Thursday, July 12, 2018

Randy Richardville Joins Scott Greenlee's Anti Marijuana Legalization Campaign

By Brandon Hall
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Former State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has joined Healthy and Productive Michigan, the anti marijuana legalization group run by Scott Greenlee.

Greenlee praised Richardville in an announcement earlier this week.

 “I am thrilled to have someone of Randy’s experience join our team,” Greenlee said. “Randy brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, successful campaign experience, and contacts to Healthy and Productive Michigan.” 

The release says Richardville "is currently the President of RJames Consulting and resides in Monroe. Randy will assist the committee with Fundraising, as a Spokesperson, and with general strategy."

Richardville claims marijuana is a "bad thing" for Michigan

 “I’m happy to join this professional team and try to help voters understand why this ballot initiative is a bad thing for Michigan; especially for our young people and their future,”​ Richardville said.

The group was bolstered by a recent poll that showed marijuana legalization losing 47-44% despite a string of surveys showing support as high as 60% in recent years.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. The last poll that I saw which really counted the matter was settled 63-37.

    Of course, Lansing couldn't abide by the decision from their boss and have been mucking everything up ever since.

    I get that asset forfeiture is big business for the units of government throughout Michigan.

    That goes a long way towards explaining why RINO's like Richardville have signed on to opposing Michigan Voters.

  2. Richardville took money from the weed industry when he was in the State Senate. He must hang with the rest of the swamp rats when the time comes.