make me reconsider joining the party once again. A change in attitude at the top always changes the attitudes and the welcoming disposition of the party everywhere."

First District Chair Jesse Osmer, right


WMP obtained the emails. They write:

"We're sure by now you've heard about the race for state committeeman to be decided this Friday at the Caucus. But in case you haven't we wanted to share some important information with you about Luke Londo, who is running for state committeeman.

We can confirm what many have asked about. Luke Londo doesn't share our values. Not only is Luke Londo bisexual, but he has advocated for extending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act in a way that would put the rights and liberties of pastors and people of faith in question. That's right. Luke Londo fully supports the LGBTQ agenda, which among other things would see pastors and people of faith charged with hate crimes and discrimination for refusing to recognize "gay marriage."

We appreciate everything he has done to help MIGOP candidates win elections, but Luke Londo's values are wrong for us and they're wrong for the MIGOP State Committee.

Please vote your values and vote against Luke Londo for state committeeman.

- 1st District Conservatives"
 Another writes:

It also looks like "bisexual hippy conservative" Luke Londo is mad.

Luke's unnaturally close friend and roommate (or are they in ex-roomies?) Jesse Osmer also attacked us for telling you about Luke's LGBTQ agenda for the MIGOP. *[see footnote note below]

The truth is that Luke is a LGBTQ activist who has always been defined by his bisexuality. Sure Luke has worked to elect Republicans. Except unlike us he's been paid to do so. Luke is a professional political consultant whose sole purpose is to infiltrate the MIGOP to promote a LGBTQ agenda.  Luke Londo himself says good conservative groups like the AFA and Family Research Council have "undermined our party." We're sorry, but the only ones undermining our party are LGBTQ activists like Luke.

Luke's real goal is to subvert not only the Republican platform but also the Michigan State Constitution by using the state committeeman position to campaign for "gay marriage" and the expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to give special rights to anyone claiming to be LGBTQ. This would allow the Left to charge pastors with hate crimes and discrimination.

This Friday at Caucus join us in voting our values. Vote against Luke Londo for state committeeman.

- 1st District Conservatives

* footnote Luke Londo says he is bisexual, which means he likes to have sex with men and women. Jesse Osmer at some point lived with Luke. He may still be living with Luke, who right now lives in Traverse City with his girl. If that's the case then they have an interesting arrangement that provokes some interesting thoughts. If Luke really does live his girl then he could be committing a crime because Michigan law prohibits an unmarried man and unmarried woman from "lewdly and lasciviously" associating and cohabiting together."

It makes no sense that Osmer or Londo would attack themselves for an issue that could hurt them with the conservative delegates of the First. After all, this is the District containing the 107th State House seat where Frank Foster's support of Elliott-Larsen gave Lee Chatrfield the "in" he needed to be able to compete with and then beat Foster...

Londo responded via Facebook, writing:

"I'm sure many of you have seen the hit piece, anonymously signed, attacking me and my "agenda." My agenda has always been, and will continue to be, getting our Republican candidates elected and uniting and growing our Party. I appreciate the many calls/texts/e-mails of support from individuals that e-mail purports to represent. I hope to continue representing this District, and hope for your support and vote for State Committeeman."

Whatever internal disputes that caused this email campaign do not justify the type of response utilized-it's not good for real debate in the party.

Poulissse, for his part, denounced the emails and seems to have had nothing to do with it:

"I have signed a letter asking for unity and to stop nameless attack emails.
I also reached out to my opponent to join me by co-signing a letter calling for it to stop. I have yet to get a response. The offer still stands. If Jesse calls you... Ask him if he will work with me on this. I know Jesse does not support those emails and want this to be clear. This is a great opportunity to highlight how we are all Republicans and we can work together even while we run against each other."

Osmer did also:

"Good Evening Delegates, Alternates, and Republican Friends - I just returned from a long day of traveling, working, and having dinner with friends. I wish that I could say I came back to an inbox full of campaign emails highlighting the positive work and future plans of the various candidates running for leadership at this weekend's caucus/convention. 

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, I received a disgusting email attacking my friend, and colleague, Luke Londo. I have worked on two campaigns with Luke. He has fought hard, and fair, not only for the candidate we "officially" worked for, but he has assisted numerous other candidates, from county commission candidates to senate candidates - and everything in-between - all across the District as well. If you want an individual serving you who is fair, dedicated to unifying and growing our Party, and isn't afraid to sign his name to the emails he sends out: Luke is your candidate. 

Although I am supporting some individuals, I want to be on the record that I fully support Luke in his race for State Committee. Our candidates deserve better than to have faceless cowards attack them, and our District deserves better than having to suffer the "eat our own" mentality which we've allowed to divide our Party for far too long. I wish you all good use of your "junk bin" for this email, safe travels this weekend, and a blessed Ash Wednesday. 

Sincerely, Jesse Osmer First District Chair "

Adrian Poulisse

>>>Mike Hewitt is unopposed for Chair in the 2nd District.

Gena Rickney has also announced she is running for one of the 3 female State Committee spots from the district.

On the male side, legendary Hope College professor Jack Holmes seeks another term on the State Committee.

>>>In the 8th, former State Rep. Tom McMillin is running for Chair...

>>>In the 11th, Tea Party fave Matt Maddock seeks the Chairmanship. He writes:

"Dear Fellow Republican:

What is the Republican Party Platform? When you take the time to read all 62 pages of the RNC 2012 Platform,
you will see that it represents the true fabric of what America stands for. It's a combination of principles gleaned from our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence combined. It represents the tenets of a free society that our Forefathers carefully and deliberately crafted for us. I believe in our Platform and its recipe for success. If we follow this recipe, ALL Americans will have economic opportunity and an equal chance to prosper. Government solutions to free-market problems, big-government growth and increased taxes are NOT ingredients in this recipe for success.

There are two ways to build our party. Some believe that we need to move our party "left" of center to be more appealing to democrat voters and our ever-evolving society. Some believe that we can move our party back "right" to the platform and provide bold stark contrast to our opposition. There are tens of millions of disenfranchised Republican voters who are not motivated to vote by our party or our candidates. I have talked to thousands of them while campaigning. The vast majority have told me that they are craving contrast and bold leaders who are willing to move our party back to her foundation; back onto our platform principles, where we can rebuild the American dream on a solid, stable foundation. I am going to do whatever I can to provide these Republicans with what they desire. I hope you will join me in this new Conservative Revolution sweeping our nation.

Let us begin this exciting journey, together.

Your for the Republic,

Matt Maddock"

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics. >>>Email him at 

Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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