Thursday, July 19, 2018

John James Disappoints With Racial Attacks On Sandy Pensler That Would Make Liberals Proud

By Brandon Hall
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The US Senate race between John James and Sandy Pensler gives Michigan Republicans two great choices to take on Debbie Stabenow.

Both candidates have great resumes: Pensler is a biz wiz who specializes in turning around failing companies, James is charismatic Iraq War Vet who helps run his family business.

The strategy has paid off for Pensler, who consistently leads polls by double digits, though a recent poll gives James his best numbers yet.

However, yesterday at the WJR debate between the two, James crossed a line I don't care for: he accused Pensler of being racist.

Why? For running an ad spotlighting a donation John James made to a radical Detroit Democrat who has led the fight to keep the "D" a sanctuary city.

If John James responded to  Pensler with facts, like his claim he donated for business purposes, that's fine. I get that.

If John James responded to Pensler and wanted to note that a couple of Pensler's dozens of donations over the years have been to Democrats, no problem.

If John  James responded that this was kind of a distraction from the real issues facing Michiganders, I wouldn't totally disagree.

But Mr. James decided to take a page right out of the liberal playbook, he playd the "race card," crying racism to deflect from his donation.

James outrageously claimed Pensler's "subtle racism in recent ads is intended to be a dog whistle." Wow. That's what the far left would accuse conservatives of when they didn't agree with President Obama! :(

This is not acceptable. Resorting to racially charged leftist talking points and taking ques from the Rules For Radicals playbook is immensely disturbing to me, and it should give all Republican voters pause.

If anyone thinks Debbie Stabenow will get played like that, they are enormously mistaken. She will have a laundry list of "accomplishments" she will point to for the black community, believe that.

James may be frustrated with the ad, but his response at the debate was horrendous.

Unfortunately, James has invoked race before. A few weeks ago, he sent mailers asking Republican voters to look past his race. 

Excuse me? Why the hell would you assume that is an issue for me? There is no doubt racism exists, but indiscriminately blanketing voters with accusations they are racist is as bizarre as it is unwise.

James is immensely talented and will have a bright future. He has passionate supporters, as well as a great resume, but he just doesn't seem like he is ready for prime time against Debbie, who is sitting on $10 million, if race based attacks is his chosen strategy to win the primary.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Brandon Hall knows that Sandy Pensler's accusations about John James making a direct donation to a Democrat is an all-out disgusting and shameless made-up bold-faced lie.
    It seems as if Brandon Hall, of West Michigan Politics, wishes to be known as a Political Hack who likes being known as a Gossip Whore.

  2. Brandon Hall - We're no longer Facebook friends because of the heaps of manure and vile lies that you have been posting despicably about others.
    John James has explained clearly and honestly about that money being used to gain entrance to a meeting. It was not a direct donation to any individuals (Democrat or otherwise), political campaign.

  3. Brandon Hall - Display reputable proof that John James donated to an individual radical Democrats campaign.

  4. Too bad for Sandy that conservatives just loooooove their tokens. Debbie will breeze to victory in November against the empty suit John James.

  5. Mary Orion... all of your points are moot. Is Brandon lying about John James using this race card to defend against Pensler's accusation at the debate? I have no real issue with John James donating to an occasional liberal. I have a very real problem with him using progressive talking points.