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Joe Zane's Controversial Dem Donations Impacting 40th District Primary, Wolkinson Leads Tight Race Over Banerian And Bossardet

Joe Zane

By Brandon Hall
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Joe Zane made all the right moves leading up to his primary race in Oakland County's 40th District. 

Zane, a Veteran, even snagged the support of the legendary L. Brooks Patterson.

However, revelations Zane has donated to far more Democrats than Republicans, including radical leftist and hatemonger Alan Grayson, are sinking his chances of winning one of the most competitive primary battles in Michigan.

Zane faces businessman Michael Banerian, Melissa Bossardet, owner of a Veterinary consulting firm, accountant Paul Taros, and former Michigan GOP Vice Chair David Wolkinson.

Private polling viewed by West Michigan Politics shows Wolkinson with a slight edge over Banerian and Bossardet, with Zane close behind. Taros trails the rest of the field.

From left, Taros, Zane, Bossardet, Banerian

According to MIRS:

"In 2017, Zane made five $25 contributions to Democratic California congressional candidate Steven MAC, Democratic New Jersey congressional candidate Mikie SHERRILL, Democratic Virginia congressional candidate Dan HELMER (twice) and Colorado Democratic congressional candidate Jason CROW.

Zane said the contributions came as part of the "New Politics" program designed to steer money to military veterans running for Congress. He said he gave $100 to a Republican candidate, as well, but he ended up dropping out of his race so the donation was never recorded.

In 2016, Zane gave $305 to short-time Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence LESSIG, $100 to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary JOHNSON and $120.16 to Republican presidential hopeful Rand PAUL.

On this one, Zane said he liked Lessig's message on campaign finance reform and gave to him in the hopes that the Harvard professor would make the debate stage, which he did not. His libertarian leaning on policy issues explains his donations to Johnson and Paul, he said.

In 2014, Zane used the Democratic fundraising tool ActBlue to make seven contributions totaling $215 to Schertzing and the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee. The Chrysler information technology manager said his donations were in reaction to a Jack LESSENBERRY column he read on Bishop's connections to Ambassador Bridge owner Matty MOROUN.

Zane said he's since met Bishop and is feelings on the now-congressman have "evolved" to something much more positive, but at the time he was "a little skeptical of his ability to be independent."

He gave $50 more to the Democratic State Central Committee in the 2011-12 cycle through ActBlue.

In the 2009-10 cycle, he gave a total of $10 to seven different Democratic candidates - now-U.S. Rep. Alan GRAYSON of Florida, now-U.S. Rep. Ann KUSTER of New Hampshire, U.S. Rep. Raul GRIJALVA of Arizona, former U.S. Senate candidate Jack CONWAY of Kentucky, former U.S. Rep. Joe SESTAK of Pennsylvania in his bid for the U.S. Senate, former U.S. Rep. Paul HODES of New Hampshire in his bid for the U.S. Senate, and former U.S. Senate candidate Scott McADAMS of Alaska.

Zane said he doesn't remember making these contributions and that he can't believe that he'd have given to Grayson, in particular.

In the 2007-08 cycle, he gave $310 to later-President Barack OBAMA and $321 to John McCAIN. He also gave $50 through ActBlue to Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Jim MARTIN, who was former military. "

Wolkinson, w/ Kelli Saunders
(And what the hell does that mean, a total of $10 to 7 candidates? Strange.) __________________________________________________________________

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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