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Schuitmaker Is Demanding Another Debate Against Tom Leonard: She Doesn't Deserve It!

By Brandon Hall
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Tonya Schuitmaker keeps derping about wanting another debate with Tom Leonard... She doesn't deserve another debate! 

Don't try to go 12 rounds with a heavyweight fighter when you're out of your league.
At one of the two previous debates in Oakland, Schuitmaker accused Tom of lying about being a Prosecutor for 3 years when it was "really" 2 years and nine months! 
Tonya also had the audacity to question Tom's support for sexual assault survivors because he has happened to have never attended some vigil she is associated with! 

Yet, when Tom Leonard led the charge for the resignation of MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, Tonya said he was "playing politics." 

She hasn't given a dime to help Republicans other than herself while Leonard has given $200k he could have dumped into his AG campaign, but she accused him of doing nothing to keep the Republican majority in November.

Schuitmaker's defense of her past support for Common Core and voting against English as Michigan's official language were weak, among other bad answers. 

She even accused Leonard of asking State Rep. Tom Barrett to propose the English law last year as a way to attack her for voting against it in 2006. Leonard praised Barrett's strong conservative record and said he's never had to ask him to do anything. Schuitmaker said she voted against the English bill because it did not address the needs of Hispanic workers in her district.

One low point was Schuitmaker defending the "dirty dozen," 12 moderate Republican House members who prevented a small income tax cut from passing, blaming Leonard for holding the vote and not standing by his caucus members. 

Leonard responded by saying that the state government should have to prepare a budget like Michigan families do, so claims that the lawmakers in question wanted to identify cuts first are essentially a BS excuse.

Leonard also noted that Schuitmaker stood by Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof when he targeted State Sen. Patrick Colbeck last fall, stripping him of committee duties and taking over his Senate office. Schuitmaker backed Meekhof's decision.
Unbelievably, she even personally attacked ME during the DEBATE in Oakland as a "troll" for Tom! Again, *during* the debate! 

Absolutely classless. 

Apparently, telling the truth about Tonya's terrible record and horrendous campaign makes me a "troll."
These are just a few of the reasons she is called #DesperateTonya!!!
Tonya doesn't deserve another debate, she had her chance and she failed miserably. She's desperate and grasping at straws.

Here is everything delegates need to see:

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Anyone supporting the Dirty Dozen needs to be unelected. That was a sad day in Lansing.